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  1. Wulfherth

    Ability Cards

    I like Slow and Steady for deadeye For passive: Strange Medicine Never without one(if you're on your horse you can keep re-equipping your hat)
  2. Wulfherth

    It seems I have played...

    Mine just won't load
  3. Thats the set up that works for me. Haven't found a situation i couldn't deal with. I also found a free aim setting that works for me. I wish we could have separate settings for free roam and pvp.
  4. FYI Your aim sways and is horrible if your deadeye core is in the red. Thankfully i always kept my cores full but i just learned this today.
  5. Okay, i've found that i'm much improved now. I changed my reticule to default and the accuracy indicator helps quite a bit, and i've gotten the flick headshot pretty much in muscle memory. Got about 5 mvps in a row! I use Lancaster for mid range and sometimes even mid-long range. This is my favorite gun. Bolt for long range. Headshots seem a bit wonky at super high ranges with any gun but this works most of the time, i suggest just aiming for the torso if they're really far. Sawed-off for close range surprises.
  6. Wulfherth

    ps4 I love strange posse (tonight)

    Definitely up for some stranger missions.
  7. I'm using Bolt Action, Lancaster, and sometimes swapping out Lancaster with Varmint, though it feels cheap to use Varmint
  8. Its definitely hampering my exp gain though so i' have to figure out another way to gain exp
  9. I was middle of the pack in GTA so that explains why i'm absolute trash here. Oh well, practice makes perfect?
  10. I am so trash in pvp Not sure if i need to get used to the settings or something but something feels off. I'm scoring so low i'm getting 70 exp lol
  11. Wulfherth

    RDR2 Screenshots

    The killshots in this game are excellent
  12. Apparently if you pull out your knife while being lasso'd the line gets cut. Not if you're already hog-tied but just lasso'd.
  13. Wulfherth

    Post Your Mugshot (Red Dead Edition)

    Not a mugshot but.. Another one after @zztop911 taught me how to "fish"
  14. Wulfherth

    As a crew: assisted or free aim?

    Assisted, i can't free aim with a controller at all
  15. Wulfherth

    Beware your gold!

    Ahhh wow i don't think i'd have the patience for that haha