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  1. No surprises there. Nothing new is actually added. It's just more variations of existing basic activities and some drip-feeding. Still nothing useful for posses, no free aim... a big ol' nothing as far as I'm concerned. They had better get their act together by June and have an actual content update out by then. No excuses, they have more resources than probably any other company out there and 5+ years of experience from GTA Online.
  2. Protocawl

    gta Crew Challenge 178 - Bandito Time

    4:09.651 Screenshot sent via PSN message. Tried to upload it to Twitter for almost 30mins, but Twitter is a broken pile of garbage.
  3. Protocawl

    gta&rdr Two Brothers Playlist

    I'll be there, but 10-20 mins late.
  4. Protocawl

    The Division 2

    I was quite interested in it when I saw it at... E3? last summer, mainly thanks to the positive changes, improvements from the 1st one. No idea when I'll get it, though. Definitely not right away.
  5. 1:02.514 (62.514) in the Vagner @Spinnaker1981 Sent screenshots of my time and Spinn's via PSN message. Also have the video of Spinn's time in case it's needed.
  6. Final time: RE-7B - 1:01.362 (61.362)
  7. Protocawl

    DiRT Rally 2.0

    I won't buy until all content has been released & there's a considerable price drop for the full release. Looks just a bit fishy and I want to know what they're hiding in the DLCs first. Probably wouldn't have time to play it anyway in the first half of this year.
  8. Protocawl

    ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    @DavidCore89 @PapOiteE @Schumi6581 @Beez @LimeGreenLegend @ErnYoung @Dodge It has been a long time since the last XDBX League rally season. I don't quite know yet if we can continue with the league as things stand. In addition to some IRL reasons, starting another season might be a lot more complicated, because Codemasters are doing such a poor job with the DiRT Rally website, that my web browsers are actually reporting the site as a serious security risk, since they are using outdated web certificates and whatever else there's wrong. I've never encountered such a poorly maintained website before, but CM have completely neglected that one it seems. I'll look into it a bit more. The plan was to start Season 6 in November last year, using the 70s rally cars class (RWD), then I got sidetracked with other games and IRL problems, eventually thinking we could perhaps continue in February, but IF the game's website is genuinely too risky to use now, it could mean the end for the league, since it can only be managed through that site. Would you guys be interested in starting another season in February, if it's still possible, though? Or perhaps later this year?
  9. Protocawl

    Well timed RPG

    Totally didn't expect something like that to hit me, looked at the map before that intersection as well, seemed to be out of harm's reach... I was wrong.
  10. Protocawl

    gta Crew Challenge 176 - Chaparal SUVs

    It really was close! Congratulations, @Potato & @The_Lady_A! T'was a very good challenge IMO, I enjoyed it.
  11. As a sidenote I would perhaps slightly prefer running the laps in GTA, but you can still keep me as "no preference", unless you need an extra on the "GTA only" list for some reason.
  12. Protocawl

    gta Crew Challenge 176 - Chaparal SUVs

    Final improvement to my Contender time: 1:12.340 Below 1:12 or even below 1:11 is certainly possible, I got close many times, but there was always some tiny error that screwed it up. Sending the screenshot via PSN message again, @djw180.
  13. Protocawl

    The official funny pic thread

    You requested it and I promised a pic, so here it is, @Dodge:
  14. Protocawl

    The official funny pic thread

    ... Cant quite tell who's on the pic here: @Dodge or @JustHatched?

Domestic Battery Gaming

Online communities, in particular video game communities, have a reputation for negative and abusive behavior which is not always undeserved. That isn't us, Domestic Battery takes pride in being a crew for people who are mature. This means being able to treat each other with a basic level of respect, being able to cooperate during events, and being able to have fun together. We are all from different backgrounds with different life experiences. What we have in common is that we enjoy playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V and other games in a social environment which is healthy and rewarding.