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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the inauguration of this Armchair Historical Society, Saint Denis Chapter! Here in these comfortable surroundings we can pool our experiences and our knowledge in this exciting time! The vetting process for becoming a society fellow is tremendously straightforward! All that is needed is a curious heart and an open mind! For example: If you spot something within this world of ours that makes you wonder when that was first created, or whether it even exists, simply post a question here. Perhaps you know the answer to a question that has been asked already - well our society is an open forum! You are welcome to present an answer any question put fourth! With a dash of luck, we will all learn some wonderfully interesting things and have some titanic debates about the natural, the mechanical, the political, the sociological, and the philosophic!
  2. Crew Challenge 171 - Five Finger Fillet Our first Red Dead Redemption crew challenge, a solo challenge to test your knife skills. This one has been organised by @JustHatched, instructions in the video. Please save a video showing your best attempt and post it here. Any questions please ask Hatch (I don't have RDR just yet). Starts now Ends 19:00 GMT 29th Nov All times / videos to be posted within 48 hours of the end please.
  3. Real nice browser map I found with the location of items and legendary animals https://rdr2map.com/ Edit 1: If you need to find something specific (orchids) use the search bar
  4. It's a no-brainer to think that R* in RDRO will try to continue to score big on micro-transactions, but just how will they do it in a game that's set in the 1800s and on top of that is placed in a univers that is way more grounded compared to GTA - a world where they've been able to come up with all kinds of expensive shit to sell us. While I often shake my head at the insane prizes, I understand that's what have ensured the longevity of the game. Without people purchasing sharkcards R* would have stopped adding new content long ago. Reason why I really do hope that they'll succeed in grabbing our money in RDRO. But for that they will need to come up with some good shit. So what exciting stuff do you think they can/will add to the world? Will they differentiate online from story mode making the world more wacky/crazy, whatever you're gonna call it, in order to being able to add more out-there items? And what could that be? One thing I think they will do is to follow the lastest trend of GTAO and add lots of million dollar businesses of different kinds.