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So this is my USB 3.0 hub to PS4. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports, each port uses up to 900 mA/ 0.9 Amps at 5 volts output, by default right out the box. If powered by a wall adapter make sure the adapter doesn't have fast charging as that might push the voltage up to 9 volts which might fry all your devices I take no responsibility for that, do that at your own volition. I do not have a disposable non fast charge device to do that test on. The cable sizing to use with your cell/ tablet adapter or your choice will be 'USB to 3.0mm 1.1mm Barrel Jack,' any other size will be incorrect & will not work.

I tested it with a 5 volts 2 Amps Samsung tablet adapter, which resulted in max 1400 Amps per USB port which is pretty safe for most devices.


This is from a regular PS4 Slim. It was actually using the 4 USB 3.0 ports on the hub, but my 4th gen control was in usb mode which shows it in a different menu on the PS4. 

The system ran normally except for one instance where it over heated one of my usb device & not recognizing it the 1st time I plugged it into the console. It could have been a voltage spike

because the PS4 was already on while doing this IDK. No issues after that, been using it for a week now.


USB 3.0   4 ports


Picture of the DC Power Jack    'USB to 3.0mm 1.1mm Barrel Jack cable'

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How much did that cost?

I'm using something like this:

Image result for usb 2.0 4 way splitter

It's good enough to power my steering wheel, shifter, handbrake and headset.

Think it cost £2. Super cheap from China.

Never had an issue with it. Thought it might disconnect during races, but it hasn't. Can't remember if it's 2.0 or 3.0, but for what I use it for, it makes no difference.

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I think yours is USB 2.0, though the 3.0 port is always blue & carries 9 pins if you look down into the port. The only down side to that is data transfer speed will be 10 times slower when copying files. Test it with your external hdd, if it don't work it's a USB 2.0. It cost me USD $9.20 though I could have gotten it for the equivalent USD $6.15 but it was in a different currency during a purchase of multiple items that was giving me issues, so I opted for the next one that popped up in the search. Now I see one for USD $4.79, not bad at all. I'm surprised that It handles so much for you I would think a external power source would be needed.

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You're right it's 2.0. My wheel is also mains powered.

I have my HDD in the other port on the PS4.

I'll probably need a hub with more ports soon, so it'll be best to get a good quality 3.0 to avoid any potential issues.

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I see where they have some with on/ off switches if that interests you but wished there was a affordable 3.0 one with type C connection for the external power source, instead of using cables that the masses never heard of or even care to know about.

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