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General tips/tricks/suggestions/warnings/questions for RDR2O

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I recently equipped the scope on the bolt action rifle and it has already come in handy in PVP a couple of times.  Its range of view is not near what the sniper is but for people slightly out of lock on range it could provide very useful.  Also to get a better look at where someone is.  Here are two examples, one in a deathmatch and one in a free roam battle.

Edit: this should maybe be in the combat tips thread? Can someone with the power move it there? @Banketelli @Lann@DavidCore89@JustHatched

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I managed to go hunting with a wagon, you need one with a back so the pelts don't slide out, this one was a little too small. You must stay on the wagon while shooting so you don't spook the horse and use your own horse to carry the pelt over to something you can climb on and drop the pelt into the wagon. I have two pelts and a whole doe in here :D

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Killer fishing spot close to the butcher in Blackwater. Just south of the butcher at the narrow jetty still in town. Just look for fish sign.  Can pick up some fish easily or just fish. Very quick turnaeround.

Do use if you find yourself on a solo lobby!

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