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Found 5 results

  1. Congratulations @omarcomin71 & @pete_95973on your excellent Crockett & Tubbs photo, you got the most votes! Second goes to myself for this one inspired from American Graffitti (which I just caught on TV recently). Third is a three way tie between @Pb76, @djw180 and @omarcomin71 Thanks to everyone who participated and voted.
  2. I realize this is a bit too early but I most likely will not have WIFI next week (not sure how I am going to survive) Again, if you are looking for easy -- 2nd week theme is "Flying Cars"... And If you want to get really specific and forget 'easy' -- use bullittblitz's idea: "A car flying while being shot at by a minigun". I think it would be fare to say that it could be any car being shot at by any weapon(s). Some members might not be at minigun level. Also, gives you a lot more options! Rules: Week 2 contest starts Tuesday 12:00 AM midnight PTZ We have a week to submit one unaltered picture on the specific theme with a reply below Probably, a good idea to give your 'GTA Art' a cool name! Contest ends Monday 11.59 PM PTZ The winner is the one with the most likes by midnight on a Tuesday! We can add anything else as needed... Please vote on Photo contest -- Week 1 winner after 12:00 AM PTZ May 6 -- by liking their picture: http://www.domesticbatterygta.com/topic/991-facebook-xdbx-photo-contest-week-1-ending-monday-may-5th/#entry11432 Also, if you would like to make some more suggestions on next week contest: http://www.domesticbatterygta.com/topic/1008-theme-suggestions-for-the-weekly-facebook-photo-contest/
  3. Valkenburger had a great idea!... This topic is for your photos that didnt make "the final cut". I am guessing this will be good for a few laughs as well!...
  4. To make it fairly easy for this first week -- theme is "The funniest GTA picture of the week" If you want to get really specific and forget 'easy' -- what I am really looking for is a funny picture of the villagers from Altruist Cult in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. I spent a whole lot of time last week trying to get one, but between armed villagers, gang attacks, and police who show up faster then anywhere else, I didn't even have a chance to take the camera out! On a good note -- it seemed like a good practice for DM's... Rules are fairly simple: Contest starts Tuesday 12:00 AM midnight PTZWe have a week to submit one unaltered picture on the specific theme with a reply belowProbably, a good idea to give your 'GTA Art' a cool name!Contest ends Monday 11.59 PM PTZ, and we start the next week contest while voting on the pictures of the previous week by liking them...The winner is the one with the most likes by midnight on a Tuesday!We can add anything else as needed...Calender Link
  5. Please put your suggestions about next weeks theme for the photo contest in the replies below -- and then vote on the ones you like!... You can be as general or as specific as you like!... My next weeks suggestion is "Flying Cars"!
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