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Found 1 result

  1. So here it is; the eagerly anticipated golf championship. Golf is widely considered the worst sport in the world (by me), since the winner of golf is the person who plays the least amount of golf. No that does not mean you automatically win if you don’t enter the tournament, although it might, because you wouldn’t have to put yourself through the pain of golf. It will likely be exactly the same format as the tennis championship depending on interest (group and knockout format). I know that you can have 4 players in a golf match but was thinking it would be better to play 1v1 since it was hard enough trying to organise a 2 player tennis match, so 4 would be an impossibility. This is not set in stone and I am open to ideas if anyone can think of anything better. *EDIT: Rules will be as Squirrel suggested below* Matches will be the full 9 holes. Everyone plays 3 rounds over 3 weeks (Preliminaries). After week 3 the competitors with the worst scores will be eliminated and the top 8 will play another round. After the 4th round everyone but the top 4 will be eliminated and the top 4 people will all play together in the final. To make things interesting, before the final all scores will be wiped, so it will basically be a 9 hole shootout. During the preliminaries you can play your rounds whenever you like, but you must have at least 2 players on the course. Please take note of your score. Par for the course is 36 iirc. If you want to practice feel free to do it on your own, or with others before the tournament begins. But once the tourney starts, no 'practice rounds' with other people. If you are interested in taking part, please comment on the thread. Scoreboard: Pos. Name Score RP Q Potato -11 4 Q DJ -6 4 Q Ally -6 4 Q Proto +8 4 5 Chubb +8 4 6 Squirrel +13 4 7 Spinn +22 3