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  1. omarcomin71

    (FNF) Friday Night Foolin' (JustHatched)

    Sorry I didn’t make it last night. Got caught up with shite. I really wanted to support the hosting efforts of @WasHatched I hope things went well. I’m always in support of new hosts.
  2. omarcomin71

    (FNF) Friday Night Foolin' (JustHatched)

    I'm catching an early morning flight tomorrow but I hope to join for a few jobs.
  3. If on Saturday I'd be interested in participating.
  4. omarcomin71

    planning XDBX & VANS, racing

    Cool! I’m just sad I’ll be at work at this time. You EU players have all the fun.
  5. omarcomin71

    TNT (Dodge)

    Gotta go bronze for this baby! That’s BRONZE! Nobody Else Can Take It!
  6. omarcomin71

    Making Toast in the Sky

    Wasn't my fault this time, I was on gunner.
  7. omarcomin71

    Crew Challenge 158 - A Premium Race

    Wow! That's about as close as it gets! Great competition and great track! Thank you @djw180 and thank you @no_snacks
  8. omarcomin71

    ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    Good morning everyone! Our crew creators are at it again. More new and polished crew jobs to be featured in today’s playlist.
  9. omarcomin71

    Crew Challenge 159 - Liberation

    Yeah pretty similar for me as well. 47.248 so far. Still need to iron out a few spots.
  10. omarcomin71

    TNT (Dodge)

    I have a request if you have room. This is a well put together oval with high walls and a 4th of July theme. We ran it in Two Bros a few weeks ago but forgot to set it to GTA. GTA is a must! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/rBDsiFlOe0qjfe7yEtVjuw
  11. omarcomin71

    ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    This week I have a few ideas in mind but would like to hear what you guys would like. Either a specific job or just job type in general. Open to any and all requests.
  12. omarcomin71

    non-racing Crew Challenges

    Yeah it may get frustrating if we restrict it to a certain lobby. I'd say any public lobby. Stunt jumps can be done in passive mode. Originally I though it would be fun to attempt a certain amount of stunt jumps while out of passive mode. Avoiding randoms at the same time. It would still be a challenge to be the fastest to successfully pull off any 5 stunt jumps you want. We would probably have to say no motorcycles. I think only one or two jumps require a bike.
  13. omarcomin71

    Crew Challenge 158 - A Premium Race

    1:40.666?! Holy fudge! Please tell me you have video footage! That is an incredible time. Well done brother!
  14. Very cool! I loved putting on the @LimeGreenLegend apparel. He’s one of a kind and I dig the dudes fashion! I’m thinking maybe @Banketelli next time. And the double entendre contest was hilarious! It was hard decide but you couldn’t go wrong with any of them. Congratulations to everyone, and thank you @Beez!
  15. omarcomin71

    Crew Challenge 159 - Liberation