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XDBX School of Speed

This Forum has been created to allow some of our faster racers to show how they make their way around a racetrack. This is for Instructional Video and Commentary on a volunteer basis. The Threads that have the Video will be subject to Q&A by everyone involved. Feel free to ask any question. There will hopefully be several racers willing to help with this. I know Hatch is going to make some Air Racing Videos for us as well.

The way this will work is:

  • There will be a selected track for every few weeks, maybe a month.
  • This track will be dissected by as many racers as possible, and have Videos posted.
  • Those Videos will show good solid lap times as a guage on how you are doing. We are not Hot lapping, just giving instruction on good lines, braking zones, and a general understanding of how the Racer gets around the track.
  • Each Thread will have Q&A for all interested in learning about the Racer and his Video. Not everyone is compatible with all racing styles, so a specific Racer may emulate your style better. Therefore you will obviously want to work with that Racer when you can.
  • There will also be Videos on basic driving techniques to help you understand what we are doing when we use certain terms in racing.

Most races will be PS4 races. Unfortunately, with the Updates to the Creator and the introduction of Stunt Races, we have to use tracks that raced on a regular basis. Some PS3 only track will be used, but I can not limit us to only races on PS3.

This is all subject to modification as we get this rolling.


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I might start doing this again. If they helped amybody...  All of our fast drivers feel free to put some sort of instructional video in here. 

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On 25-3-2018 at 11:29 AM, Dodge said:

I might start doing this again. If they helped amybody...  All of our fast drivers feel free to put some sort of instructional video in here. 

Nice. Looking forward to that. 

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