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  1. TheBoyBry

    Our first wedding photo

  2. TheBoyBry

    Kniv3s introduction

    Hello and welcome :)
  3. TheBoyBry

    Pets, what do you have?

    Charlie. She’s the one that’s always on my lap when I’m on PS4! Lola. She’s in a world of her own most of the time.
  4. TheBoyBry

    Hello everybody!

    Hello and welcome
  5. TheBoyBry


    I’ll see what I can do.
  6. TheBoyBry


    I've just bought myself a standup paddle board :D An inflatable one to be more specific so its easy to store and pack in the back of the car/van. It's from a small local company about 2 miles from me and a top quality product. I'll hopefully get out on the water this weekend and report back :)
  7. TheBoyBry

    Lone Wolf Looking for A Pack...of Wolves 😎

    Hello and welcome
  8. TheBoyBry

    I wanna join ur crew

    Hello and welcome
  9. TheBoyBry

    ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    I’m a maybe. I might be out this evening and if I am I should be back in time.
  10. TheBoyBry

    ps4 Saturday Showcase

    Good idea. Should hopefully get a lot of folks out to play.
  11. TheBoyBry

    Vote for Snapmatic Doppleganger Photos..

    Awesome! I didn’t know this was happening, I must pay more attention to the forums. I’ve voted Great work everyone!
  12. TheBoyBry

    Crew Challenge 152 - 8 - Ball

    @djw180 sorry, I didn’t make it home today. I’ll upload vid to YouTube tomorrow eve to confirm time
  13. TheBoyBry

    Crew Challenge 152 - 8 - Ball

    @djw180 I’ve not been at home since yesterday afternoon. I’ll get vid up tomorrow afternoon, time was around 4:26
  14. TheBoyBry


    In all seriousness, I did learn to play the didgeridoo. I have one somewhere in the house. I can play a few chords on guitar, but I’m not very good.
  15. TheBoyBry


    3 years you lot have been putting up with me now!