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  1. Pen0sIRE

    Gang Hideout Spawn Points

    this has the ambushes on it too(blue lines') theres an even more up to date one which had the time of day the hideouts wold spawn too. its possible it was an sp map but ill keep searching and edit this post when i find it again
  2. this is the perfect reason to re-download gta! i might be a while waiting for our own lobbies and playlists in red dead. see you lovely folks over the weekend
  3. Pen0sIRE

    Censoring the website?

    you should do what benefits the crew/website. i'm completely against any form of censorship that is imposed on people. in this case though i feel you have to go with the flow. google/youtube/advertisers aren't gonna change just because this 1 site rebels against the system, if the site will push up the rankings and benefit all you wonderful people, who put so much work into this crew, then im all for it. does the crew name have an effect on googles search algorithms? it would suck to have to change your profanity filter and then also the whole crew name cause of them google soyboys. the reasons this is being discussed is censorship-lite (on google/advertisers end not on the forums end) the oppression comes from google pushing the forums further down their precious ranking because of a few curse words here and there. typing google and oppression in the same sentence has now made me feel ill xD
  4. Pen0sIRE

    As a crew: assisted or free aim?

    i've traditionally always used aa but after playing alot of rdo i think id personally prefer fa once the lobbies and game modes are fa only. the fa does feel quite slow and everytime i play pvp on tall trees, i find myself staring at the minimap more than the screen
  5. that was absolute fire banks ! watched the doc on this kid recently, its a little annoying that joyner slightly tweaks some of his story but most of it is true.
  6. Pen0sIRE

    Regarding Online Weapons

    right now it appears the meta is bolt action + pump shotgun. having purchased both i can confirm that my kill count noticeably increased when i started using them in most wanted ect. the varmint rifle is oddly also a good pvp chioice, it has a slightly faster zoom so you can potentially headshot quicker than than an opponent with a repeater or rifle.. money wise theres 2 main ways im farming right now : 1 - I've found this to be quite handy, pretty much what allowed me to buy most guns. this 1 is also for people who want to keep there good reputation. the 2nd method i use is, going to valentine and killing + selling all the livestock in the pens around the town. just keep killing and skinning them and put one carcass on your horse and carry one to the butcher. theres a few pens where you will be more likely to get seen by npc's, the ones closest to the post office and in the livestock market should be avoided unless ur doing this in a group. the downsides of this method are ; you get negative reputation for slaughtering livestock, if you leave the area of the livestock the animals will despawn and griefers are rampant around there. what horses are people currently using? what horse is worth the money investment ?
  7. damnnn oldschool! i miss those wild gta playlists !
  8. Pen0sIRE

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    a few of my ark friends seem to think there will be a setup on it where you collect money for your posse but that money can be stolen by enemy posses. no idea where they got that from tho or if its just hyperbole by all those ark savages who just want to ruin someones day xD
  9. Pen0sIRE

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    there ya go, thats us being dicks and meatrunning bases from two of the biggest tribes on ark ps4!
  10. Pen0sIRE

    Conan Exiles

    CONAN EXILES launches on May 8th! just wondering if anyone else is interested in this one? could be a nice lil filler until rdr2!
  11. Pen0sIRE

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    unfortunately it doesnt currently do cross platform. thats probably a good thing for pc though as the ps4 community can be quite toxic. im back playing gta a bit too because of it. the tribe we are part of has an enemy tribe that has decided to ddos our servers, making it impossible to play the game atm. its hella fun with a good group of people though and the raiding aspect and pvp is brilliant, just the lag, servers,cheaters, glitches that let the game down as a whole. conan exiles in a few weeks
  12. Pen0sIRE

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    i have some footage from small raids and stuff on my ps4, i'm only starting to get into the recording recently! i could send you links to some of the youtube channels of raids ive been involved in? yea bro im planning on getting rdr2, thats why im still here with you wonderful folks! i dont really play gta too often anymore and ark is a real time sapper!
  13. Pen0sIRE

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    hello all, just wondering if anyone plays this on ps4? if you have a tribe already i'd love to come and help or if your looking for a tribe we always want recruits! pvp official!
  14. Pen0sIRE

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    Hello, just wondering if anyone else is playing ark? If your looking for a chilled tribe to roll with, add me on psn!
  15. Pen0sIRE

    CC100 Frenetic Fratenrity

    I have roughly 20 freeroam kills ill get them up to imgur tonight, hoping to binge in a few more tonight and tomorrow. Can i use the same puc for multi kills?