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  1. pete_95973

    Your RDR2 Stories...

    In GTAO one of the keys to surviving and winning free mode PVP wars is efficiency with long range weapons such as the sniper, marksman, and RPG. There will probably be a little less long range warfare in RDRO due to the weapons technology. But there is a sniper, so I am sure it will play a big role in combat. So I decided that I wanted to "get good" with the sniper. I was practicing shooting moving targets such as deer and birds. I shot a goat from some distance and not wanting to waste the kill I went and skinned him and made use of what I could (I don't want the wrath of Charles). When I came upon the carcass of the goat it was just outside of a property where it looked like an NPC had a little farm. And it was his goat apparently. He confronted me in a very hostile way, and well, I had to take him down. As I was looting his body a witness saw the aftermath and I obtained the dreaded witness fleeing notification. I thought great, more sniper practice. I took a couple shots at him and missed. So I jumped on my horse and chased him and shot as I rode. Want some good sniper practice? Chase someone down by horse while sniping at the same time. I was thinking this is great, this will help my skills for online combat. I finally hit him in the back and he fell of his horse. Of course I went to loot him and I was looting him a wagon with two dudes rolled by and became witnesses. I laughed out loud because literally as I was thinking "shit this is escalating" my Arthur character sighed and said "Shit." So I deadeyed both of them in the head and looted their wagon. And about this time another witness came along and took off in fear. So I sniped him in the back and collected his valuables. As my honor was dropping rapidly I decided I better get off the main road before any more witnesses come along. Thankfully I eliminated all the witnesses as having a bounty annoys me more than killing innocent NPCs apparently. I went to get on my horse and he basically told me to fuck off. Took me a good 45 seconds of calming and patting. I had so much blood on my hands that even my horse was like "dude, seriously?" So anyway, yeah sniping humans on horseback is good practice for the coming RDRO but it shitcans your honor and pisses your horse right off!
  2. I didn’t realize you could literally blow someone’s head off 
  3. pete_95973

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    I feel like it would not be in free roam. I don't think it should be. If it is a mission/job like an LTS I would be very interested. I always though that LTS jobs in GTA should have an every man for himself option just like we had the option of TDMs and regular DMs
  4. Well after a bad session of poker Arthur took it out on the whole gang and the gang fought back...literally.  But who wouldn't be in an antagonizing mood after losing to Uncle!?
  5. pete_95973

    Dick or Not?

    I was expecting/hoping for you to trample them with your horse!
  6. pete_95973

    Going over the waterfall

    Haha this was awesome. When he yelled i started laughing out loud. Good stuff
  7. pete_95973

    He said he could swim

    LOL i have done this. Also have dragged people to death from my horse. Didn't like the way the feller was lookin at me!
  8. pete_95973

    Crew Challenge 169 - Purple hayes

  9. pete_95973

    Re-joining for RDR2

    Glad you are back! Let's let the posse grow!
  10. pete_95973

    Thursday Night Thunder (GTA)

    Is this going tonight? If so what is on the agenda?
  11. pete_95973

    Two Brothers Playlist (GTA)

    Two Bros rolls on this Saturday. I will be hosting and probably cap the playlist at 8 to get some Hunting Pack and OT Rumble in the mix which rarely make an appearance in Two Bros. Take a break from the RDR2 grind and lets get together for some crew fun. This playlist will very likely become the premier RDR2 playlist once online is dropped, but until it is this time slot is still the best of the week for all members to play together. Hope to see you there. RSVP early so I can prepare a suitable playlist.
  12. pete_95973

    Yup, That's Me

    Fantastic! lol
  13. pete_95973

    Dick or Not?

    Lol actually so far I’ve been merciful towards women