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  1. pete_95973

    Hell uh copter

    I know, when chasing someone or trying to escape fast I raise it up. But the stealthyness is so effective I am not finding speed to be as much a priority.
  2. I am not that familiar with the races so I will let others decide. But let's decide soon so I can practice those races! That is where I will focus my free time in GTA between now and then.
  3. pete_95973

    Hell uh copter

    Was leaving my office in my buzzard to go get my Akula to indiscriminately hunt randoms. When leaving my office I couldn't resist the opportunity to get a quick kill in the buzzard. Was happily surprised to see it was three kills! About three mins (down time sped up in the video) later I picked up my Akula and as soon as I took off I had the same three poor bastards in my sights again (right after they got a new helicopter!) for an easy kill, and they were low enough on the ground that the splash from their explosion killed the guy on the ground for a quad kill.
  4. pete_95973

    Jet Sniping & Lombank fun

    Good shit man. Love it. The last kill and the sticky bomb toss off the roof to the ground were my favorites!
  5. pete_95973


    I thought it was odd when you left, cause you seemed like a good fit. Glad you are back! Always happy to have a fellow free roam chaos maker around here.
  6. Did they agree on a time? Should we start talking job selection?
  7. pete_95973

    non-racing Crew Challenges

    Yeah @djw180 it is very random sometimes. I swear I’ve been in lobbies where I can’t cross the street without being attacked from ground and air (without even having a bounty) and sometimes I’ll have a bounty and people running from me. Perhaps a requirement of so many kills on other players is not a bad idea, to keep someone from winning on 100% luck of a passive lobby.
  8. pete_95973

    Lunch (for the Akula)

    When I was first using it the Deluxos would catch me more often. I am getting a little better though. Sometimes I will still avoid them as they are the biggest threat.
  9. pete_95973

    Lunch (for the Akula)

    Went home for lunch and after eating I found myself with about 10 minutes before I had to go back to work so I hoped on GTAO. After buying some supplies for my coke lab I flew my Akula around. In just a few minutes I took out two Oppressors a Deluxo, and another guy who used a Deluxo to hide on the construction site skyscraper. That was my favorite kill as I used the carpet bomb method to get him. I am positively addicted to this Akula and I bet my KD is about 10.0 in freeroam the past two weeks. And I am still learning and getting used to it. Can't wait till I am a master with it. Not gonna lie, I target anyone and everyone in free roam (except XDBX of course) but it was extra satisfying taking out two Oppressors and two Deluxos.
  10. pete_95973

    Food Glorious Food aka Food Porn

    Grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon and fries.
  11. pete_95973

    ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    It is that time of the week. Get your RSVPs in and get ready for laughing, crying , dying, fast cars, jumping from airplanes, RPGs, and @Dodge causing havoc in a pre playlist lobby.
  12. Vacation days were invented for Head to Heads
  13. Perfect! Even two hours after could work if it needs to be.
  14. pete_95973

    Share Your Most Recent Accomplishment

    400 Parachute wins (141 losses). 900 Deathmatch wins (649 losses). Both accomplished this morning. Only 100 wins to go to get that 1000 DM wins award. My last major goal in GTAO.