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  1. Xyon14

    Dick or Not?

    I has planned on being an asshole but it was really hard to deal with the bounty hunters with their stupid lawdogs. The scent cover does not work and they will always find you!!! They are like Mounties always getting their man!
  2. I saved a boys dog in Strawberry, returned it to him and he told me that he had no family and that the dog is the closest thing he has. We chatted a moment more before I jumped on what I thought was my horse. The bastard shouts THEIF and his dog attacked me.... I had to shoot the dog before I died....What I learned, never get on the horse unless you are 100% sure its yours. ?
  3. Xyon14

    Physical or Digital?

    Does this mean the mime will be getting into the saddle via disc then?? Digital here btw. We're getting a second PS4 soon so it will be a good way for 2 of us to play the same game at the same time
  4. It wont work on my Ipad Boooo!
  5. If you like this guy you should check his other cover songs on youtube. He is frickin amazing
  6. Xyon14

    Comin' in hot....

    Welcome back Rabbit ?
  7. Xyon14

    The official funny pic thread

  8. Xyon14

    Just for theboybry

  9. Xyon14

    The official funny pic thread

  10. Xyon14

    Just for theboybry

  11. Xyon14

    The official funny pic thread

  12. Xyon14

    The official funny pic thread

  13. Xyon14

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    I've 4 transfers left just waiting to see who wins tonight's match before i see who will be the lucky 4 ?
  14. Xyon14

    The official funny pic thread

  15. Xyon14

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    When the first round is done will we be able to clear out the eliminated players without having to use the transfers?