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Found 178 results

  1. The money-hungry titan Activision is in the process of cutting all ties with Bungie & their Destiny franchise. A glimmer of hope for the future of Destiny? (puns totally intended)
  2. Protocawl

    Destiny 2

    Everything Destiny 2 related up for discussion here. So who's getting it, now or soon/later? If later, why? I'll definitely get my hands on D2, but since I have other plans for the months before December, I've resisted the urge to pre-order it and will wait for the reviews to make sure some of the things that sound questionable in terms of some changes from the first game aren't completely bad. If it happens to go on sale soon, I'll most likely grab it right away, though.
  3. Pen0sIRE

    Destiny DLC special offer

    hello, so destiny DLC is on special offer save 44% this weekend/week. is it worth it for 25-30 euro/dollars ? i really like the game and wasnt planning on buying any dlc for it in the near future but this may not come around again for a while!
  4. So Destiny is a pretty confusing game....it just drops you into the world with nothing but a ghost and it kind of expects you to figure things as you go. Im a little late to the party but i know some of you have been playing for some time now... so I thought I'd start a thread to see if any of you seasoned veterans had any tips and tricks to help us rookies. One thing I'd really to pick your guys brain over is guns and gear. I kind of just pick whatever has a higher rating and in green... Is this a wise strategy? Lol
  5. Protocawl

    Heed the call of Destiny

    Greetings, Guardians! Let's get right to the point: I'm looking for anyone and everyone who still have the game to come team up & play it again with fellow crewmates and friends! Destiny is definitely one of the very best co-op FPS games out there and I've been playing it for a few months now with a few friends. Would love to play the game with even more friends and crew to form fireteams to tackle the great Strikes, Nightfall Strikes, Prison of Elders, Raids and more, though! If you're a low level or just starting the game, don't fret - I'll gladly join your fireteam to help you get to grips with everything going on in the game & level all the way to the top. That's actually how I started - with the help of a friend who is a veteran Destiny player. For those of you who maybe haven't touched the game much (or at all), it's pretty much an improved combination of several great games from before, most noticeably the Borderlands series and the Halo games, with certain RPG elements from other games mixed in there as well (I have some personal gameplay videos for you below). It has probably the most refined and most rewarding shooting mechanics of all FPS games and I've played my fair share of FPS games to compare it with. The story presentation is very weak, but the gameplay makes up for it. The story itself is quite intriguing once you wrap your head around it, though. There can be a small issue of having to purchase the DLC if you don't have it all already and it isn't cheap, so it would be totally understandable if that keeps someone from playing, but if the DLC happens to go on sale at any point, it'll be worth buying if you enjoy the game like I do. Yes, Destiny 2 is also just about to launch and I'll definitely get that in a few months' time, but we can talk about that in a separate topic. Only thing I'll say about that here is what can still bring one back to the first Destiny game are the Strike and Raid experiences above all. Getting the attention of some of the active folks (on the site at least) around here, who I know have (or have had/played) Destiny: @DeaD_GooN, @JustHatched, @b17vic, @Danielle, @wraignbow, @yo_rosta, @Xyon14(?) I know Adsy is still playing it and a few other current & ex-crewmates, but they're no longer reachable via the site it seems. Will be reaching out to them via PSN. Some gameplay footage as promised: Longer videos Levels 19-20 on Venus: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/162394986 Mars gameplay: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/162398181 Shorter videos Crucible (multiplayer/PvP) special event + more coming soon Comment below if you're ready to step (back) into the fight against the darkness or if you have any questions! Cheers!
  6. b17vic

    Age Of Triumph

    In case you missed it, Bungie will be pushing out an update today for Destiny. Age Of Triumph will be available to download in around 9 hrs from now.
  7. AlCohonez

    Anyone still playing Destiny?

    The place seems a bit dead and I'm wondering if anyone is still playing Destiny? I'm a bit burned out on GTA lately and my friend got me completely addicted to Destiny. Anyone up for some raids and trials of Osiris? Got one competent buddy that could help up and plays regularly. I've got a warlock with 380 light and might consider starting a new char soon. Cheerio!
  8. b17vic

    Moments Of Triumph Year 2

    For anyone that might have missed it year 2 moments of triumph went live on the 7th July. If you want to complete your book you have until 20th September 2016 and after that it will be locked. You can check via bungie.net or by using the Destiny app to see if you have already completed any or all of them. I'm happy to help out where and when I can if you want, good luck :-)
  9. adsyfindlay

    Exotic concept art

    So I've been messing around with some ideas made them into concept art and thought I would share them with you guys to see what you think I have 2 at the moment here they are The Hung Judge SR4
  10. Noticed we didn't have an accomplishment thread for Destiny and the other is in the GTA Online forum. I'll start - Got all three characters to level 40 Finally managed to get my hunter over the 300 light mark Managed to get everything from iron banner - hunter cloak and legs, warlock bond and legs, titan mark and legs, both guns, emblems and shaders Your turn guardians!
  11. Millius

    Exotic Sword

    So I'm at the last quest for a exotic solar sword. Sunless Cell, Kill the "solar" warden and than Alak-Hul within 30 seconds thats what the quest says. Nothing unusual there. The strange thing is, the description on the shortcut for the quest on the dreadnought map is saying something different. For completion you are supposed to kill a different warden (not the solar one) than Alak-Hul. It seems strange but I suppose it won't matter anyway once you do it right. Anyway tried it 5-6 times and its impossible to get a decent fire team that actually do it right. Always someone in the team that kills of the warden to soon, so frustrating.
  12. SeymorScagneti

    Guaranteed 320 ghost

    Compete in 7 crimson doubles matches and you'll get the chocolate or red sugary ghost. https://www.bungie.net/en/News/News?aid=44361 https://mobile.twitter.com/Bungie
  13. SeymorScagneti

    Raiding on Tuesdays

    Has anyone else noticed the KF raid is extra laggy/glitchy on Tuesdays? Totems last night, left side was on 10 seconds, right side was on 17 seconds, boomers were coming out anywhere from 8-12 seconds. Teleporting acolytes/thralls, it was fubar.
  14. Millius

    Attack values Primary

    In year one, one of my favorite primarys was the "Pest control Matrix" , my came at 160 Attack value, but I have seen them in 331 attack value on the internet. Since there is no infusion option for it, how do ppl get them to 331.
  15. SeymorScagneti

    Trials of Osiris

    Once this mode comes back, I'd like to get a group or groups together to give this a go. Mainly, I want some of that new gear that'll be coming out for ToO. Post if you're interested.
  16. so while i wait on 18gb's of updates to download, roughly 2-3 hours . what should i be expecting, i haven't watched any videos or gameplay so i will be jumping in completely blind! add me on psn if u want!
  17. https://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Forum/1060643 Destiny players, come on over and request invite to join on the Bungie site. *****For all XDBX events (calendar, impromptu, please have Domestic Battery as your active clan***** ----- PSNs of our active PS4 clan members When sending an add request, please mention XDBX or Domestic Battery JustHatched SeymorScagneti Pr0fane-One Rofur4 Dani_elle92 Jessestrijen adsy_findlay Millius wraignbowgirl ErnYoung xvCARLSONvx Sh0tgunSur9ery23 dead_x_12 FragTrap666 Prieto89 LimeGreenLegend NicolaBellamy77 B17Vic DocBrown11 MaisieWilliams Unvetted
  18. There’s no “I” in team, but there’s a “Me” View the full article
  19. News Bot

    Destiny Update - 12/08/2015

    2.1.0 : The one with Sparrow Racing League View the full article
  20. The race for rewards! View the full article
  21. News Bot

    Sparrow Racing League

    Speed kills. View the full article
  22. News Bot

    Community Focus - SchviftyFive

    Fancy follicles. View the full article
  23. From the desk of Sage Merrill. View the full article
  24. An update of Titanic proportions. View the full article
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