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planning DAMN checking interest in freeroam event

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16 minutes ago, Lann said:

I am interested in the concept, but this seems like a lot of rules.  Not that they are even bad rules but maybe impossible to enforce and even know if people are breaking them.

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I've had similar feedback internally and via other crews. The enforcement of rules is impossible and that's off putting . Personally I prefer control over chaos, and believe that people would all follow them, but it's hard to say . However generally due to a lack of interest, I've given up on the concept of doing this.

Another factor I've seen too is that some delivery objects/crates can be accidentally destroyed, and therefore the time between spawns would be more filler than killer potentially. 

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 @ajbns87   It's a really cool concept! And those seem like a really balanced set of rules, although I'm a bit confused about the first person sniping that was mentioned.

Maybe if it's just two crews it would be easier to organise. And while there is a cool down the teams could take turns doing CEO or MC work, while the other team tries to stop them. Four business battles and four organisation fights - two each 'defending' and 'attacking'. I'm not certain but I believe the timing would work out okay to keep it interesting.

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46 minutes ago, The_Lady_A said:

I'm a bit confused about the first person sniping that was mentioned.

That's because the sniping is faster in 1st person.

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15 hours ago, VALL_es said:

That's because the sniping is faster in 1st person.

Yes the preference of view point comes with an unusual advantage of movement speed, unfortunately its not something you could ever enforce, but more so something that would be more noble. 

Lady, I like the idea of doing 'Work' in between, to kill time, I'm not fully versed in what's available to do beyond Head Hunter (CEO kill four targets vs three teams defending within framework of fair play) and Stand Your Ground (MC hold a specific point for 20minutes) 

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      I just want to check to see if this would be fun.
      We know alot of the "this vs that" LTS jobs can be unbalanced with a tendency for one side to win. But I know some of us really enjoy jobs like Rockets vs Insurgents.
      What if we put a playlist together with only those kind of jobs and challenge another crew to a relaxed 15 vs 15 (or whatever numbers we can get)?
      At least two rounds on each job.
      The potential downside:
      that one crew might end up on the "wrong" side on all jobs, it being a LTS if you die early your stuck watching your teammates.   Positive:
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      Date of Event: Weekend of 28-29 of July?
      Time of Event in UTC: 22:30 saturday or 21:00 sunday?
      Amount of Players Allowed: 8 vs 8
      Special Rules for Event: nothing decided yet
      Description of Event: Planning a head to head against the Dutch Apeltown Crew
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      I would like to get a night set to meetup and multi play with the VR's, we could alternate games we play each weekend
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      Games I have we could do are Dirt Rally, Drive Club and Star Trek Bridge Crew (Dirt and Trek can be played with non VR players) and I am willing to pick up other games as needed.
      Let me know
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      Date of Event: Maybe last saturday each month after Two Bros?
      Time of Event in UTC: 22 or later utc
      Does Event Repeat: Monthly
       Event Host: Lann
      Amount of Players Allowed: 30ish
      Special Rules for Event: Set for each month
      Description of Event: I want to run this idea by you guys, still just a thought.
      Each month we host a event with 30 player jobs.
      The jobs will be announced in the beginning of the month. 
      The jobs will be balanced between all types allowing 30 players (maybe 27 or 28 to include jobs R* forced to 27 and Motorwars).
      We open up for non crew (people/crew we know) to try and get a full playlist. 
      Maybe limit it to fewer jobs and more laps/time on each. 
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      make use of the good active players in other crews we know
      a reoccuring 30 player event
      Now might not be the time for such thing, but i will post it as i think it could be something for the future.
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      If we get some interest and have alot of races once its time to host the races as an event I suggest each race is no longer than 5 min.
      If there is interest we can start picking vehicles, no vehicles can be used by more than one creator.
      Great opportunity to try the creator if you havent already. And maybe a good reason for others to get back in there.. 
      We should dedicate at least two weeks for creating and fine tuning the races.
      Lets aim at holding 30 players.