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  1. omarcomin71

    gta Thursday Night Thunder

    It’s almost time!
  2. omarcomin71

    gta Crew Challenge 178 - Bandito Time

    I have a time of 4:12.987 I have a screen shot but it doesn’t look to be necessary. Thanks for the challenge @djw180
  3. omarcomin71

    gta Crew Challenge 178 - Bandito Time

    Trying to improve my time is making me mad. The mistake is always on the second lap.
  4. omarcomin71

    The French Connection [XDBX Film Club 01]

    Does anybody know where to find this movie streaming ? I was able to find it in HD on Amazon prime to rent for 3.99.
  5. Damn, so close to making the podium! Well done @Banketelli , no doubt you did your part to put us in position to win. Thanks @djw180 !
  6. omarcomin71

    gta Crew Challenge 178 - Bandito Time

    So far I have a time of 4:15.390 for two laps.
  7. omarcomin71

    XDBX Film Club

  8. omarcomin71

    gta Crew Challenge 178 - Bandito Time

    I need to practice so I’m in.
  9. omarcomin71

    XDBX Film Club

    Count me in! Question, Is the intention to nominate movies from the specific category that people may not have seen? Movies we’ve already watched and enjoyed? Or maybe movies we’d like to see? All the above? Edit: for instance I would nominate Unforgiven but I’m sure everyone has seen it. And The Deer Hunter for one some may haven’t seen.
  10. My final lap time is 62.997 https://imgur.com/a/dcVgLwH
  11. omarcomin71

    gta Moster Truck & Air Show - Anniversary

    I finally got around to grabbing some images from the show.
  12. omarcomin71

    planning Xdbx vs Vans - RC Racing

    I’m interested. I’d be able to attend if on a Sunday.
  13. omarcomin71

    gta&rdr Two Brothers Playlist

    I don’t think he’s chicken. I saw on RSC that he has created a playlist titled Two Bros. @Firebear926
  14. You guys are just too fast! Sorry you were teamed up with a mediocre driver @Banketelli I’m hovering around a time of 64 seconds.

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Online communities, in particular video game communities, have a reputation for negative and abusive behavior which is not always undeserved. That isn't us, Domestic Battery takes pride in being a crew for people who are mature. This means being able to treat each other with a basic level of respect, being able to cooperate during events, and being able to have fun together. We are all from different backgrounds with different life experiences. What we have in common is that we enjoy playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V and other games in a social environment which is healthy and rewarding.