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5 hours ago, DavidCore89 said:

Go easy on the real-life recreations, we've had/seen them all before. Even imagining the sound of the slow-down strip makes me angry :FIRE:

More ovals, speedway and criss-cross stuff!

These races will be more fun if anyone can win them :)

Since Rockingham was made there’s been an increase in prop count. I should be able to replace the slow down strips on the edge of the track with walls. This will keep people off the kerbs. 

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@Crawford1872 I've replaced all the slow down strips at Rockingham with walls now. Added a touch of scenery and the lap count is currently set to 15. If there's anything that needs adjusting just shout.

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    • By JustHatched
      I would like to get a night set to meetup and multi play with the VR's, we could alternate games we play each weekend
      Would like to do on Saturdays after 2bros at a time early enough for EU players to be able to play but late enough the NA is  done with IRL daytime shit (#farmlife). SInce it would be a Saturday night would 23:00UTC work for everyone who would be interested
      Games I have we could do are Dirt Rally, Drive Club and Star Trek Bridge Crew (Dirt and Trek can be played with non VR players) and I am willing to pick up other games as needed.
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      There has been a bit of discussion in the shoutbox and across various places about Sunday now the slot is up for grabs, so to speak. I thought it might be helpful if there was a dedicated topic for it. A place to discuss ideas and see who might be able to commit to what.
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      Date of Event: Any
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      Does Event Repeat: If everyone likes it or wants it.
       If Event Repeats/How Often: 
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      Amount of Players Allowed: 30
      Special Rules for Event: No weapons of any kind, no personal vehicles, no bikes, no air vehicles. Swim, run to the highway, get a car from a NPC, get to the finish ASAP. Allowed to use parachute and any land vehicles that you can find on the map (trucks, vans, etc..).
      Description of Event: Some recognise Gfred from Broughy1322´s Videos. and that is basically it. A 20min (give or take) race around the map with the vehicles you find on the road. It is a very fun race, that can be a bit frustrating at times. You choose your own route and just get the checkpoints ASAP.
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      Date of Event: Most likely every Sunday until all stages have been finished, exact start date TBD
      Time of Event in UTC: TBD
      Event Host: @Protocawl
      Amount of Players Allowed: Unlimited
      Special Rules for Event: Only specified vehicles are to be used and only one car is allowed to be on track during any timed run. Any other special rules TBD later.
      Description of Event: This is to gauge interest first, but what I've got in mind:
      A Rally Championship for teams of 2 (driver & co-driver) using the Rally race type option on old and new quality rally tracks from respected creators. There will be all-dirt, all-tarmac, snow and mixed surface rally stages/races in this championship. Racers will be using specific rally-oriented custom or stock vehicles (list of vehicles TBA). Drivers will provide the cars and co-drivers will be guiding the drivers through the stages with me providing them with stage/pace notes for each track and running all co-drivers through the stages with the notes as many times as they wish. Half the stages will be announced well in advance, while the other half will remain a secret to the drivers until start. There will be some bonus stages as well, such as rally-cross tracks or rally truck stages. There will be leaderboards and points system in place, with the fastest times getting most points and extra points available to earn from bonus stages for good performances. Each rally will start from a lobby under my watchful eye and every team has one timed run to get the best time they can from the stage at that time. All race settings will be announced well in advance; rain and current settings will be used on some tracks.
      There's plenty more details to this, but I want to know who is definitely taking part and which role you'd prefer. If there's any questions about anything, don't be afraid to ask! I'd like to start it before the end of the year and preferably on a snow stage, so most likely start dates are either December 24th or December 31st.
      I've got most details sorted out, just need to know whether the interest is there and what numbers we could get. How we pair up the teams will be decided once we have the participants. The vehicle list will be up soon.
      I'll be a co-driver by the way, just to remove any unfair advantage coming from me testing the tracks over and over.
      Here's a little informative clip to anyone not familiar with stage rally:
    • By pete_95973
      Date of Event: January 8th 2018
      Time of Event in UTC: 2:15 (early morning of Jan 9th) 9:15 pm eastern time, 6:15 pacific time
      Event Host: pete_95973
      Amount of Players Allowed: all y'all
      Description of Event: Today is the last day of double money for Occupy.  I think it is a very fun mode but with double money ending this may be the last chance to get full lobbies with randoms joining.  Let's take advantage and kill randoms and make some money.  I will launch around 9:15 pm eastern time.  I may not be on until about 9:30 but if that is the case I will say so in the shout box.  I am playing and hosting whether anyone here joins or not so this is going no matter what. I will not be on mic tonight and will likely play for about an hour (probably time for two matches).  Hope to see you there and hope you are on my team!