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Found 54 results

  1. Congratulations @omarcomin71 & @pete_95973on your excellent Crockett & Tubbs photo, you got the most votes! Second goes to myself for this one inspired from American Graffitti (which I just caught on TV recently). Third is a three way tie between @Pb76, @djw180 and @omarcomin71 Thanks to everyone who participated and voted.
  2. Time to vote everyone and thanks to all who entered. You all did a great job making your characters look like their subjects and maybe this theme should have been done sooner because there are a lot of famous people and classic movie/tv scenes that could be recreated. I'm surprised @omarcomin71 didn't do Omar from The Wire. ? GTA photo contests will not end but they will happen less often, like maybe the next one will be when it snows again in Los Santos or we get another update. 1. Tom Hanks, Saving Private Ryan 2. John Milner (Paul LeMat), American Graffiti 3. John Shaft (Richard Roundtree) , Shaft 4. Earl, My Name is Earl 5. Natalia Emmanuel from Game of Thrones 6. Natalia Emmanuel from Game of Thrones 2 7. Crockett and Tubbs, Miami Vice 8. Trinity, Matrix Trilogy 9. Lara Croft, Tomb Raider 10. Jules Winnfield (Sammuel L. Jackson), Pulp Fiction
  3. Well done @Lann taking first and second place. Third goes to @omarcomin71. Stay tuned for the next photo contest coming soon.
  4. Please vote for your favorite photo. The theme is "Nightlife" but not necessarily clubbing or partying. Pick the photo that say nightlife the best for your own criteria. Con 1 - Chrome 9F Con 2 - 9F Beach Party Lann 1 - Washington Lann 2 - Death Rider Omar 1 - Bahamama Mama's Omar 2 - Sabre Burnout Beez 1 - Full Moon Beez 2 - Duneloader Grille DJW 1 - Beach Cruise
  5. Welcome to the first in a series of vehicle based photo contests. This is the brainchild of @Con but I will be be doing the leg work for his ideas. This one's theme is "Nightlife" but don't think that just means clubs and that kind of stuff. It can be anything that involves your car, bike or vehicle and night. Just make sure it looks good and looks like it belongs. A BF Injection is not something you'd take to a 5 star restaurant for example. Photos can be taken with in-game camera or using the editor. Submit them by posting them in this thread and you can post two entries and you can change them anytime before the contest ends (just edit your post and replace the photos). Contest ends at end of August. Feel free to ask questions about the theme.
  6. So it seems I forgot something so without further delay... Congratulations to @omarcomin71 for first and second place as @LimeGreenLegend on the look-a-like photo contest. I came in third dressing like @Lann. For the double entendre contest @djw180 wins with Sheet Yourself Laundromat. Second is a tie with Period Rags Vintage Clothing, Because She Loves Rimmers sign and the Sea Word souvenirs ( @omarcomin71 ). Third is another tie between Click Lovers (Omar), Crusty Seamen ( @Con ), Bang-a-Beaver (Con) and Shatner Shoes (djw180). ? Well done everyone!
  7. Voting time!! There were so many entries I had to break it into two groups. Great job everyone. We can score it by highest percentage or number of votes for first, second and third or have a run-off if necessary. Thank you everyone for participating and thanks to all who vote. To view all entries open this link, http://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/topic/16713-double-entendre-photo-contest/
  8. Beez

    Double Entendre Photo Contest

    You've all seen them, ads, taglines, logos that have two meanings. The hidden meaning is usually sexual or violent and always funny. The logos look normal until you give them a second look. This time the contest will be a little bit different and the rules a bit different as well. Entries will not be limited to two per person, you can submit as many as you want. My hope is this thread will be full of photos of R*'s creative satire. If there are too many entries to fit in one poll I will make a playoff system. I snapped this one yesterday as an example and it will be my first entry. Keep your eyes open and your camera ready!
  9. Beez

    XDBX Doppleganger Photo Contest

    This time the theme is to impersonate another crew member and take a selfie or use the editor. Lots of us have a go-to look or outfit and you can probably find example on their Social Club gallery or just pay attention the next time you play with them. This is also a good chance you use your 2nd character if it's a different gender than your main character. Standard rules, you can submit 2 photos to this thread and change them at anytime until I close it to entries. I will give warning here and shoutbox before I do that. Then I'll make a poll and open it for a voting period. We've done this before but not for a photo contest per se. In the past it's been done in playlists. Also don't feel you must copy someone's look exactly, be creative for example, one time I dressed up as @Dodge but in white instead of black and dubbed myself "Good Dodge." See some examples below.
  10. Congratulations to the winners of our Winter Photo Contest! In first place we have @Jesse with this sweet photo. Excellent coordination with @Danielle for this one! In second place is Danielle with this one showing off how effective winter camo is. Too bad we can still spot you on the mini map. And finally a 3-way tie for third place. I'm going to call first third place for @Crawford1872 because I love this photo and it was my vote. It tells a story, the perspective is great and the lighting and setting give it a fairy book feel. Also in third is this one from @Protocawl, another with great perspective and lighting! And finally, yours truly with this one that I even picked out a special outfit for. Thank you everyone for participating and entering your photos. Sorry for letting the contest run for so long. Next contest will start soon and the theme is impersonate another XDBX member. Change your hair, make-up, facepaint, clothes to best match someone else and take a selfie or use the editor. Might be a good opportunity to use your 2nd character too.
  11. Winter in Los Santos was brief but Domestic Battery members made the most of it and these photos all prove it. Vote for your favorite and thanks to everyone who entered. Butterfly - @Jesse Arctic Assault - Jesse Waiting for Santa - @Lann Ice Road Fuckers - Lann Nakota Flyby - Beez Small Town USA - Beez Retro Mountainside - @djw180 Chilly Roosevelt - djw180 Secret Santa - @Danielle Cold Commando - Danielle Christmas (Palm) Tree - @Con The Bird - Con Santa Pause for Reflection - @Crawford1872 The Elves Rise Up - Crawford1872 Winter Beater - @Dodge Snow Sabre - Dodge Sunrise at Snowy River - @Protocawl Hydra Hanger - Protocawl
  12. Beez

    Winter Snapmatic Contest

    The winter photo contest is here! No real rules to this contest except your photos need to include snow, snow activities or other holiday things in and around Los Santos. Nominate your best one or two photos and if you'd like to include a few more just to show off please put those in spoiler tags. The contest will run well into January so you will have plenty of time to take photos on the snow days or take photos from saved video in the editor.
  13. Congratulations to the winners of our horror snapmatic photo contest! In first place is May, @nkaujrog its her first contest and if you've seen some of her other photos this is no beginner's luck. The XDBX photo contests just got a little harder. In 2nd place we have a Domestic Battery O.G. who could fill a gallery with all his contest winning photos, @Pb76! And finally in 3rd place, @djw180, another master photog with a truly chilling photo! Thanks to all who entered and watch the feed for the next contest.
  14. Well Happy Halloween everyone or at least I hope you had a good one. I know we had some good halloween playlists and that new transform race was pretty cool. Sorry for slacking on getting the poll made but it will not disappoint because there are some great photos to pick from. It's going to be a tough choice. First up... 1. Hide and Seek - Lann 2. Terminus - Lann 3. - Miner on Fire - JustHatched 4. Bodies - Con 5. 3 Corpses - Con 6. Machete Killer - -pb76- 7. Half a Brain - -pb76- 8. Darkness - djw180 9. Werewolf- djw180 10. I Just Wanna Play - nkaujrog Look for the next snapmatic contest to start soon.
  15. Beez

    Snapmatic Contest - Horror

    With Halloween on the horizon it seems this is the perfect theme for the month. Take your time, I will keep this thread open for entries and changes until well after and new Halloween content is available so you can use it if you want. Anything goes as long as it is spooky. During voting I will instruct the voters to pick based on creepiness Put some effort into it, while just taking a photo of Hatch in his normal outfit will likely win it for you I hope you all are more creative than that. Happy Snappy! Submit your best two photos. You can change them at any point until the thread is locked.
  16. We've got a great collection of photos to vote for as always but this might be the first time we've had a set theme. I hope everyone liked it and we will it this way for a while. So without further adieu, here are entries. 1. Molotok Sunset - Beez 2. Nakota Kill - Beez 3. Ultralight Moonlight - DJ 4. Sparking Ultralight - DJ 5. Motorcycle Jump - The_Lady_A 6. Buzzard & Ultralight at Sunset - The_Lady_A 7. Into the Light - Lann 8. Speed of Light - Lann 9. Time to Bail! - pb76 10. Flying Buccaneer - pb76 11. Nakota Patrol - Hatch 12. Nakota Ace - Hatch Next contest theme is HORROR!!
  17. Beez

    Snapmatic Contest - Big Air

    With the Snuggler's Run bevy of new aircraft this subject for our snapmatic contest was a no-brainer. Please submit one or two of your best photos of any type of aircraft. Cars, bikes and boats are also eligible if they are airborne. Best way to capture these types of images will be to use the R* Editor or you can take photos of your friends in action. I look forward to seeing all the entries. Congratulations to the winners of our last contest! First place - @Lann Second place tie (2) - @Crawford1872 and @zmurko Third place tie (4) - @Con (both photos) and Zmurko and @kernalhogan
  18. Vote for your favorite photo. Thank you all who submitted photos! They all look great. Stay tuned for details on the next photography contest.
  19. This time it's going to be a little different than before. You will select your favorite two photos and post them here for consideration. All the photos will go into the poll a week before the end of the month. Then everyone will vote for their own photo and it will be one big huge tie. But seriously, everyone should not vote for their own photo and just vote for the one they like best. Our last photo contest ended after this marker, And I added this one today, Any photos that you have between these in the crew gallery are eligible for submission. Also any photos that you might have made in the R* Editor can be submitted as well. So without further adieu, the contest is OPEN!
  20. Has it been that long? Congratulations to the winners of the last regular Photo of the Month contest. First place - @Banketelli Second place - @djw180 Third place tie - @TECHFL227 and @kernalhogan Stay tuned for an announcement tomorrow for another photo contest. There was enough interest expressed after I announced the end of this version of the snapmatic contest that I will moderate another one.
  21. Congratulations to the winners of January First place - Banketelli Second place - Banketelli Third place (tie) - Banketelli and @omarcomin71 --- Vote for your favorite photo from February 1. Full Moon by @Banketelli --- 2. Street Girl by @djw180 --- 3. Pete on the RV by @kernalhogan --- 4. Green Mountain by Beez --- 5.Crew Beach Party 1 by @TECHFL227 --- 6. Crew Beach Party 2 by @TECHFL227 --- 7. Smoldering Voltic by @Banketelli --- 8. Industrial Revolution by @DavidCore89 --- 11 other photos received nominations. Special shout out to @kernalhogan for having so many good photos last month it was very hard to choose. I feel the crew photo contest in this form has run its course. Look for something different in April.
  22. Congratulations to the winners of December! First place - Lime --- Second place - Xyon --- Third place - DJ --- Vote for your favorite photo from January Top three will receive an award ribbon 1. Winter at the golf course by Banks 2. Regina conquers Chiliad by Crawford 3. XDBX rides the roller coaster by Banks 4. Three hikers by Omar 5. Dodo moon by Lann 6. Ruiner rocket by Banks 7. Winter waterfall by DJ --- 27 other photos received nominations! Great job photogs! Sorry for the lateness of this poll. Please vote. If you'd like to be a part of the monthly nomination jury send me a PM. It only takes 10-15 minutes a month.
  23. Since story mode Snapmatics and pics made in the R* Editor do not show up in the crew gallery, please post any photos from them that you want considered here.
  24. Post your Snapmatic photos made in R* Editor and Story Mode here for the January Photo of the Month contest
  25. Congratulations to our October winners for XDBX Snapmatic Photo of the Month! 1st - Beez --- Tie for 2nd - Banks --- Tie for 2nd - Omar --- 3rd - DJ --- Vote for your favorite photo from November! This month the jury selected 10 outstanding photos, the top three will get an award ribbon. 1. Futo by Lann --- 2. L.S. Observatory by Banks --- 3. RevTron by Rev --- 4. Art Deco Apartments by Fido --- 5. XDBX by Lime --- 6. State Park by Banks --- 7. Air Hair Gutiar by Lime --- 8. Joshua Tree by Beez --- 9. Sunglasses by Fido --- 10. Fight! by Rachel --- 14 other photos received nominations. If you make any R* Editor or Story Mode photos, submit them HERE.
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