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Why I am a dick in RDR and GTA

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The reason I kill every random I see (most of the time) is because I hate randoms.  I hate how they drive, I hate how they glitch and try to cheat, I hate how they behave on mic.  I just hate them.  My first experiences with multiplayer was in GTAO and my first experiences turned me from friendly to a killer.

In RDRO the game seems to be a little more peaceful.  Yet whenever I of all people am acting peaceful and minding my own business some shitty random who can't kill anyone legitimately in battle tries to get a cheap kill on me.  I was minding my own business on a nice selling streak of perfect Valentine sheep and this douchebag killed me even when I did not pull a weapon.  So I killed him a bunch.  This is why I am a dick to randoms.

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