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Found 9 results

  1. JustHatched

    rdr 9 21 19 posse

    If I dont have to work would like to do some posse shit Saturday night at 930pm central. That would be 230am utc sunday.
  2. djw180

    rdr Crew Challenge 179 - I Fought the Law

    Crew Challenge 179 - I Fought the Law A RDR2 online solo challenge. Fairly simple; the winner is whoever gets the most law men kills in 5 minutes. Save a video that shows your General Stats where it lists the number of law men you have killed both before and after your 5 minutes is up. Timing starts with your first law man kill and just ends 5 minutes later. You'll need to time the 5 minutes yourself as you make attempts at this. Me and another volunteer or two can check the videos once you've uploaded them to Youtube or wherever else you use. It should be easy enough to deduct a couple of kills if they happen after 5 minutes But please try to stop killing and show your stats just after the time is up. If too many come in after 5 minutes it may be difficult to know how many to deduct. post the video of your best score here any weapons any ammunition any location feel free to eat food & drink tonics no penalties for dying how you do this is up to you; find a nice safe spot, rush in all guns blazing, shoot from horse back, blow things up, or whatever, it doesn't matter. Starts 19:00 GMT 14th Feb Ends 19:00 GMT 25th Feb
  3. Banketelli

    rdr Suspect's Saturday (February 2)

    Date of Event: 2/2 Time of Event in UTC: 7pm Amount of Players Allowed: Special Rules for Event: Description of Event: Bit early start time but want to avoid clashing with 2Bros if possible. But if there's a lot of interest from people who can only play later, we might have to or schedule it to afterwards. We'll start with some free roam stuff; stranger missions, fucking with other players' missions, hunt down hideouts and whatever else we can think of. Once that's done, whoever interested can join me for some showdowns.
  4. Lann

    rdr It was THIS big!

    Post a pic of your catch showing the weight to enter the leaderboard. If you need help posting a pic just ask me or anyone in here for help! The Leaderboards Northern Pike 1. @djw180 9.04kgs / 19lbs 15oz Lake Sturgeon 1. @Lann 9.02kgs / 19lbs 14oz 2. @Burgermauger 8.99kgs / 19lbs 13oz Muskie 1. @djw180 9.02 kgs / 19 lb 14oz 2. @pete_95973 8.87kgs / 19lbs 9oz Channel Catfish 1. @pete_95973 8.9kgs / 19lbs 10 ox 2. @Lann 8.56kgs / 18lbs 14oz Longnose Gar 1. @Lann 8.5kgs / 18lbs 12 oz Largemouth Bass 1. @djw180 2.69 kg / 5lb 15oz Sockeye Salmon 1. @djw180 2.66 kg / 5lb 14oz 2. @Lann 2.64kgs / 5lbs 13oz Smallmouth Bass 1. @djw180 2.41 kg / 5lb 5oz
  5. Banketelli

    rdr Team Gun Rushing (Tonight 8pm UTC/GMT)

    Date of Event: 28/1 Time of Event in UTC: 8pm Amount of Players Allowed: Special Rules for Event: Description of Event: I wanna do some gun rushing tonight and hope at least one or two will join me. Team Gun Rush has quickly become my favorite mode despite the pay not being that great. Team work has a lot to say and bonus is that there's no need to worry about ammo or weapon condition.
  6. Pork packers such as Philip Armour built large plants west of the Chicago stockyards, developed ice-cooled roms so they could pack year round, and introduced steam hoists to elevate carcasses and an overhead assembly line to move them. Gustavus Swift, who came to Chicago to ship cattle, developed a way to send fresh-chilled beef in ice-cooled railroad cars all the way to the East Coast. (Source) The demand for meat and the supply of animals has never been greater. The local Butchers have agreed to introduce the most honorable bloody award available for the hard working hunters out there. The Employee of the year. Held by the one hunter currently having delivered the grandest value of goods in a single delivery. If you need to do more that one dialogue with the Butcher for whatever reason it ok as far as the other rules are followed. Main objective: Sell what you managed to bring to the butcher using your satchel and your one horse. No lasso dragging. Bonus objective (Creative employee of the year): Sell what you managed to bring to the butcher WITHOUT using your satchel or your horse. To enter the leaderboard simply post a video of your grandiose visit to the butcher along with the value of what you sold in this thread. The one who holds the title when the year is over will receive the permanent award. Leaderboard: 1. $426,22 @Lann 2. $394.71 @pete_95973 3. $352.95 @djw180 4. $314.07 @Burgermauger
  7. Crew Challenge 175 - Point to Point This is our RDR holidays challenge, a point to point horse time trial combined with a bar crawl (that's the festive element). You steal a basic horse and ride from St Denis to Rhodes and back again. The "check points" are saloons where you must have a drink. Save a video and post it here. steal a NPC's horse to use this for the challenge it can be one being ridden or alone, just make sure it's not another player's owned horse this is just so that we all use the same type of horse as we don't all have the same owned horses your video does not need to show you stealing the horse, we trust each other not to use owned horses start in St Denis at the south western saloon buy and drink a beer or whisky timing starts after you finish this drink ride to the saloon in Rhodes, buy and drink another beer or whisky there ride back to the other saloon in St Denis buy and drink another beer or whisky timing end when you finish this drink save a video fastest time wins you may not use any horse tonics or medicine you may feed your horse between runs if you wish to make consective attempts you must finish your own drinks so your character throws the bottle away Starts - now Ends - 19:00 GMT 7th Jan please post all videos within 48 hours of the end
  8. Crew Challenge 173 - Butcher$ Challenge A solo RDR2 online challenge, set by Lann. Clear/sell your inventory at the Butcher. Timer starts as you leave the Butcher You have 10 minutes and 10 bullets no lasso, dynamite, knife, bow or any other way of killing an animal just use your 10 bullets to get your kills Before 10 minutes are up you go to a Butcher and sell everything you managed to collect it does not have to be the same butcher You are not allowed to visit/sell to the Butcher multiple times. Save a video! Timer starts once you leave the Butcher with nothing to sell. Times ends once you get to the Butcher interaction screen (the actual selling can be outside of the 10 minutes) Most money from the Butcher wins. A few other rules / clarifications you're not allowed to use anything else except your own horse to carry kills any gun is allowed you can use more than one gun 10 bullets in total, so if you dont hit your target or have to shoot at something or someone else that counts as a bullet. You can only fire a gun 10 times during the 10 minutes. Starts now Ends 19:00 GMT 20th Dec Please post all videos within 48 hours Thanks @Lann
  9. Post a photography of your ugly mug. Starting out, here's the Telli of the Wild West.
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