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Everything posted by pete_95973

  1. pete_95973

    gta&rdr Whacked Out Wednesdays

    I will probably have to leave 30-45 minutes into it. Busy work day. Short lunch break.
  2. pete_95973

    Fishing Holes

    @zztop911 can you maybe post a video of you picking up those fish? And do it in here so it does not get lost in the shoutbox? I went there and found them all but I could only pick up one. There were a half dozen there that I could see but the game would not give me the pick up animation option beyond one time. Is there a certain spot in the falls it worked best for you?
  3. pete_95973

    Fishing Holes

    I feel like that is a story option. But I will give it a try. Thanks!
  4. pete_95973

    Ability Cards

    I don't understand how the ability cards work. I was thinking of getting another one but i cannot even confirm my first one works. Or I am not using it properly. I have the one for dead eye health regeneration. Earlier I tested it. I checked my health which was low but I ate some tobacco which gave me full dead eye. I utilized dead eye for a good 15 seconds while not being attacked and my health did not change one bit. Can anyone confirm that this works for them and how they use it?
  5. pete_95973

    Fishing Holes

    How do you cook large fish at a fire? Whether it’s on my horse or laying on the ground next to the fire it doesn’t give me the option to cook.
  6. pete_95973

    gta&rdr Whacked Out Wednesdays

    Is this RDR or GTA this week?
  7. Considering I do not consider myself to be that strong in combat yet in RDRO I was really pleased with this win with this kind of margin of victory
  8. I was busy crafting away and this guy shot me in a cowardly way so I changed my plans and chased him across the map.  It seems like everytime I am killed by a random unprovoked they immediately run away.  Why kill me if you don't want to fight?  Anyway, I did not want to let him get away as I was very annoyed.  It ended up being a really cool battle in the snow.  It was my first snow battle and was quite fun.  This game is just so beautiful.  I can't wait until we can have custom jobs and make some deathmatches in the snowy mountains.
  9. pete_95973

    Hi everyone

    Okay John, your vetting process begins now and your official vetting date will be Wednesday, January 30th. Feel free to check out the forums and engage in some discussions. There are some good RDR forums with tips and discussions. After you make a couple more posts you should be able to use the shout box which is our internal website chat. Also check out our calendar of events. Right now we only have a couple of RDRO events a week (more will be coming as more content is added) but you will find many members in game on a daily basis including myself. Let me know if you have any questions. Welcome to the crew!
  10. pete_95973

    The Walking Dead **Spoilers**

    The first half of this most recent season seems to be better. One more bad season and I may have been done with it but I enjoyed the first 8 episodes for the most part.
  11. pete_95973

    Hi everyone

    Hi John. Welcome to XDBX, I am your vetting manager. I have sent you an invite on the social club. Let me know on this thread when you have accepted it and your vetting process can begin!
  12. pete_95973

    Censoring the website?

    There is oppressive censorship—such as the general suppression of ideas or thoughts—and then there are profanity filters. I feel it’s a bit of a stretch to call a profanity filter censorship. And more importantly it is less like censorship because we are discussing it and deciding it as a group, not being oppressed without a say. If we agree as a group to use a profanity filter It is as silly in my opinion to call it censorship as it would be to call nudity/public decency laws a threat to human liberty.
  13. pete_95973

    gta Dirty Hotring vs STNC - Anniversary

    Geez man. Take it easy. Thoughts are with you.
  14. I know they aren’t everyone’s favorite game mode in this crew but I could literally play TDMs like these all day. So fun. Can’t wait for the H2H! We could use the dead eye shot you were on these maps yesterday! Is there a date for this yet @Lann?
  15. pete_95973

    gta Whacky Races - Anniversary

    This is super early in the morning for me but I’ll try.
  16. pete_95973

    Two Bros 12/01/2019 - Nuketown TDM

    Schumi’s death at 0:30 was from a grenade I threw on top of the container! Too bad it didn’t get you too! 🤣
  17. pete_95973

    special XDBX 5 years - planning

    One fun idea might be a combo of both games challenge. Your time in a gta race combined with a butcher sell in 10 mins similar to the 10 bullet challenge? Every dollar knocks a second or half a second off your time? Something like that would be interesting to me.
  18. pete_95973

    gta&rdr Two Brothers Playlist

    Too late. Playlist already created. Can’t remember if there is a dodge job. There usually is
  19. pete_95973

    Never blow up spiderpig

    He deserved it for his aloof attitude
  20. pete_95973

    Censoring the website?

    Just have a virtual cuss jar! When a user cusses the site tracks it and they have to donate 50 cents. That way we get to cuss and still get revenue. I’ll start, here is a dollar: “you fuckin shitheads!”
  21. Gonna put these TDMs in two Bros
  22. I am getting married in April and just 3 days after the wedding my new wife and I will be off to Italy for our honeymoon. Neither of us have ever been. Neither of us have even been to Europe. We will be spending 4 days and 3 nights in Rome. Our hotel and room has a view of the Colosseum! Then we will take a train to Florence and spend two nights there in a beautiful Villa. Then from there we take a train to Venice where we will spend our final 3 nights. So far the only thing we have planned officially is that we booked a Vatican and Colosseum tour with one of the companies that allows you to skip the lines and have your own english speaking tour guide. With these private tours you get access to some spots the general admission tours do not. We are very excited for that. But other than that nothing specific is planned or booked except eat lots of pasta and wash it down with lots of wine and gelato. We will also look into the Gondola experience in Venice of course. Anyone with Italy experience in any of these three areas have any advice, tips or suggestions?
  23. pete_95973

    Travelling to Italy - any suggestions?

    April 10-19