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  1. Wulfherth

    RDR2 Screenshots

    My new favorite outfit and the silver dapple pinto fox trotter i found. Bonus: Awkward, idk what face to make here Arthur
  2. Wulfherth

    Useful Information

    You can sometimes find rare horses spawning at a location in Saint Denis... Even horses you can't get until way later in the game. You can presumably go there as early as Ch2. I was riding past and saw a weird horse i've never seen before and it turned out to be a Tiger Striped Mustang! Stabled :') Ran by some days later and also found an Arabian. Though i don't like Arabians so i left it be. Some time later i found a amber champagne missouri fox trotter so i stabled that too. https://m.imgur.com/31BJiGp Here's a picture showing where exactly.
  3. Wulfherth

    [SPOILERS] The Story of RDR2

    It's not possible. It forces you to go by making it a story mission marker and cutscene if you haven't done it by a point in Chapter 3. Also even before that its highlighted as yellow not white so it's unavoidable. Arthur's TB only has negative effects after Guarma so stop at Ch4 if you want to free roam without being ill.
  4. Wulfherth

    [SPOILERS] The Story of RDR2

    He caught it from Downes. The one money collection that the games forces you to go to. He coughs in your face. And Arthur talks about how he's dying because of the guy he beat up over a few dollars. I hated Dutch right from the beginning. His dumb posh music and his tent.His attempts to sound intelligent by quoting philosophy. Him calling people his "son" More especially so when when they come back from that fishing trip when they remember the old days (Arthur, Dutch, and Hosea). He slips up and says "i think i'll-- we'll be just fine" He's a selfish conman trying to con himself and con everyone around him into thinking that all this robbing, killing, and bs is about a higher cause. He broke at the end because he got out of the denial he was in. He's realized he's just another outlaw, no one fancy.
  5. Wulfherth

    Post a pic of ur horse

    Boadicea, the name of Arthur's old horse Love Appaloosas
  6. Wulfherth

    RDR2 Screenshots

    Aww little Jack is too cute
  7. Wulfherth

    Useful Information

    Anyone know if wild horse spawns are locked to certain story stages? I'm trying to find a blanket Appaloosa for the horseman challenge but i haven't had any luck with the two locations they seem to spawn.
  8. Wulfherth

    RDR2 Screenshots

    Some pictures of my Arthur
  9. Wulfherth

    RDR2 Early Thoughts and Reviews

    That's what i thought it took too but you pretty much have to eat three meat pieces a day or 2 meats pieces and scattered amounts of snacks.
  10. Wulfherth

    Useful Information

    I feel like each and every horse has a different personality, based on breed and gender and maybe even based on your honor level? Idk I have 3 different Arabians at max bond and one is a sweet and calm girl that is literally not afraid of anything. She reared a bear in the face! Another one is a scaredy boy. Bucked me off because of a little snake. Also shakes his head at even the slighest amount of speed up. The last one is also a boy and hates wolves because he only seems to buck me off when we encounter wolves no matter how much i try to calm him
  11. Wulfherth

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    Ahh the article i read must have been wrong then haha. Thats good! I love hunting so i'm glad it'll be a thing online.
  12. Wulfherth

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    @Con wasn't the reason for the first RDO not having animals because of the p2p issue?
  13. Wulfherth

    Re-joining for RDR2

    Sounds good!
  14. Wulfherth

    Your RDR2 Stories...

    Also i have gotten more bounties accidentally smashing into people with my horse in towns and cities then actually committing any intentional crime...
  15. Wulfherth

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    Darn..if it's P2P there won't be wildlife?