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Found 2 results

  1. pete2581

    submission RDR 1st Poker Championship

    Date of Event: ??? In the next few weeks Time of Event in UTC: probably 7pm Does Event Repeat: Possibly If Event Repeats/How Often: Quarterly? Yearly? Depends on interest Event Host: Pete and Lime Amount of Players Allowed: As many as want to play Special Rules for Event: In Red Dead Online we will host private poker games. Lime will host a table of 4-6 players and I will host a table of 4-6 players (we could have three tables if there is enough interest). Each table everyone starts with $5.00 as the game allows and then there is one hour of game play. The top 2 or 3 winners from that table during that hour will move on to the final table to be played that day or possibly the following week. At the final table the remaining players play for one hour and the player with the most chips at the end is crowned the 1st Red Dead Poker Champion. This thread is to check interest and to take feedback on availability and time. I was thinking possibly a Saturday or Sunday in early June. We could do it before Two Bros or SRL or another time that works well. Give us your thoughts and if there is interest we will make this happen. Tagging players here I suspect may be interested. Please post and let us know if you are.
  2. Unvbomber

    submission Flashback Friday

    Date of Event: Fridays, every second Time of Event in UTC: 7pm Does Event Repeat: Yes If Event Repeats/How Often: every other week Event Host: I would be down to host it but dont think I can yet since im not even vetted Amount of Players Allowed: 30 Special Rules for Event: Only ps3 cars allowed. So nothing that came after t20 and osiris Description of Event: Mixed playlist consisting of 8-12 races. Only ps3 cars allowed.
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