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  1. Skorpion

    ps4 XDBX Football League (Zadk)

    Any more results for week 7 matches? Week 8 Matches are @starmonkeykiller vs @Zadk13l91 @DavidCore89 vs @Catmandoza @rspain vs @Crawford1872 @PapOiteE vs @ConGamePro
  2. Skorpion

    ps4 XDBX Football League (Zadk)

    I'm a little late to fix the score sheet so the next matches can go up, but it doesn't look as though any of the matches have happened for last week (week 7). After talking with Joel about it, the season is being dropped down to 8 weeks instead of 16. So if there are no problems then I'll leave week 7 matches up for this week to give people a chance to get them done before putting week 8 matches up on Friday. Week 7 Matches @ConGamePro vs @DavidCore89 @Catmandoza vs @rspain @Crawford1872 vs @starmonkeykiller @Zadk13l91 vs @PapOiteE Before the end of week 8 there are a few matches that need to be done as a catch up after I messed up the bye when I left the event. Those matches are; @Crawford1872 vs @Zadk13l91 @starmonkeykiller vs @PapOiteE
  3. Skorpion

    ps4 Fun Down Under (Skorpion & Snacks)

    There'll be no FDU tonight. Not going to postpone the final, I'm just removing it from the calendar now. @zmurko could you please remove the timer? Thanks
  4. Skorpion

    ps4 Fun Down Under (Skorpion & Snacks)

    Unfortunately the playlist is cancelled again tonight. I hope to see you all next weekend for the final Fun Down Under which will also include the jobs planned for August's Endurance Extravaganza.
  5. Skorpion

    ps4 XDBX Football League (Zadk)

    Anyone else have results for week 6 matches?
  6. Skorpion

    ps4 Fun Down Under (Skorpion & Snacks)

    Not enough RSVPs to do a PL so will be cancelling FDU for tonight.
  7. Skorpion

    ps4 XDBX Football League (Zadk)

    I've fixed the future matches and will have the catch up matches added once they're drawn. I'll still be helping with the score sheet etc and will watch everyone's matches. I'd definitely be willing to play friendly matches when I'm at Joels where I'll have a decent connection, just can't be reliable enough to continue the league. If there's a season 2 and my net is upgraded when it's expected (not likely since it keeps getting pushed back) then I'll definitely join season 2 with a better connection and more reliability on my behalf.
  8. Skorpion

    ps4 XDBX Football League (Zadk)

    Sorry @starmonkeykiller, but I'll have to forfeit our match. Was hoping to get it done, but circumstances have changed. Chances are I'll be unable to continue the league as I've no reliable way to connect without having lag that's so bad I may as well let the computer do all the work and just take pot shots at goals (that's literally how I played the first two games). I'm disappointed, but that's the price of Aussie net. Joel will need to figure out what's happening with the remaining matches that I'm posted in. Sorry to everyone for the trouble. Since all the other games for this week have been played, I've updated the score sheet with next weeks matches. Good luck everyone.
  9. Skorpion

    ps4 XDBX Football League (Zadk)

    Have to double check when I can use @Zadk13l91s account, but I can do around 10-11pm GMT if that works for you?
  10. Can change it to submitted by editing the OP and changing the prefix, or just tag me in a post saying it's ready. As DJ said, you'll only need this approved if you want it on the calendar separate from WOW. If you do want it posted separately you'll need to update the OP so I have something to put on the calendar, but other than that it would be approved once vetting is finished.
  11. Skorpion

    ps4 Fun Down Under (Skorpion & Snacks)

    I'm incredibly late with the post sorry, but here are the jobs for tonight's Endurance Extravaganza. 8th JULY 2017 ENDURANCE RACE Faswan GP by @no_snacks Podium: Skorpion, Zmurko, TheBoyBry Stock FMJ 25 Laps (est. 25-30 minutes) Slipstream OFF, Catch Up ON Mandatory one pit stop (even if the pickups don't work) ENDURANCE DEATHMATCH De Railed by @ScottyB MVP: Proto Team Deathmatch 30 Minutes Forced & Pickup Weapons (SMG, Assault Rifle, Grenades)
  12. Skorpion

    Crew Challenge 128 – Mirror Park Coupes

    I managed a 48.126 in the Felon and @Potato got 46.946 in the Zion, so total time is 1:35.072. Sorry I'm late with times as well. Haven't had easy access to the site like usual. Thanks again for using one of my tracks @djw180
  13. Skorpion

    ps4 XDBX Football League (Zadk)

    Good game @rspain.
  14. Skorpion

    ps4 Tour of Los Santos - TDM Edition

    Picture Perfect is set to 10 minutes but could be dropped to 5.
  15. Skorpion

    ps4 XDBX Football League (Zadk)

    Any chance of having our match on Thursday night or Friday morning/arvo AU time? Should be visiting Joel and he has faster net, so hopefully wont get the lag I've had in my last 2 matches.