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Found 1 result

  1. Banketelli


    Do we have any basketball fans on the site? I know @zmurko and @Fido_le_muet are into the sport, but surely some of the NA folks must be as well. It has never really my sport. Well, haven't really payed it any attention. But a while ago I came across "Inside the NBA" on Youtube. First, it was just for the entertainment since many of the clips have nothing to do with basketball, just the crew goofing around. Charles Barkley is mighty entertaining to watch. Then I began watching full episodes of the show plus "Open Court" with all the legends and I must say it has gotten my attention now. Recently, I have watched the final playoff matches of last NBA season and I'm even considering getting a league pass when the new season kicks off. Hopefully it won't just be the Warriors cruising for the title. So what's your team? Since I'm a complete newbie I'm still without one. Of course, this is not just a thread for NBA, but all basketball around the world.