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Found 269 results

  1. Lann

    Now you see me

    Pistol, Shotgun, Heavy Revolver and Marksman Rifle in this new Olympic discipline for 20 players. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/xYb_TwtMUkuiY4ws0X78vw
  2. JustHatched

    Bubba Style Donkey Whoopn

    Revolvers in a small farm setting. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/kJA-I_82XUaW2nD9PUkCGQ
  3. Lann


    http://rsg.ms/17a4c8a Powerful guns, plenty cars to hide behind as you advance down the street.
  4. My first try using the restricted spawnpoints and the ability to set different forced weapons. http://rsg.ms/84dd90b
  5. Lann

    Pearl diving

    A deadly dive down to the cave can render a lethal reward, the mother of all jewels goes BOOM! Forced and Pickups! http://rsg.ms/f535fbd Inspired by @Con ?
  6. Lann

    Rogers Crap

    Added alot of crap. I did not enjoy the Marksman rifle at all when we played in Two Bros last night. I like the map so i dont want to delete it. I have changed it to Assault SMG only. http://rsg.ms/17b29bf
  7. Dodge

    Vespucci cAnal

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/hQ71ARODQU2ODcW1AXyTBQ# DESCRIPTION An elevated map made only for the 'Upper Class'.
  8. http://rsg.ms/74c0d11 DESCRIPTION Just another hamster on the wheel of the government. you've unlocked the secrets of all GTA V Murals, but you was not suppose to piece that information together agent. Now they plan to lay me off. You should have never eaten that burito, or you Wouldn't be here in a straight jacket, but I have one last task for you. When I snap my fingers you will kill all my enemies. LOCATION San Andreas
  9. Dodge

    Under Siege

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/LVjj-LgoY0alhsZQUFpelA# DESCRIPTION Vesspucci Island is under Martial Law! Show em how big of a mistake that was.
  10. kernalhogan

    Coffey's Foreclosures

    RSC Link This was made for a Creators Event hosted by Lann, where each participant was given a large section of the map to create a deathmatch. Forced weapon is the Mini SMG, with extra ammo pickups located around the map. There are Armour pickups located at each teams start point. This should be the areas that most players respawn as well. Player limit is now 20 players
  11. JustHatched

    Coultas Recycling

  12. kernalhogan

    Heavy Lifting

    RSC Link Watch your step in this multi-story deathmatch set at an STD Contractors construction site. Heavy Revolver, Heavy Shotgun, Heavy Sniper, Grenade Launcher. Up to four teams available, with each team starting on a different level of the construction site. Careful walking around on the upper levels, safety does not seem to be a big concern at this construction site, as there are plenty of spots to easily walk off the edge to your death. There's just one Grenade Launcher tucked away, but I don't feel it will be overpowered, due to the lack of pickups and difficulty to aim in the building. I seen this played during Two Bros. and decided it needed a few tweaks. I moved ~15 of the spawn points to try and avoid spawn kills, added props to help protect anyone climbing/using the sniper towers, and added Heavy Sniper ammo to the top of the towers so you don't have to descend if you run out.
  13. Dodge

    Rt 68 Sidetrack

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/domestic_battery/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/30v9kJxqpkqh8MIbK5oVxA# SMG Assault SMG Pump Shotgun Grenade
  14. Protocawl

    Simmet Alley Hustle

    Simmet Alley Hustle 2 team TDM for 4-18 players Starting weapon: Micro SMG Weapon pickups: Pistols, Machine Pistols, Mini SMGs, Micro SMGs, SMGs, Molotovs, Grenades Simmet Alley has become a playground for murderous maniacs and their only motto is: kill or be killed. They've even left some signs around the place to pinpoint the rooftop access ladders. Apparently there's so much killing going on that no one has time to keep any known advantages a secret anymore! (Mini SMGs, Micro SMGs, Machine Pistols, Pistols, SMGs)
  15. Welp. DC wanted a 30 player version of Paradise Alley. Here it is. I've never played anything of this magnitude. It's almost double the amount of players on a single team as were allowed in total on PS3. That's 30 players. That's 60 spawn points, not 1 more and not 1 less. That's a huge shift in thought. I think the area works. Had props look as natural as possible so as to enhance the environment, not shape it. If you haven't been here before it's a series of low income housing with a ton of inherent real estate to explore and plan your assaults through. You begin with SMGs. You will find a few Assault Rifles and a few Pump Shotguns along with a couple grenades strategically and evenly placed. It's set to 12 players minimum, I imagine less is not more here. This could be a complete dud so feedback is welcome. It's extremely difficult to test with NPCs something this large and gauge how well it'll work. Chamberlain Alleys External Job Link: http://rsg.ms/8986b16 Previous work in progress preview:
  16. Redid my broken "jungle" TDM Forgon to mention that its First person. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/M5WWT3gZ9UWng_fgauI4og

    *Smoke-em's map nr.1.

    RSC Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/JJfy1nPOIUmBoKSCVSU0RQ my first TDM ever. ppl said it is pretty good, so i thought i share it here. feedback is welcome, as i am a noob creating DM/TDM maps. hope u enjoy
  18. Lann

    The AP Program

    RSC Link 16 players
  19. djw180

    Sniping Josiah

    Sniper TDM on platforms overlooking Mt Josiah made for the Tour de LS TDM event. This is the one for area 6. Up to 4 teams snipe each other from a long distance. The platforms have no barriers on the inner sides, so be careful not to fall off. There's limited pickups and you need to be careful if you go for them as it puts you closer to your opponents and on a much narrower platform. Each team should re-spawn on the platform they start on or an empty one (if less than 4 teams). But small teams could cause that not too happen, so I would recommend you set the number of teams such that there's at least 4 per team if possible. If you want to make sure your opponents don't re-spawn behind you on your platform, spread out and keep moving around. RSC Link:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/i7k_xAA6SkaJR-CfNOB9Zg
  20. Protocawl

    Neighbourhood Lockdown

    Neighbourhood Lockdown 2 team TDM for 6-20 players Starting weapon: Assault SMG Weapon pickups: Assault SMGs, Mini SMGs, Pistol .50 There's no street big enough for 2 underground crime families, which is why this lovely neighbourhood has turned into a walled off warzone. -Kill thy neighbour- is their motto and they're stickin' to it. (Assault SMGs, Mini SMGs and a couple of .50 cal. Pistols as pickups. Ammo is scarce, so teamwork is vital to success. Mount the turrets, control the vantage points, climb the hedges and make good use of all the protection you can find!)
  21. Crawford1872

    Hangar 13

    RSC Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/CJl5mN9p9EuLcev_xj_XuQ TDM in the hangar, 13 being the number I chose for the TDM creator event, and hangar 13 being both a brilliant megadeth song and a 90's rave venue in my second hometown of Ayr. Both teams spawn outside the hangar and enter, one through the side door and the other through a created door. The inside has been sectioned off using double height walls to try and force each team to strategically work around different ways to get at the other team. Shotguns only (due to the nature of building in the hangar I can't place pickups so those are outside where the spawns are. With a few sweeper shotguns located inside where possible) Any feedback is, as ever, appreciated
  22. JuniorChubb

    Gormandy Landing

    RSC Link: http://rsg.ms/7479b98 This themed DM is for the Tour of Los Santos Creators Deathmatch night... I have used the beach at the foot of Mount Gordo and based the DM on the Normandy Landings. One team starts on the landing boats and the other at their base at the back of the beach. There are 3 buildings/parapets to add to the scenery but only 2 of them are accessible and they both have sniper rifles. The other pick ups are grenades, tear gas and assault rifles (also the starting weapon). There is also a set piece at the start of the DM but I will leave that for people to discover themselves. Got some great feedback from a test play (added snipers due to this) so hopefully this is good to go. Also this is my first 'job' post so please let me know if I have got it in the wrong place or wrong tags etc.
  23. JuniorChubb

    Mount Gordo Complex

    RSC Link: http://rsg.ms/5532bc3 Another DM for the Tour of Los Santos (it nice to have a choice ). This time at the top of Mount Gordo the DM is based in what is an almost James Bond baddie hide out on the top of a mountain. One team starts in the complex the other in the tree filled outskirts. There are some tight areas, a wooded area and a nice open spot where folks can get some lunch. The DM starts you with Micro SMG's and there are plenty of them to pick up so God knows how Ally ran out of ammo, there are also some Heavy Pistols to pick up too (again due to feedback). This is a smallish DM so spawn points are tight and limited to 16 players. Enjoy
  24. Skorpion

    Picture Perfect

    PICTURE PERFECT Max. Players: 2-30 Number of Teams: 2 Default Time: 10m:00s Time of Day: Noon Weather: Current Weapons: Forced & Pick-Up Published: 26 June 2017 Last Update: - DESCRIPTION Not all the residents of Picture Perfect Drive have a picture perfect house, and their neighbours aren't happy about it. OVERVIEW Two teams starting with SMGs at opposite ends of the street. Assault SMGs, Assault Shotguns, and a single Special Carbine pickup. Plenty of cover from props and houses. No roof access (hopefully). Bookmark Job _
  25. Dodge

    Zone 16

    RSC Link: http://rsg.ms/1364cef Made for the Tour Event
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