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  1. pete_95973

    Eliminating an annoying pest

    Don’t mess with cowboy Omar. Too bad the snipe hit didn’t kill him!
  2. pete_95973

    Off radar to ruin someones day

    The second guy’s reaction on mic was priceless. Wish it would record public lobby voices of randoms. He screamed “who the fuck is Pete!?”
  3. pete_95973

    Off radar to ruin someones day

    These guys were having fun without me so I decided to sneakily kill them all. Well the last guy killed himself before the inevitable.
  4. pete_95973

    Dodge Steals the Win (gawddammit!)

    I loved after this match when Con said into the mic something along the lines...”I’m not happy right now.”
  5. pete_95973

    1 v 1 in a DM w/ a bulletproof wearing helmet player..

    Omg what a horrible map lol. At least you won.
  6. pete_95973

    TV shows

    Ozark is fantastic. Watched all of season 2 over one weekend.
  7. pete_95973

    What did you do today?

    Actually yesterday. Parasailing in Lake Tahoe!!
  8. pete_95973

    Season 3

    Lann! You put so much work into this. Thank you so much! 80% of the reason I kept interest in this game so long is head to heads! You’re the man! Congrats to DDNL and good job XDBX on second place!
  9. pete_95973

    Share Your Most Recent Accomplishment

    55,000 player kills. And moved into the top 5 on the crew leaderboard of R* TDM kills
  10. pete_95973

    More like...Omar vs Insurgents!

    Was fun to watch!
  11. pete_95973

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    Leaks have indicated there will be a creator!
  12. pete_95973

    ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    This weekend we will be celebrating two years of two bros. Join the celebration and play XDBX’s most widely attended playlist this Saturday! RDR2 is coming soon and GTA will probably be played less around here. Let’s have at least one more big playlist together in San Andreas! Cause in future two bros playlists we may be racing horses! This playlist will celebrate classic and favorite jobs played in two Bros the past two years and will be open to 30 players!
  13. pete_95973

    ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    Sure thing
  14. pete_95973

    Crew Challenge 162 - Two Times Bounty Challenge

    Well Omar and I did not get to spend as much time on this as we hoped due to him constantly lagging out of full lobbies. Once again it’s Omar’s fault. But we did get a score posted. In the clip I didn’t record us putting the bounties on each other but you can see Omar has one and I show that I have one by bringing up the passive mode option (which it forbids due to the bounty). At one point he lags out so we have to find each other in another public lobby. But we managed 5 kills before getting wiped off the map by one of the new Opressors.