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  1. billysyntax

    Call of duty ww2

    I've been away from COD since MW3. This one has brought my wife and I back. I'm not very good, but it's been fun when I've been able to get on with friends. If anyone is ever up for a party let me know.
  2. How's everyone been?!

  3. I'm not sure of the speed myself, but the console does run a little better since the upgrade. Haven't noticed any vibrations or anything. And if you're extremely careful when opening the case, you can reformat the 500gb ssd from your ps and have a nice little expansion. Installation is a breeze. Backing everything up and restoring the os can be time consuming, but playstation.com has a page dedicated to this task. I'm sure you've checked on that and won't have any troubles.
  4. Sorry for the late reply scotty. I believe I installed mine the day I had originally posted. It's been working fantastically. There are 4 of us using the console so at anytime new items are added to the storage. I'll go through and clean it out occasionally, but in all honesty it most likely wouldn't have reached capacity had I not. Overall, it's been flawless, completely worth the cash.
  5. billysyntax

    Crew Awards

    Hey I made a year! Awesome! Thanks Hatched.
  6. billysyntax


    I picked it up on sale also. I agree with a lot of the negatives but stung led through for a bit and started to dig it a bit more. Solo isn't much fun so it gets played little. If anyone ever wants a crewmate hit me up if I'm on. Be willing to run a few with any of ya.
  7. Failed to mention that if you're careful when removing the drive from the backup plus case, it makes a nice 500gb external drive.
  8. I just upgraded mine to 2tb. Picked up a Seagate stdr2000100 backup plus slim for around $80 usd. I've noticed a considerable difference in load times and performance. I recommend it highly.
  9. billysyntax

    1 year sober!

    Good job man. Congratulations, takes alot of strength to make it this far. And just as much to share the story. Thank you for that, and best wishes for your future.
  10. billysyntax


    Welcome to the crew. Maybe seeing more ladies joining will encourage my mrs to do the same.
  11. billysyntax

    Who has not done Criminal Mastermind yet?

    Whenever I'd be needed man. My job schedule allowing anyway.
  12. billysyntax

    Who has not done Criminal Mastermind yet?

    Ps4 - Still looking to get this done as well.
  13. billysyntax

    Looking to do criminal masterminds for PS4

    Im available just about anytime. Just let me know when.
  14. billysyntax

    3rd times a charm

    Welcome to the crew.