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  1. Arruda

    Play Of The Game and Highlight Showcase

    My favourite play ever. At gold comp, I didn't kill anyone @LimeGreenLegend but tell me if this isn't absolutely beautiful. Lúcio behind me was completely ecstatic, the rest of the team never realised how they even won the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShPWzUdTkho EDIT: By the way, Reinhardt's ultimate has been fixed, and now works perfectly well in stairs and uneven terrain. I had that in mind when I launched it.
  2. I will not read the thread, I will not watch the trailer, I will not google. This one I want to start from ground zero spoilers.
  3. Arruda

    Play Of The Game and Highlight Showcase

    Also need to showcase my lovely Mercy new skin!!! I never before in my life contributed to a charity, so this was an excellent idea by Blizzard. Wouldn't buy it otherwise, wouldn't contribute otherwise. The mix though, irresistible.
  4. Arruda

    Play Of The Game and Highlight Showcase

    I thought I had more stuff saved, unfortunately I only now realised it only saves the uploads if you let them load after selecting save. Also my share button in the PS4 is not good so many of the "manual" saves I made were messed up as I tend to press it twice by accident and then lose the chance to save the videoclip. Anyways: --- I keep trying new characters, and when you get the hang of them it can be very fun. I'm even learning how to trace. --- Loved this one. Set the trap, go out, bring them back with you --- This was the POTG that got me back to silver (unfortunately not there anymore). Rein doing what he does best. --- This one is for @Protocawl. If you really want to snipe, learn Reinhardt. He's better than Widowmaker at it. --- Clutch play by Brigitte. I saved a Mercy that was rezzing. So saved two from my team and killed two from theirs. Lovely end result
  5. Arruda

    Play Of The Game and Highlight Showcase

    It was so strange to sleep and survive there ? nice videos. I'll work on my collcection soon.
  6. Arruda

    special Darts Tourney?

    I can confirm this is true but only in a technical way
  7. Arruda

    special Darts Tourney?

    I won against Spinnaker 3-0
  8. Arruda

    special Darts Tourney?

    OK. I'll probably be playing Overwatch, send me a PSN message when you get online.
  9. Arruda

    special Darts Tourney?

    @Spinnaker1981 when can you do it? I can from today to friday 19-23 or On the weekend at any time.
  10. Arruda

    special Darts Tourney?

    @Spinnaker1981 I'd rather play next week, if you don't mind. Gotta put some more practice in, it's an important game!!! I can do it any day, including weekdays which is wheb it's easier for you I think!
  11. Arruda

    special Darts Tourney?

    Ready when you are @Spinnaker1981
  12. Arruda

    special Darts Tourney?

    Sorted then. I'll set the alarm so I don't forget!
  13. Arruda

    special Darts Tourney?

    I can tomorrow until 7pm UTC (1pm your time I think) or Sunday any time (but would prefer between 9pm or 10pm UTC,so 3pm to 4pm for you). As you prefer.
  14. Arruda


    Perfect situation, all three attacks connected with the four of them. 50 damage from Eartshatter, 100 from Firestrike and 50 from Charge (you didn't even need to pin anyone). Need 4 guys lined up at 200 or less health to pull that off.
  15. Arruda


    Obviously awesome. The classic combo (even gives you a trophy) but I don't think I ever killed more than 2 with it.

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