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  1. @Spinnaker1981, Lann is very excited about his upcoming second place finish with @Protocawl. Let's accommodate them and take first!
  2. pete_95973

    gta Tip Touching - Anniversary Edition

    Changed to a maybe because I will be late. Still likely to show up though.
  3. @Dodge just kept grabbing @LimeGreenLegend's tip and he kept getting dealt a punishing blow from the heavens!
  4. pete_95973

    My 1st Battle Royale win

    Looks nice. Looks fun too but I could see getting bored with it quick possibly. Wonder how long I would want to play and if worth the cost. How much was it to buy?
  5. pete_95973

    Honourable vs Dishonorable

    I’ve been at min and max honor so far in online and haven’t noticed much of a difference. I think there is a mission or two only available to each? Also I’ve heard about price discounts for max honor? But I’m not sure. Maybe someone can confirm.
  6. pete_95973

    Ability Cards

    I have been utilizing dead eye with slow and steady consistently lately, keeping my dead eye core full eating meat and it’s really powerful. I think ability cards are stupid but if they exist I may as well exploit them to win shootouts and destroy randoms in free mode.
  7. pete_95973

    Audition for Rambo

    @Protocawl sent his audition tape in for die hard. I submit my audition from the same playlist for Rambo! 😃
  8. pete_95973

    It was THIS big!

    New leader for catfish division!
  9. pete_95973

    Bon Voyage, Swedish Boy

    "It was an accident" lol
  10. pete_95973

    Censoring the website?

    I am fine with that
  11. pete_95973

    Gunslinger Saturdays (RDR)

    Is gunslinger saturday the 26th an anniversary event?
  12. pete_95973

    gta Dirty Hotring vs STNC - Anniversary

    Looking at the RSVP list I’d say a large majority of people in the head to head will be asleep during TNT. Maybe @omarcomin71can throw a few dirty hotrings in Two Bros? Or a pre two bros practice playlist maybe?
  13. pete_95973

    gta&rdr Whacked Out Wednesdays

    I will probably have to leave 30-45 minutes into it. Busy work day. Short lunch break.
  14. pete_95973

    Fishing Holes

    I feel like that is a story option. But I will give it a try. Thanks!