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Found 456 results

  1. Lann

    Now you see me

    Pistol, Shotgun, Heavy Revolver and Marksman Rifle in this new Olympic discipline for 20 players. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/xYb_TwtMUkuiY4ws0X78vw
  2. JustHatched

    Bubba Style Donkey Whoopn

    Revolvers in a small farm setting. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/kJA-I_82XUaW2nD9PUkCGQ
  3. Lann


    http://rsg.ms/17a4c8a Powerful guns, plenty cars to hide behind as you advance down the street.
  4. My first try using the restricted spawnpoints and the ability to set different forced weapons. http://rsg.ms/84dd90b
  5. Lann

    Pearl diving

    A deadly dive down to the cave can render a lethal reward, the mother of all jewels goes BOOM! Forced and Pickups! http://rsg.ms/f535fbd Inspired by @Con ?
  6. Lann

    Rogers Crap

    Added alot of crap. I did not enjoy the Marksman rifle at all when we played in Two Bros last night. I like the map so i dont want to delete it. I have changed it to Assault SMG only. http://rsg.ms/17b29bf
  7. Dodge

    Vespucci cAnal

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/hQ71ARODQU2ODcW1AXyTBQ# DESCRIPTION An elevated map made only for the 'Upper Class'.
  8. Dodge

    Under Siege

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/LVjj-LgoY0alhsZQUFpelA# DESCRIPTION Vesspucci Island is under Martial Law! Show em how big of a mistake that was.
  9. Dodge

    Air Raid

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/dodgeservice/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/ Lazers vs Ground Troops
  10. kernalhogan

    Raid: Capture The Flag

    WARNING - PLAY AT OWN RISK - CAPTURE OBJECT CAN BECOME UNATTAINABLE (See comment below) RSC Link Look out for enemies trying to flank you from behind or above, in this Overwatch inspired, CTF style capture. Group up and attack with your teammates. A coordinated attack succeeds more often. First team to three points wins. [Assault Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Heavy Revolver, Heavy Sniper, SMG, Sticky Bomb] I planned on recreating the Overwatch map "Lijiang Tower - Control Room", but after reaching the prop limit not even half way through, I shelved the idea and made this job instead. I'm hoping anyone familiar with Overwatch will notice the similarities in map and play-style. If any of our Overwatch players have a suggestion for another possible map to recreate, I would love to hear it. Up to thirty players, split into two teams, start in spawn rooms on opposing ends of a colour coordinated arena. (Players will respawn in the same room after death.) Each team has a flag located just outside their spawn room that the enemy team is attempting to capture. Points are scored by returning enemy flags to your base. First team to three points wins, or the team leading after ten minutes expires. Weapons are meant to emulate certain characters from Overwatch. Assault Shotgun - Reaper, Heavy Revolver - McCree, Heavy Sniper - Widowmaker, SMG - Soldier 76/Other, Grenade Launcher/Sticky Bomb - Junkrat. (Super Secret Bonus Tip - There is one missile-equipped Thruster in each teams spawn room to emulate Pharah. Not sure if I'll leave this in the final version because it allows players to gain access to the other teams spawn room.) Two armour pickups (Small Health Packs) are located near each teams flag and a single health pickup (Small Health Pack) is located in the black maze. With health and armour pickups (Mega Health Packs) located on both ends of the upper bridge. There are many paths that teams can take to reach the enemy flag. Group up and watch your flanks to make sure the enemy doesn't get the advantage. There are several concerns that I'm hoping will get figured out during any testing. Biggest concern is the capture object falling through the map after the player carrying it is killed. This issue has sporadically popped up on other jobs. Hopefully it's not a problem. Player limit is set to thirty, but I'm not sure how many would be ideal for the size of the map. Twelve would be my guess at the minimum players needed to not make it feel too empty. Weapon selection could be switched, expanded, or simply re-positioned. Same goes for armour and health pickups. Team spawn rooms are designed to be inaccessible by the enemy team, but I am slightly concerned about spawn camping. There are several exits from the spawn rooms and there isn't much cover for enemies to camp outside, so I'm hoping it doesn't become an issue. Player respawn times might need to be adjusted if players are being taken out of the action for too long, or getting back into the fight too quickly. This would be a simple fix of moving the respawn area. I've made the arena from mostly blue and red coloured props. Team 1 is Blue and Team 2 is red. Unfortunately, if you are on Team 2(red props), several game display options will show as blue instead of red; the mini-map base icon, friend/enemy indicators, and text prompts will always show up as blue for your team and red for the enemy, no matter what team you start on. Rockstar have even added the ability to modify team names in combat jobs, with Red Coats and Blue Coats as an option, but failed to fix the misleading information given by the game. If players are getting turned around and running to the wrong base, I'll have to make a colour change. If these or any other issues pop up, please let me know in the comments.
  11. kernalhogan

    Coffey's Foreclosures

    RSC Link This was made for a Creators Event hosted by Lann, where each participant was given a large section of the map to create a deathmatch. Forced weapon is the Mini SMG, with extra ammo pickups located around the map. There are Armour pickups located at each teams start point. This should be the areas that most players respawn as well. Player limit is now 20 players
  12. kernalhogan

    Contend: Overtime Battle

    RSC Link What would Overtime Rumble be like if everyone had rockets? Time to find out. --- Two teams of Ruiner 2000s take to the skies and battle to collect the most cash. Player carry limit is four packages. Can you complete all the jumps and survive long enough to make a four package delivery? This job seemed like a really good idea, until finding out that the Ruiner 2000s rockets cannot be removed. Several newer weaponized vehicles have a weapon option available now. Not sure if this job will be fun, or an absolute mess now because of the Ruiner's homing rockets. Teams start on opposing platforms with ramps similar to Overtime Rumble. There are ten packages atop Stunt Tube towers with varying sized heights and landing pads. One more package, for a total of eleven, is in the middle on the Maze Bank helipad. The only way to reach a package is to jump from the ramps or from a higher landing pad. Default setting is one round. First team to eight points wins or the team leading after eight minutes. Not sure how fast or slow the rounds will be with different amounts of players. (Rounds/Time might need to be adjusted.) Team bases are located on the "floor" of the map, below each teams ramp. There is a somewhat long Stunt Tube portion to get back to the ramps from the bases. This is because we are not able to use any Boost props in the Capture Creator. They are available in every other job type except captures. There are RPG pickups at each player start point and beside each package. They are in attempt to balance out the Ruiner's power and give players the ability to kill themselves if they are trapped and need to respawn. Respawn points are at the top of the ramps and players will respawn in a Ruiner 2000. There seems to be a bug causing a small issue with the packages. If a player dies while carrying a package, the package can glitch through the props and land on the ground below. This causes the package to be unobtainable, as there is no way to get from the ground back onto the stunt props without respawning. Not sure if this is just a sporadic issue or if it will happen all the time. There should be plenty of other packages to collect, but if every time someone dies with a package it ends up being unobtainable, this job would be broken. If anyone plays this and has any feedback or suggestions, please let me know. From weapons, package locations, layout, prop colour, anything at all.
  13. JustHatched

    Coultas Recycling

  14. kernalhogan

    GTA: Pantobob

    RSC Link Two teams of Cargobobs battle to see who can collect the most Pantos. YOU MUST LEAVE THE PANTO CONNECTED TO THE CARGOBOB TO SUCCESSFULLY DELIVER IT. Two team capture with a maximum of twenty players. First team to eight points wins, or whoever is leading after eight minutes expires is the winner. (Not sure how ties work) Players must use Cargobobs to collect Pantos and deliver them to their respective bases. Press right on the D-Pad to deploy the Cargobob's grappling hook before attempting to collect a Panto. It's not particularly easy to latch on to a Panto, even with no one around. Doing it with nineteen other Cargobobs crashing around is quite a challenge. You can drive the Pantos around the map, but you won't be able to score without being lifted into your base by a Cargobob. This allows for one team member to drive a Panto to a less crowded area to be picked up by a teammate. If a Panto gets dropped into your base without being destroyed or delivered, you can enter the Panto to complete the delivery. Just a tip when trying to score; picture your base as a glass of milk and the Panto as an Oreo, then just dip the Oreo into the glass of milk.
  15. kernalhogan

    Heavy Lifting

    RSC Link Watch your step in this multi-story deathmatch set at an STD Contractors construction site. Heavy Revolver, Heavy Shotgun, Heavy Sniper, Grenade Launcher. Up to four teams available, with each team starting on a different level of the construction site. Careful walking around on the upper levels, safety does not seem to be a big concern at this construction site, as there are plenty of spots to easily walk off the edge to your death. There's just one Grenade Launcher tucked away, but I don't feel it will be overpowered, due to the lack of pickups and difficulty to aim in the building. I seen this played during Two Bros. and decided it needed a few tweaks. I moved ~15 of the spawn points to try and avoid spawn kills, added props to help protect anyone climbing/using the sniper towers, and added Heavy Sniper ammo to the top of the towers so you don't have to descend if you run out.
  16. kernalhogan

    Hold: Caddywhack

    RSC Link It's not easy to become a caddy at the illustrious Los Santos Golf Club. Applicants are pitted against each other in a brutal competition, testing all the skills needed to be a great caddy. Teams have eight minutes to collect the most golf balls from the tee boxes around the course. After eight minutes, the team with the most balls will become the newest caddies of the LSGC. [Mercy rule will come into effect if a team captures eight packages before the timer expires.] So, it's a two-team Hold type capture, meaning you can/have to raid the other teams base to steal packages they've already collected. There's a package and an extra golf cart at each of the nine tee boxes, respawn vehicle is a Caddy, and the only weapons are forced Golf Clubs. One round should be fine, as the bases are mostly balanced, no team should have the advantage. I've yet to play this outside the creator, not sure if there are any issues. One thing I'm worried about is certain golf carts being inaccessible once used by the opposing team, unless Rockstar fixed that bug(wishful thinking). If anyone gives this a try, any feedback would be much appreciated.
  17. JustHatched

    Armored Cross

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/Tr8jKC-LuEi49AndU-IuSA Tank LTS, but the path you take may make the difference in winning and losing.
  18. Dodge

    Rt 68 Sidetrack

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/domestic_battery/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/30v9kJxqpkqh8MIbK5oVxA# SMG Assault SMG Pump Shotgun Grenade
  19. Lann

    LSC Graveyard

    Pistols and sawed-off shotguns, up to 30 players. http://rsg.ms/2a2ff13
  20. Are you in touch with your inner @LimeGreenLegend? Dress up for a duel at the Unicorn. 30 players with Marksman pistols. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Lann3fors/games/gtav/jobs/job/Gp7M7yvY2UGYre-flATJlQ?platformId=11 Thanks for the video Con
  21. Lann

    The SMG Bridge

    Players: 16 Forced weapon: Mini SMG Time limit: 10 minutes Intended as a TDM style capture, 3 cases each, grab all 6 to win. Bases on each side of the bridge, two levels of the bridge, some cover in place and alot of pickups (all Mini SMG). http://rsg.ms/9771134
  22. Operation Nightfall 2 team LTS for 6-30 players Time limit per round: 8 min Starting weapon: Pistol Weapon pickups: RPGs, Miniguns, Assault Rifles Vehicles: Valkyries (without cannons), Sanchezes, Manchezes A group of rebels have set up numerous weaponized outposts on Mt. Chiliad and thus have gained complete control over the area, especially over all air traffic. The U.S.A.F. has sent out a team of Spec Ops pilots to deal with the situation in the cover of night.
  23. Protocawl

    Gangsters Gone Wild

    Gangsters Gone Wild 2 team Contend Capture for 2 to 24 players Time limit: 10 min / Target score: 6 points 1 round by default Starting and respawn vehicle: Roosevelt Starting weapon: MG Weapon pickups: MGs, Molotovs, Pipe Bombs, Baseball Bats The actors of an upcoming 1930s gangster film have become the characters they're supposed to portray and are now trying to rob the PS Bank, which is being renovated. Go into the Bank, exit through the side entrance and make your way to the front of the Oriental Theatre - you'll find the cash there. Great chance to use the Sweeper, otherwise Forced+Pickups.
  24. Protocawl

    Simmet Alley Hustle

    Simmet Alley Hustle 2 team TDM for 4-18 players Starting weapon: Micro SMG Weapon pickups: Pistols, Machine Pistols, Mini SMGs, Micro SMGs, SMGs, Molotovs, Grenades Simmet Alley has become a playground for murderous maniacs and their only motto is: kill or be killed. They've even left some signs around the place to pinpoint the rooftop access ladders. Apparently there's so much killing going on that no one has time to keep any known advantages a secret anymore! (Mini SMGs, Micro SMGs, Machine Pistols, Pistols, SMGs)
  25. Welp. DC wanted a 30 player version of Paradise Alley. Here it is. I've never played anything of this magnitude. It's almost double the amount of players on a single team as were allowed in total on PS3. That's 30 players. That's 60 spawn points, not 1 more and not 1 less. That's a huge shift in thought. I think the area works. Had props look as natural as possible so as to enhance the environment, not shape it. If you haven't been here before it's a series of low income housing with a ton of inherent real estate to explore and plan your assaults through. You begin with SMGs. You will find a few Assault Rifles and a few Pump Shotguns along with a couple grenades strategically and evenly placed. It's set to 12 players minimum, I imagine less is not more here. This could be a complete dud so feedback is welcome. It's extremely difficult to test with NPCs something this large and gauge how well it'll work. Chamberlain Alleys External Job Link: http://rsg.ms/8986b16 Previous work in progress preview:
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