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ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

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2 hours ago, PapOiteE said:

I had another retirement. I’m gonna change my nickname to Mr. Retirements, suits me perfectly -_-

I used to retire very often, too, so I got tired of it and changed my approach - started putting the car's health and finishing stages cleanly first instead of going super fast and it worked. My rally retirement rate went down massively. I still crash plenty, but even that rate dropped noticeably and the results have improved as a result, too. Sometimes going slower is necessary. I recommend sacrificing a bit of that speed to finish rallies again and then build up to going faster again without having to retire so often. ;)

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To finish first you must first finish.

Wales 33:06.701

Edited by Beez
Add race time.
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Smooth is fast, I always make finishing a priority, otherwise you get nothing :)

If you're playing track racing games as well, it can be hard to make the transition quickly as the driving style is totally different.


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I left myself about 34 mins to run Rally Wales and due to rushing, messed up pretty bad, starting right before the 3rd split of Stage 2. Eventually there was no time left to run Stage 6 and Stage 5 was run without any lights in the dark. Stage 1 was probably one of the best results in Wales that I've ever had, but everything else went spectacularly wrong. Stage 1, 2 and 5 are definitely very entertaining to watch, though. See for yourself:

Video of Rally Wales:



5 days & 14 hours left to run Event 5: Rally Germany!

This event is running simultaneously with the actual WRC Rally Germany, so watch the real thing to get in the mood and then get behind the console to try it out yourself!

Tips for Germany:

  • Stay on the roads and don't cut!
  • Pay close attention to the rocks bordering the roads to avoid them.
  • Many (smooth) turns can be taken by just letting off the throttle a bit. No need to brake more than you need to in Germany; just brake properly for sharp turns.
  • Don't forget the handbrake in an emergency if the car refuses to turn properly!


My setup for the Ford Escort RS Cosworth in Germany (text+video):

Nr = amount of ticks/clicks       + = to the right from default setting      - = to the left from default setting



Brake Bias -2 & Brake Strength +1

Gears: 1st Gear -5, 2nd Gear -4, 3rd Gear -3, 4th Gear -2, 6th Gear +4, 7th Gear +4

Suspension (Front): Ride Height -2, Spring Rate +3, Anti-Roll Bar +3

Suspension (Rear): Ride Height -2, Spring Rate +3, Anti-Roll Bar +2


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