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Found 21 results

  1. Lann

    planning Just checking interest

    Date of Event: maybe Sunday after SRL last round, thats september 29th. Time of Event in UTC: 20:00 utc like alot of events Does Event Repeat: no Event Host: TBA Amount of Players Allowed: looking at the possibility of a 15 vs 15, been a while since we managed that. Special Rules for Event: Against STMT (not free-aim this time). Mixed playlist with jobs we both feel good about, will try and get a real good mix of classic jobs (races, tdm, lts & captures) Description of Event: Just checking if we can get a 15 player team together. Any interest? vs
  2. Lann

    planning SRL season 3

    Date of Event: 5 Sundays likely starting in august. Time of Event in UTC: 20:00 Does Event Repeat: yes If Event Repeats/How weekly Event Host: rotation Amount of Players Allowed: 30 Special Rules for Event: same as last season, non contact racing. Description of Event: We are getting close to presenting season 3 and I would like to check interest within our crew in order to balance my effort in getting other crews involved, as it would be nice to get close to 30 racers. Are you joining in?
  3. Banketelli

    planning Red Dead Online Free Roam Night

    Date of Event: TBA Time of Event in UTC: TBA Does Event Repeat: No If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: Banketelli Amount of Players Allowed: 30 Special Rules for Event: Description of Event: I want to see if there's any interest among the crew to fire up Red Dead for a little free roam event. I'm thinking Saturday or Sunday in a time slot that suits both EU and NA members as much as that is possible. First we'll meet up in the slums of Saint Denis for some bare-knuckle boxing. Dress to suit the occasion. After that we'll spread out and round up some carts for a bit of racing. No shooting each other or the poor innocent horses but other than that consider it a good old GTA Race. Follow the road as much as possible to ensure mayhem. Once we have found a winner (and a bunch of losers) it's open for any ideas. If you have something a little more structured in mind, please post it here. It should also be a good opportunity to get some crew photos taken. Again, feel free to post if you have any ideas. Of course, all of this will happen in a public lobby, and I'm sure we will attract the attention from some randoms. Unless they straight up attack, I'll encourage everyone to let them come in to see what the hell is going on. Maybe they will join in on the fun. Maybe they will decide to try and fuck it all up. Either way, it should be good.
  4. LimeGreenLegend

    planning Summer Triathlon 2019 (multi-crew)

    Date of Event: ? Time of Event in UTC: probably 8pm Does Event Repeat: nope If Event Repeats/How Often: n/a Event Host: me Amount of Players Allowed: 30 Special Rules for Event: sports attire, follow the rules, please don't bring the police Description of Event: remember this? I'd quite like to do it again sometime soon, maybe with some of the guys from Vans, @JuniorChubb and the other crews on RSC, don't know who to tag in for that though. The events will be the same as the ones above, and I'll be capturing editor footage to determine the scoring, and making awesome videos. It should take about an hour, maybe more depending on turnout. I'd like to follow it up with a short playlist of stupid, sports related jobs. No idea on a date for this yet, but would like to do it sometime this month, depending on when would be a good date for the most people. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  5. The_Lady_A

    planning What to do with Sundays?

    There has been a bit of discussion in the shoutbox and across various places about Sunday now the slot is up for grabs, so to speak. I thought it might be helpful if there was a dedicated topic for it. A place to discuss ideas and see who might be able to commit to what. @omarcomin71 @Protocawl @anyoneelsewhoisinterested
  6. Spinnaker1981

    planning Cannonball race - Gfred

    Date of Event: Any Time of Event in UTC: 9-11pm Does Event Repeat: If everyone likes it or wants it. If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: Spinnaker1981 Amount of Players Allowed: 30 Special Rules for Event: No weapons of any kind, no personal vehicles, no bikes, no air vehicles. Swim, run to the highway, get a car from a NPC, get to the finish ASAP. Allowed to use parachute and any land vehicles that you can find on the map (trucks, vans, etc..). Description of Event: Some recognise Gfred from Broughy1322´s Videos. and that is basically it. A 20min (give or take) race around the map with the vehicles you find on the road. It is a very fun race, that can be a bit frustrating at times. You choose your own route and just get the checkpoints ASAP.
  7. Date of Event: January 8th 2018 Time of Event in UTC: 2:15 (early morning of Jan 9th) 9:15 pm eastern time, 6:15 pacific time Event Host: pete_95973 Amount of Players Allowed: all y'all Description of Event: Today is the last day of double money for Occupy. I think it is a very fun mode but with double money ending this may be the last chance to get full lobbies with randoms joining. Let's take advantage and kill randoms and make some money. I will launch around 9:15 pm eastern time. I may not be on until about 9:30 but if that is the case I will say so in the shout box. I am playing and hosting whether anyone here joins or not so this is going no matter what. I will not be on mic tonight and will likely play for about an hour (probably time for two matches). Hope to see you there and hope you are on my team!
  8. I want to check this idea with you guys and girls. It could be re-occuring, but I will just describe it as a one off event. 15 players from XDBX and 15 from another crew. 8-10 races non-contact One vehicle class (Sports Classics?) Only Stock vehicles, customs OFF. One specific vehicle for each race. Points given from 30 down to 1 in each race. This way the battle for 29th is just as important as the battle for 1st. Everyone can participate, no need for a upgraded expensive car. If 15 players is too many to gather we could do 3 crews with 10 players each. If its held in Open Sundays spot maybe at least we can get 15 players from our crew. We could recreate R* and verified races with 30 players and lock them to the specific vehicle (and even remove curbs and wrap lampposts). Interest: Aella Dj Lann STNC
  9. Protocawl

    planning Los Santos Rally Championship

    Date of Event: Most likely every Sunday until all stages have been finished, exact start date TBD Time of Event in UTC: TBD Event Host: @Protocawl Amount of Players Allowed: Unlimited Special Rules for Event: Only specified vehicles are to be used and only one car is allowed to be on track during any timed run. Any other special rules TBD later. Description of Event: This is to gauge interest first, but what I've got in mind: A Rally Championship for teams of 2 (driver & co-driver) using the Rally race type option on old and new quality rally tracks from respected creators. There will be all-dirt, all-tarmac, snow and mixed surface rally stages/races in this championship. Racers will be using specific rally-oriented custom or stock vehicles (list of vehicles TBA). Drivers will provide the cars and co-drivers will be guiding the drivers through the stages with me providing them with stage/pace notes for each track and running all co-drivers through the stages with the notes as many times as they wish. Half the stages will be announced well in advance, while the other half will remain a secret to the drivers until start. There will be some bonus stages as well, such as rally-cross tracks or rally truck stages. There will be leaderboards and points system in place, with the fastest times getting most points and extra points available to earn from bonus stages for good performances. Each rally will start from a lobby under my watchful eye and every team has one timed run to get the best time they can from the stage at that time. All race settings will be announced well in advance; rain and current settings will be used on some tracks. There's plenty more details to this, but I want to know who is definitely taking part and which role you'd prefer. If there's any questions about anything, don't be afraid to ask! I'd like to start it before the end of the year and preferably on a snow stage, so most likely start dates are either December 24th or December 31st. I've got most details sorted out, just need to know whether the interest is there and what numbers we could get. How we pair up the teams will be decided once we have the participants. The vehicle list will be up soon. I'll be a co-driver by the way, just to remove any unfair advantage coming from me testing the tracks over and over. Here's a little informative clip to anyone not familiar with stage rally:
  10. Jjss924

    planning Road Rash

    Date of Event: TBD Time of Event in UTC: TBD Does Event Repeat: Maybe If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: @Con and @Jjss924 Amount of Players Allowed: 16+ Special Rules for Event: TBD Description of Event: A motorcycle themed playlist. Race heavy, with a few combat jobs. I need suggestions for crew created and R* races that you would like to see in this one. Also, any that should be avoided. Some races will be GTA, some will be standard with dirty racing allowed. Any suggestions for bike themed captures, LTS, etc are welcome also. We would like to host this some time within the next month or two, and preferably on the weekend.
  11. Lann

    planning Event ideas

    It would be great to throw some ideas around. Off road and wilderness - like rockcrawling races, sniper matches in the wilderness kind of stuff. Maybe suitsble for a relaxed h2h. Amazing stunts - finding some really stunty stunt races like the ”mega this, super that and this vs that” kind of jobs that can be found on top of the RSC lists all the time. Could also be a more relaxed h2h setup. Rockstar dirty contact races in all classes - maybe even gta mode. All out dirty racing. Do all classes on all R* tracks. Maybe a crew battle against VANS? A one hour capture freeroam style - 15 vs 15 on a large map with two good bases and ability to steal from other teams base. Owned weapons and alot of placed vehicles. Cops, traffic and all ON.
  12. Date of Event: Sometime in the new year. Day TBC Time of Event in UTC: TBC Does Event Repeat: No If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: Squirrel Amount of Players Allowed: 16 maximum/8 for party chat. Special Rules for Event: As discussed below. Description of Event: I have a couple of events planned for GT Sport. The first event is a one off Pfister Supercup reunion night. 4 or 5 timed races over the evening each with qualifying and reverse grid. Car required will be the 911 GT3 RS (991) '16 Cars to be in Supercup livery. If you didn’t compete in Supercup you are still welcome to join, there is a growing number of liveries already made for GT Sport with more being added all the time. If you have a special request there are several of us who can recreate your chosen livery. Car starting performance level TBC. At the start of the night all cars will need to be at their maximum weight reduction. Each race winner will have to add 20% weight to their car. Second place adds 10% and third place 5%. This success ballast will remain on your car for the duration of the night with subsequent ballast adding to the load. Weight percentages will be subject to change after some testing to check on how much the slider can be adjusted. Tracks to include Suzuka, Brands Hatch, Nurburgring GP and others TBC Other rules to be determined closer to the time. Date and time of the event TBC. Probably will be a Monday evening in the new year. This event will have penalties for corner cutting and of course there will be no kerb boosting. ?
  13. I am talking to another crew about setting something up with them. I would like to know what would interest you to join? 15 va 15 (or 14 vs 14) puts some limits on the jobs available. I put up a poll, so please if you are interested in joining let me know what you would prefer! Any other suggestions?
  14. Date of Event: Tuesday Nov 21/Wednesday Nov 22 Time of Event in UTC: 10:30pm EST/ 3:30am UTC Does Event Repeat: no If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: Beez Amount of Players Allowed: 16 Special Rules for Event: none Description of Event: Playlist of the 16 new transform races released today.
  15. JustHatched

    planning Freeroam Air Raid

    Date of Event: TBA Time of Event in UTC: TBA, likely weekend EU time, more active players in the EU than in the NA Does Event Repeat: Nope If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: Me Amount of Players Allowed: 16 Special Rules for Event: Description of Event: With many options of how to bomb folks in freeroam I would like to get a squadron up and bomb the shit out of LS like it was 1945 Berlin No Bombushkia's please Tula's, Rogues, Moguls, (Seabreeze, Hunter, etc.. if released by the time we do this) 2 people per plane to drop bombs and have the gunner turrets up and running should defense be needed Rogues take the lead in fending off any Hydras, Lazers, etc.. Focus on high level bombing out of launcher range
  16. JustHatched

    planning Star Trek Online 3vs3 Tournament

    STO 3vs3 Tournament How to enter: Simply send your entry fee to Hatched@JustHatched, entry fee per team is 1,200,000 Energy Credits. Have a selected team captain, this person will be the contact person to set up a time frame with you opponent for the week. Also please include a team name. Rules and Scheduling: Each Thursday each team captain will receive notice of who there opponents are via PSN message, this will also be posted here and in PSN community. From then until the following Wednesday you will need to schedule the match to whatever day/time suits each team the best and have the results reported to me. When reporting have a screenshot and/or video of the match (from both teams). You and your team mates do not need to be in the same fleet, however you must use the same characters you signed up with in all of the matches, use whatever ship you wish. Matches will be set to 20 kills. (more to be edited in) Prizes 1st place - 10 lock box keys, half of the total EC taken in (will vary on amount of teams) 2nd place - 6 lock box keys, 25% of EC taken in (will vary on amount of teams) 3rd - 17% of EC taken in (will vary on amount of teams) 4th - 8% of EC taken in (will vary on amount of teams) All prizes will be paid to team captains, up to them to spread it out to teammates
  17. Squirrel

    planning Super GT-A

    Date of Event/s: To begin after Supercup In November Time of Event/s in UTC: 21:00 Does Event/s Repeat: Yes If Yes to Repeat, How Often: Bi-weekly Host of Event/s: Squirrel Amount of Players Allowed: 30 Special Rules for Event/s: Contact Racing - GTA but no weapons Description of Event/s: Below is a rough outline of the planned event. All details to be fleshed out based on discussion before the event. Possibly a three car series. List to be finalised based on suggestions and testing. Tier 1 Futo Tier 2 Sultan Tier 3 Elegy Retro Other possible cars: Kuruma (non armoured), Blista compact, Penumbra, Jester, Elegy RH8 Number of tracks tbc - Real tracks from Asia/Australia. To take place between end of Supercup and finishing End of March 3 lap non contact qualifying - warm up, single flying lap and final cool down lap 25km sprint race. Contact. Grid as qualifying 45km main race. Contact grid reverse of sprint race. Total event time 1 hour 10 teams of 3. Seeded drivers in each team. Teams to be drawn randomly one from each tier Top 10 finishers from Supercup - Tier 1 2nd 10 - Tier 2 3rd 10 - Tier 3 Teams to have matching colours. Liveries optional All three drivers to score points for the championship. Point system tbc. More points for feature race than for sprint. Points for pole position.
  18. Date -TBA - likely EU evening on a Sunday, Or perhaps during 2 Bros with @pete_95973 and @omarcomin71 permission to use their Saturday slot Time - TBA What is it - Sturctured/Planned take over of a public freeroam session What to do, I will get into a lobby of 15 or less and will head for Sandy Shores, I will secure my Anti Aircraft trailer at that time and start sending invites to those participating. Please meet me at Sandy Shores. Once everyone is there with their equipment we will head into LS in a convoy and pick off people as we go. If you do not RSVP you will not get an invite as there is no way of knowing you read this. This will be limited to 16 players Dress Code - Team Heavy Black outfit and BPH is to be worn. If you get killed, do what you need to do to get new equipment. MOC - 4 people @shortround @Xyon14 @Crawford1872@Dodge APC, Halftrack, Insurgent - 2 people @The_Lady_A @pete_95973 APC,Half track, Insurgent 2 people ?? Anti Air - 1 person @JustHatched Hydra or whatever plane- 1 person @zztop911 Tank - 1 person @omarcomin71 Tank - 1 person @Con Rogue or Ruiner 1 Person @DavidCore89 Insurgent/APC or Halftrack - 2 people @Lann @djw180
  19. djw180

    planning Air theme PL

    Date of Event: TBC, probably a Wednesday Time of Event in UTC: TBC, probably 20:00 or 21:00 (if after daylight saving ends) Does Event Repeat: no If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: DJ Amount of Players Allowed: 16 - 30, depends on jobs used Special Rules for Event: none Description of Event: A playlist of jobs on the theme of the Air I'm posting here to get ideas, feedback and see who would be interested. It will almost certainly take place during one of the Whacked Out Wednesday's slots, so if that's the case there'll be no need to approve this and add to the calendar. I'll just add to the OP of the WoW thread. With the recent updates, we now have a lot more jobs using aircraft or flying cars. So I thought a playlist based on the Air is in order. Ideas for types of job air races parachuting bombushka run overtime rumble / shootout Ruiner 2K races - if they have a significant parachuting element, some do not stunt races including multiple big jumps drop zone captures with aircraft as the capture vehicles, or using aircraft and / or parachutes to get to the capture bags vehicle TDM and LTS in Lazers or Buzzards Any more that could be added? Obviously there is scope for people to make new jobs for this. Who would be interested? For me to host then Wednesday 9pm GMT/BST is the best time. I know that's not so great for everyone in America or Australia. So if there's more interest at another time this could be made a one off event at that other time.
  20. I'd like to host a one-off Triathlon event during one of the open PLs that welcome other hosts, either @djw180's WoW, @LimeGreenLegend's Friday PL or maybe @Xyon14's SnG. Here's what I have in mind... We'll meet in LS with our sports bicycles in a closed (friends) lobby, all dressed up in sports gear, have a group photo and then do 3 legs, cycling, swimming and running on a predefined route. Whoever can bring a doctor's note proving they suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome gets to fly a helicopter and film the entire event from air. Route: - RED: cycling - YELLOW: swimming - CYAN: running Rules: - you must stay on the route at all times (keep your bike on the tarmac, no going off the path when running) - if you die and respawn off the route, (find your bicycle and get on it) and get back on the route as quickly as possible - NO JUMPING when running (can only use the run button, no square button) - you MUST have fun, keep the moaning and complaining to a minimum (unless you can make it funny) - btw, using 1st person saves you from mashing the X button and any pain caused by that Event is open to anyone capable of following this simple rules and not being a dick. Tell your friends about it... Awaiting approval from one of the hosts...
  21. Date of Event/s: after Pfister Supercup ends (length, frequency and exact dates TBD) Time of Event/s in UTC: Sundays, 7PM GMT Host of Event/s: zmurko Amount of Players Allowed: 30 Special Rules for Event/s: TBD Description of Event/s: Coming soon... Basically I'm in early planning stages, but I just wanted to start this thread to let the crew know about it, reserve space on our "racing calendar" and to alert any potential creators, as the championship will need custom built tracks to be made. Creators topic (Street Circuits): Details of the championship to come soon(ish) ... Anyone into creating tracks or would like to give it a go, please visit the topic above and join the planning stages of the next big XDBX racing championship.
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