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Found 3 results

  1. The first film for the XDBX Film Club has been chosen, with The French Connection, picked by @Beez winning out over all of the other Best Picture winners. The theme for this month was Best Picture winners, with The French Connection winning in 1971, beating films like Fiddler on the Roof and A Clockwork Orange. It also picked up Oscars for best director (William Friedkin, who would later direct The Exorcist), best actor (Gene Hackman playing Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle), best adapted screenplay (Ernest Tidyman based on the book by Robin Moore), and best film editing. It received nominations for best supporting actor (Roy Scheider playing Buddy "Cloudy" Russo), best cinematography and best sound mixing. The French Connection is based on a real case of New York narcotic agents busting an international heroin operation. The two real cops that are the basis of Hackman and Scheider's characters were on set when it was filmed, acting as consultants and adding a real authenticity to the performances. There is also authenticity in the way Friedkin directed the film. This is because Hollywood was undergoing a massive change in the late 60s/early 70s, the new film makers were moving away from the "Old Hollywood" way of doing things, where the studio was in control and the director was just a hired hand, and taking inspiration from European films, where the director was totally in control of their vision, particularly, at this time, French cinema. Two big inspirations for this film were the French films "Breathless" and "Z". Friedkin took the almost documentary style of film making used in these films and took it to the streets of New York, which is as big a character in The French Connection as Popeye Doyle. All of the film was shot on location using handheld cameras for the most part, so it really feels like you're on the streets, following these guys around. The French Connection also contains what is arguably the best chase scene in film history. It's quite a simple setup; Hackman's character is chasing a guy, who escapes on to a train. Hackman commandeers a car and chases the train. What makes it incredible is how real it is. It is actually Gene Hackman driving that fast down real streets, with real traffic at some points. That's because they didn't have official permission to film it, they just had some off duty and retired cops helping them slow the traffic down enough to be able to film. They did hire some stunt drivers to come in the opposite direction for some exciting close calls, but a lot of those ended up in actual crashes, and some of those ended up in the film. It's what a real car chase would look like, not something from Fast and Furious or Bond films, as exciting as they are. I won't go into story details in this first post, just to say that it's a real tense slow-burn of a film that builds up perfectly to fantastic ending. @Con @JustHatched @nkaujrog @Fido_le_muet @Beez @djw180 @omarcomin71 @Spinnaker1981 @Dodge thanks for participating in this! Hope you enjoy the film, and feel free to get as spoilery as you want in this thread any other general comments or questions about the film club please post in the main thread here
  2. LimeGreenLegend

    XDBX Film Club

    Welcome to the XDBX Film Club A chance to watch and discuss films, maybe your favourites, maybe something you’ve never heard of before, with all your favourite crew mates. We will be watching one film per month, hopefully giving everyone a chance to watch the film and to have a decent discussion about it before moving on to the next one. How do we choose what to watch? There will be a different theme/genre every month to keep things fresh, which will be announced in this thread. Everyone is free to nominate a film in this thread, all of which will be put in a random draw and chosen by good ol’ trustworthy @Con (it’ll just be luck that his films get chosen every month ) Since we want as many people to be able to join in as possible please don’t nominate very obscure films like the Rolling Stones documentary “Cocksucker Blues” or the Village People musical “Can’t Stop The Music” (two very different films, but with interchangeable titles). We will leave the nominations open for a week to give everyone a chance to nominate a film before the random draw, then I will open a separate thread for the winning film. The separate threads for the films will be full of spoilers, but please leave this main thread spoiler free, some people still haven’t seen The Sixth Sense yet. What’s the point? Films are awesome, and any chance to watch them is great. This crew is also full of members from all over the world, with different backgrounds and experiences and tastes, which should lead to some nice discussions about the art form. So without further ado, let’s kick this mother off. Seeing as it’s award season with the Oscars just a couple of weeks away the first film club film will be a... Best Picture Winner Since the Oscars began in 1927, 90 films have won the coveted Best Picture award. These range from stone cold classics like Casablanca and The Godfather to, well, Shakespeare in Love. There have been musicals that have won, westerns, war films, comedies and even a horror film, so there should be something for everyone. Choose which one you would like to see and post in the thread (if somebody has picked a film you wanted to choose and you don’t have a second choice, you can post to “second” someone’s nomination) Here’s a link to all of the winners (highlighted in yellow) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academy_Award_for_Best_Picture Nominations will be open until Friday 8th February, at which point our first XDBX Film Club Film will be randomly drawn. Thanks for getting through all that, and see you at the pictures! I’ll start off the nominations with the winner of the 1984 Best Picture award... Amadeus
  3. LimeGreenLegend

    XDBX Film Club [PLANNING]

    @Con @Spinnaker1981 @JustHatched Thought I’d open a thread to start planning the film club if you guys are up for it. I was thinking it would be monthly, giving people plenty of time to watch the film and write up their thoughts. Enough time to have a proper discussion about the film as well, rather than just saying “yeah I liked/hated it”. We could pick films starting by having a genre eg biopics, war films, musicals etc, and then having everyone nominate a film, then voting for what we’re going to watch. Is this too complicated? I’d be happy starting the main film club thread and then the separate threads for each film we watch unless one of you guys want to do it. I would also like to get as many people involved as possible. Any thoughts on that? What do you guys think?

Domestic Battery Gaming

Online communities, in particular video game communities, have a reputation for negative and abusive behavior which is not always undeserved. That isn't us, Domestic Battery takes pride in being a crew for people who are mature. This means being able to treat each other with a basic level of respect, being able to cooperate during events, and being able to have fun together. We are all from different backgrounds with different life experiences. What we have in common is that we enjoy playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V and other games in a social environment which is healthy and rewarding.