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Europe- Intense PS VR action-rhythm game Beat Saber release date confirmed

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We are so excited to finally share big news with you: Beat Saber is coming to PS4 in Europe on 20th November 2018!

Get your PS Move controllers ready, it’s time to slash some beats! Beat Saber will bring the thrilling rhythm experience right into your living room. You will not want to put it down.

Beat Saber

In case you are not aware of Beat Saber’s gameplay, your goal is to slash the beats, represented by small cubes, as they are coming at you. Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and the direction you need to match.

This immersive and rhythm based experience is embodied in an appealing futuristic world filled with lights and mist. And of course, accompanied by exclusively-made electronic dance music and tons of levels.

We know the development took us a while, but here comes the best Beat Saber ever made! Our hard work finally paid off and we’re bringing you and everyone in our keen PS VR community the game filled with exclusive new content and features.

Beat SaberBeat Saber

Here’s a selection of the features and exclusivities awaiting you:

  • A challenging campaign – Improve your game style every day by completing levels in our complex campaign, exclusively created for PS VR.
  • Exclusive new songs – Everyone loves Beat Saber’s original game soundtrack. That’s why we bring you, above our well-know music hits, five new exclusive songs from excellent electronic dance music artists and talents from around the world.
  • Tons of modifiers – Make your gameplay even more challenging and exciting every day.
  • Epic sabers – Get ready for those shiny beasts because they look just amazing. Watch them glow and slash the cubes with style!
  • Practice mode – We know practice makes perfect. In Beat Saber you can start from any part of the level or even slow down the game to practice problematic parts.
Beat Saber Beat SaberBeat Saber

And from modes to competitive playing, Beat Saber is so much fun while playing solo or with a bunch of friends.

  • Party mode – Entertain your friends and family and have fun together! Everyone can join and start playing in seconds!
  • One saber mode – Use only one saber for playing but beware – there is no time for slacking.
  • No Arrows mode – The direction of your swing depends on you. How fast can you decide and make the best cut?
  • Global leaderboards – Climb the global leaderboards and compete with other players from around the world.

But that is not all! Fresh content is our priority and we want to bring you new music regularly. The first expansion pack featuring 10 songs is coming to the game very soon after the release. You can choose between different music genres and enjoy well-known artists together with emerging indie talents. With Beat Saber, you never stop swinging.

Beat SaberBeat Saber

Are you ready to lose yourself in this unique and addictive music experience and enjoy the pulse of every beat? The feeling from playing is just astonishing.

Beat Saber is a fantastic experience regardless of your skill level or previous experience with VR. Everyone understands the basic mechanism in seconds, grabs the PS Move controllers and swings right into the music.

Save the release date: 20th November 2018. Invite all your friends and family over and prepare to be surrounded by energizing music and show off your best dance moves. This is going to be a ride!

The post Intense PS VR action-rhythm game Beat Saber release date confirmed appeared first on PlayStation.Blog.Europe.

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      The post Try Ubisoft’s strategic first-person shooter Rainbow Six Siege for free on PS4 this weekend appeared first on PlayStation.Blog.Europe.
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      On behalf of my team, I’m really excited to announce Floor Kids, a funky hand-drawn breakdance game, featuring an original soundtrack, and an emphasis on freestyle moves and self expression.
      I’m JonJon, the creator and animator of the Floor Kids characters, and a lot of my best friends are B-boys.
      So how did I get here? I moved to Montreal in 2004 and while working on some short films in my round-head-dot-eyes style, I was also getting involved in the local break scene. I gained entry to a small four-man crew, hidden in the shadows of the city.
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      He lost it. And by that I mean, he was just blinking and staring into space, deep in thought. He broke the silence.

      “How fast can you finish this battle? My new album’s about to drop. We could do a video for promo!”
      Later I would find out that it was the album titled “Your Mom’s Favorite DJ”. We made the promo project official with the help of Ryhna Thompson, Kid Koala’s long time collaborator. I got to work finishing a small series of animated B-boy clips. The world of Floor Kids was born.
      Floor Kids made a little splash on the internet, and did a short stint touring animation festivals, like the Brooklyn Animation Block Party.
      I also remember being at the practices and a few of the B-boys would show up with their PSP rocking a brand new game called B-Boy. It was the wildest thing ever, featuring big names in the international break battle scene.
      To me, the game B-Boy for PSP and PS2 will always be the pinnacle of breakdancing games for the B-boys and B-girls of the community, because it comes directly from one of the most influential, original bboys of all time: Crazy Legs of the legendary Rock Steady Crew. B-Boy the game will always be the first, and most comprehensive of its kind, and we didn’t try to replace it.
      I never would have thought that we would come full circle with Floor Kids, just over 10 years later, reaching the level that we are on the brink of launching on PS4.
      10,000 drawings & 5 trillion lines of code later, and we have three things to consider: 1) it’s fun. 2) It’s FUN. 3) IT’S FUN!!!
      With those technicalities aside, whilst developing our game, we wanted to approach everything with style, so that the game would be an interpretive vision between two artists.
      The visuals, with eight never-before-seen characters, and the music, over 40 original tracks. The idea was to make something fresh and original from our own memories and experiences of the eras that we grew up in.

      I will always be primarily a visual artist. That’s my bread and butter. But having the opportunity to make this game reminded me that I’m also a B-boy at heart, who still has things to accomplish.
      To me, the breaking artform is about many things. It’s about expression. It’s about telling a story with your steps. It’s about proving to yourself what is possible. It’s about competition and respect, but respect that must be earned by giving everything you have… and then some.
      It’s about creativity and invention. The element of surprise. Levelling up your skills. It’s about seeking more knowledge. It’s about you and your friends, and having fun. And it’s about having the freedom to find your style.
      Floor Kids pro tips:
      Combo hints are located on the backs of the character recruit cards and are instrumental in achieving the highest scores. Cards are located in the Break Deck, accessible from the map screen in Story Mode. Infinity Mode lets you practice and master your combos without the pressure of fixed time. Discover the hidden Strobe state during power moves by spinning the left analog stick faster to accelerate your spin, when at max speed, repeatedly press the analog stick like a button to S-T-R-O-B-E! Earn extra Flyness points by adding holds and poses to your routine by pressing L1 or R1 during top rock or down rock moves. Add flyness hops to your freezes by pressing L1 and R1 during a freeze. The post It took 10,000 drawings to create breakdancing game Floor Kids, out on PS4 later this month appeared first on PlayStation.Blog.Europe.
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      We understand. A downpour has dashing the hope of a day out and you need an alternative plan. Or you’re struggling to find an activity the whole family can enjoy. Maybe you’re just wanting to make the best out of an unavoidable get-together. Regardless of the specifics, planning a fun family evening in can be tricky.
      Well, it was, until now: PlayLink has the perfect reason to bring siblings and parents together in the living room. 6 reasons, in fact!
      Because today marks launch of a wave of all-new PlayLink games for your PS4, ranging from new takes on board game classics to quiz shows.
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      Number of players: 2 – 4

      “Place train cars on a digital map to create your own railroad network, while watching out for other players attempting to derail your strategy! Ticket to Ride is a board game that’s easy to play for the whole family, but offers massive tactical depth.”
      – Eric Brayet, Head of R&D, Asmodee Digital
      Buy Ticket to Ride on PlayStation Store now Want a quiz show? Play Knowledge is Power: Decades
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      – Dan Croucher, Development Director, Wish Studios
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      “Wordhunters is a sneakily competitive party word game that also gives your brain a bit of a workout! A total of fifteen 6-player minigames with different skill levels provides something all the family can enjoy together.”
      – Simon Smith, Game Director, thumbfood
      Buy Wordhunters on PlayStation Store now Enjoy a card game? Play Just Deal With It
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      “Playing cards has always been a go-to for a fun family night in, and Just Deal With It! delivers a card game party in spades: Poker, Blackjack, Crazy Eights, Rummy and Hearts…and thanks to our ‘how to play’ guides, newcomers have it easy and you avoid family disputes on what’s the winning hand!”
      – Steve Bennett, Creative Director
      Buy Just Deal with It! on PlayStation Store now Hilarious mini-games your thing? Play Chimparty
      Number of players: 2- 4

      “Chimparty is designed with the whole family in mind, using one big button on your smartphone. The game has 90 mini-games that share features, making it quick to learn, easy to remember and fun from the get-go.”
      – Lau Korsgaard, Creative Director, NapNok Games
      Buy Chimparty on PlayStation Store now Prefer team-work to competition? Play Melbits World
      Number of players: 2 – 4

      “Melbits is the ultimate couch co-op game for PlayStation families, with Melbits we are introducing a surprising but extremely easy to control gameplay in which kids, novice players, hardcore gamers and even your grandparents can have fun when playing!. Melbits is a group problem solving puzzle game but with an arcade twist to it that everyone can enjoy …you know, because victory among many feels better!.”
      – Ivan Exposito, Studio Head
      Buy Melbits World on PlayStation Store now The post Plan a fun family night in with these 6 new PlayLink games, out on PS4 today appeared first on PlayStation.Blog.Europe.
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      Hello, everyone! This is Matt “Bayohne” Hilton from the Final Fantasy XIV Online community team, this time sitting down with one of Final Fantasy XIV’s battle content designers, Yoshito Nabeshima.
      When it comes to MMOs, one of the most exciting elements for the team is creating something that truly challenges your players–and a raid is a perfect example of that.
      Providing tough-as-nails encounters and new mechanics, these battles are not just a test of skill, but a test of teamwork. In the last five years we’ve released three different series’ of raids to challenge our players in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s not as easy as you might think to come up with not just new mechanics, but bosses that fit with the story and have a unique visual look!
      We wanted to give you a first-hand look at how the development team creates a raid boss from start to finish, and with four all-new bosses in the recent 4.4 patch, this is the perfect opportunity! Let’s take a look at Omega with Nabeshima-san, a boss who should be familiar to anybody who has played Final Fantasy V!
      How did the creation of this boss fight begin? Did it start with gameplay concepts, fitting the boss to the story or something else entirely?
      Yoshito Nabeshima: When we first started work on the Omega boss battle, we had to consider the storyline of the raid series: Omega fights in order to learn and grow stronger, and is holding a ‘tournament’ to find a worthy opponent. Our team took this base and considered how Omega might behave in an encounter with the Warriors of Light, who continued to triumph in each of the tournaments bouts.
      It boils down to the very simple theme of “who is stronger?”– Omega or the Warrior of Light. Because of this, we didn’t want to have a monster swoop in and assist Omega in battle, but instead utilize only Omega and its own battle capabilities when creating the battle.
      How did your team decide on the battle mechanics (attacks, AOE patterns, etc.) for this raid?
      Yoshito Nabeshima: With this basic idea in mind, we started to think about the battle mechanics.
      If you’ve raided in FFXIV before, you might have noticed we include mechanics that require teamwork from the group–think of it as something like a three-legged race, or having a giant jump rope and having a whole group jump in sync. Unfortunately, including these kinds of mechanics have never been my strong suit, but I challenged myself to do it for this fight!
      I think it’s easier to get a grasp of this by looking at some specific mechanics, so let’s dive into two particular parts of this fight a bit deeper–the “Level Checker” phase and “Pantokrator.”
      The first leg of the Level Checker phase
      The Level Checker phase is inspired by the “Encircle” ability, which you might remember from the very first fight with Omega in Final Fantasy V. I’m sure there is a rhyme and reason to it, but the “Encircle” in FFV was pretty hard to understand since it is never really explained during the fight. I took that idea for our FFXIV battle and built it into it one of those “jump rope mechanics” I mentioned previously.
      The way it works is that two players are marked with a debuff called “Chains of Memory.” These players need to move along the edge of the battlefield opposite each other in an arc–they’re essentially drawing a circle. That was my way to tie-in my own Encircle into the fight.
      Drawing the circle with Chains of Memory
      Handling this mechanic isn’t as easy as it sounds, as these two players are linked by a kind of particle beam which rotates with them as they move. It gets pretty hectic since the other players in the raid not only have to deal with avoiding this beam, but also pay mind to other mechanics at the same time.
      Now with Pantokrator, the idea was to have a weakened Omega retaliating against players by unleashing a barrage of its strongest attacks one after the other. We wanted the eight Warriors of Light fighting Omega to band together as one to conquer this challenge.
      Move in Sync or Else!
      Pantokrator is a slew of different laser attacks brought out one after the other, and all party members need to know the characteristics and patterns for each. We designed this portion of the fight so that without complete teamwork, you won’t be able to succeed!
      These are just a few examples, but in both cases, we thought of the overall goal for the mechanic, and then fit it into the parameters of the specific boss.
      I’m sure several teams worked together to make this happen. What is the overall flow in working with these teams to create the boss model, the battlefield, the animations, and everything else that is needed to bring the fight to life?
      Yoshito Nabeshima: Creating a boss doesn’t start off with creating the mechanics. Typically, the first thing to happen is the story and setting of the raid get hammered out, and then the art team works on the initial design. We work together during the design process, letting the art team know our vision for the battle so they can incorporate those elements into the design.
      Omega Design Sketches
      Omega was unique though, since it had been around since Patch 3.5. It was a rare case where the design was finalized well before we began designing the fight.
      Omega, as revealed in Patch 3.5
      We continue planning out the battle content, working with the lore team to incorporate any enemy lore into the overall fight. This stage of planning is where most of the battle mechanics are decided upon: the shape of the battlefield, the flow of battle phases, and other key features.
      The next step is a team review of the content that includes the battle and monster teams. If we receive feedback or revision requests, we go back to the drawing board here to make those adjustments. We’ll actually repeat this process as many times as needed until all teams are in agreement with the proposed content.
      We also need to make sure our plan is actually going to work in game. We share our full plan with the programming team and they review the battle to make sure there won’t be any problems with making our boss fight a reality.
      As you can see, every step of the creation process is a group effort. We talk not only with the teams I’ve mentioned so far, but also with the graphic and sound teams. It’s important to make sure all of us are on the same page in terms of the battle concept, and ensure all parts of the fight match the overall vision.
      The pieces start to come together as we put the puzzle pieces from each team together to build the fight for the first time. The battle and monster teams do a lot of play testing, and FFXIV’s Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida joins in for these in the later stages. With his approval, we move on to QA to hammer out all of the bugs, and then all of you get to enjoy the fight!
      Well, at least that’s the typical flow…
      A Completed Omega…after a few tweaks.
      Omega: The wild card
      Omega had another rare occurrence: for the first time in FFXIV boss history, we had to do a major overhaul of much of this fight.
      Around the office we call the reviews from Producer and Director Yoshida “P/D checks.” Most of the time, Yoshida will request small tweaks or adjustments, but with Omega things were a bit different.
      It was a bit of a shock, but during that first check Yoshida was very blunt in his feedback: “it doesn’t feel like you’re battling Omega at all!”
      The Omega Savage fight at the time had two parts to the “Level Checker” phases that I mentioned earlier, and he felt it dragged on for too long. Yoshida also told us the fight didn’t have that climactic feel other bosses up until now did.
      Reworking the fight
      I took that feedback to heart, and went to work on a revised plan right away. I worked with some of our raid design veterans, and went through the entire process again talking to all of our teams. It was somewhat of a miracle, but the revised plan was approved by Yoshida.
      The new plan required changes from all sides. We were adding new mechanics, changing existing mechanics, adding animations, graphical effects, and sound effects. It was another huge team effort that went all the way to our QA team again–I was the one who had to bear the bad news of needing to retest the fight because of the new mechanics…
      So what did we actually change? First we removed the second “Level Checker” phase, but we also bumped up the intensity of the fight following that phase. We added in new animations to visually show Omega’s rampage in the later stages of the fight, as well as two new laser attacks: Condensed Wave Cannon Kyrios and Diffuse Wave Cannon Kyrios. Our teams also created the “Rocket Punch” attack for this fight in record time.
      Just for fun, let’s take a look at that second Level Checker phase we took out. This image is clipped from the design document, and shows the different positions players would need to be in and move to in order to succeed. Looking at this now… I’m actually glad I was able to rethink this phase!

      As you can see, Omega was born out of very tough labour, and I probably caused more than a bit of trouble to many of the teams. They might not have the best memories coming out of all of this, but their willingness to go back to the drawing board is why this battle turned out as well as it did. I’m filled with nothing but gratitude for their support.
      When the modeling team created this raid boss’ 3D model, what factors needed to be taken into account in order to translate the concept art into the game itself faithfully?
      Yoshito Nabeshima: Hello! Lead character artist Yuji Mitsuishi jumping in here to talk a bit about creating the Omega model!
      Omega is comprised of an extremely large number of parts, so getting each of those elements in order and putting them together to create the model was a very time consuming task. My team did not want to deviate from the envisioned design we were given, so we would make even the slightest adjustments to the position of each part of Omega to fit the design.
      If you’ve fought Omega, you might have noticed the relief on the surface of his body. I think this is a very important element that makes Omega a memorable foe, but it was important to not lose the sense of three-dimensionality in the design or create a frail-looking Omega in the process.
      Omega looks like a pretty tough fight to me!
      Did you or your team had any “Aha!” moments during development that changed the outcome of this raid’s design?
      Yoshito Nabeshima: Sometimes we do have those moments where something just clicks and you end up with a great idea that might change the fight entirely, but again Omega was a unique case. Almost all of the fight from the Level Checker phase onward was born from reflecting and brainstorming the fight as a group following Yoshida’s orders for the overhaul.
      Omega’s ‘frenzy’ after the Level Checker phase was actually a suggestion from my team leader. He told me, “why not just make Omega go completely berserk?” That alone was an eye opener to create that feeling of a true battle against Omega that Yoshida was looking for.
      That’s a lotta lasers
      Were there any moments during the creation of this raid that sparked new ideas for other content we might see in the future?
      Yoshito Nabeshima: When working on mechanics for one fight, there are times when new ideas come to mind that you can’t always realize right away. I actually thought of a few new ideas when working on the Chains of Memory mechanic for Omega–I’m hoping I can fit them into a future boss fight!
      If the boss is inspired from a past Final Fantasy boss, how do you and the teams balance keeping true to the original, but also providing a special flair for Final Fantasy XIV.
      Yoshito Nabeshima: When working with bosses from a past Final Fantasy we do make sure to provide a unique experience in Final Fantasy XIV, but at the same time it’s important to consider the original.
      You’ll only see this in the Omega Savage fight, but we actually included an “Encircle” ability (known as “Loop”) in the battle. It’s basically the enrage timer for the fight, so you’ll only see it if you can’t finish the fight within a certain time limit.
      Encircle was an ability used by Omega in Final Fantasy V that would remove a target from the battle–no questions asked. Unfortunately, mimicking this exactly in FFXIV and removing players from the raid instance wouldn’t really work, and honestly just randomly killing players during a fight isn’t that interesting.
      However, after thinking about it I came up with the idea of using this as the boss’ enrage, since we would be able to preserve the original concept. If you happen to encounter this in FFXIV, you can see your raid party get exiled to another dimension!
      The Original Encircle and the Final Fantasy XIV version – “Loop”!

      What part of this new raid are you most excited for players to experience? Which gameplay moments or lore should players should keep an eye out for?
      Yoshito Nabeshima: I’m sure many of you have already had a chance to play, but I’d say my favourite part of this fight is when Omega goes berserk after the second Pantokrator. You can only see this in Savage mode, but the visuals and animations of Omega filling the screen up with its onslaught of attacks are truly amazing.
      This might sound a bit weird, but if you do get a chance to do Savage, make sure you hit that Enrage timer and see the full Loop effect! You won’t be disappointed!
      The post The untold story of how Final Fantasy XIV’s epic Omega boss fight was created appeared first on PlayStation.Blog.Europe.
      View the full article
    • By News Bot
      Hey everyone, today we are thrilled to unveil the exciting announcement that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is officially coming to PlayStation 4! Bringing PUBG to the PS4 has been an ambitious project for us, and we are beyond thrilled to finally be sharing this news with the world.
      What is PUBG?
      PUBG is a battle royale shooter where 100 players drop into a map and fight for survival. It’s a game of life or death as you explore and loot the map for weapons and armour. Be the last one standing to achieve the elusive Chicken Dinner – bragging rights included.
      Pre-order bundles
      PUBG will launch on 7th December with three iconic maps – Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok – with the highly anticipated snow-themed map coming this winter. The game will include all major features like custom matches, ranked system, event mode, Trophies, and much, much more.
      Today, we’re kicking off pre-order sales with various options:
      Disc Edition Includes base game Looter’s Digital Edition Includes base game Survivor’s Digital Edition Includes base game Vikendi Event Pass 2,300 G-Coin Pack 20,000 BP Champion’s Digital Edition Includes base game Vikendi Event Pass 6,000 G-Coin Pack 20,000 BP Pre-order bonuses – digital skins
      We teamed up with our friends at Sony to bring you some exclusive pre-order bonuses that will be included in each pre-order bundle.
      Nathan Drake Desert Outfit – Uncharted Series
      Ellie’s Backpack – The Last of Us
      We are also offering a PUBG avatar and Theme to rock on your PSN profile for pre-ordering! You’ll receive these when the game releases*.

      Miramar Theme
      A few words from the PUBG HQ Team in Korea
      From Koo Sung Jeong, PS4 Lead Project Manager:
      “One of most memorable moments while developing PS4 PUBG was the first time we had 100 people join a test match. Before the test, the dev team’s mission was to deliver the finished product this year – it was a big challenge and it felt almost impossible. But as soon as we had 100 people drop in for the test, our confidence started to build and and we pushed ourselves harder to make everything happen. We are proud of the game we have created and can’t wait to get it into your hands!”
      From Changmin Lee, PS4 Engineering Lead:
      “It’s always exciting and tense presenting our work to the players as a developer. Getting our game into the hands of the PS4 community that haven’t experienced PUBG is a thrill equal to creating a new game. Everyone on the PS4 dev team have worked passionately on every single moment of the game to create a perfect experience for our players – we hope you all enjoy your journey on getting a chicken dinner!”
      As we prepare for the official launch on 7th December, be sure to stay up to date on the latest news at our website and social channels. The team here at PUBG have worked tirelessly to bring our unique Battle Royale experience to this platform, and we can’t wait to start this new journey with you.
      *Avatar and Theme available for pre-ordering the digital editions only
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