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  1. zztop911

    Far Cry 5 - Con Goes Fishing for 1st Time

    Upgraded weapons and utilization of perks are very key into fun play
  2. zztop911

    TV shows

    Martha Higareda is a little hottie too!
  3. zztop911

    Far Cry 5 - Con Goes Fishing for 1st Time

    LMMFAO! Never done that!
  4. zztop911

    Car videos

    I'm not much into the Import scene, but I would totally get off on this car!
  5. zztop911

    What did you do today?

    Got up at 4AM to start the fire in my smoker. 4:45AM meat was on the racks. I smoked: 4 full racks of pork ribs 2 full pork loins 2 big Boston Butts for pulled pork 2:45PM Was stuffing my gut 4:58PM Wanting to got to sleep.
  6. zztop911

    UnVetted member

    Well hell!
  7. zztop911

    UnVetted member

    Welcome Isaac! This event is very fun!
  8. zztop911

    My new (to me) S10

    Good deal hatch! It's the best way to go, believe me!
  9. zztop911

    My new (to me) S10

    I like that grill in the air damn. There's better solution to those old school slapper bars. CalTracs are bolt on and adjustable alternative. Pinion angle stays the same. Adjustable pre-load to keep the vehicle straight. Improve traction....car goes straight. I put them on my friend's Maverick and it totally changed the car, especially after I dialed in the correct pinion angle. A must have in all the leaf spring drag racing classes. Great people to work with! http://www.calvertracing.com/caltracs.html
  10. zztop911

    Names of Shame?

    Ultra, JJ and I were racing with randoms this past week and we were blessed with "HillarysClam" for a few races! We all just about fell over with laughter.
  11. zztop911

    Did you see any good cars today ?

    Sorry for the crappy picture, but this guy was NOT putt-putting around! Porsche GT3............not a common sight in small town East Texas!
  12. Coming back from shopping: Yeah.....If I didn't slow down while listening to this, I WOULD be going to hell! I looked down and I was doing around 93mph in my damn SuperDuty. Hit the brakes pretty hard, topped a hill and there was a Texas Highway Patrol officer! Cruise control is a MUST in this damn truck! LOL!
  13. zztop911

    Did you see any good cars today ?

    One bad Mustang! This is my friend Dean 's 2014 GT Mustang.He's consulted me about this car from the very beginning. When he was looking for a new car, he knew he wanted a new Mustang after his totaling of his 04 Cobra and owning a Vette and new Challenger. He thought he wanted a manual, until we drove one with the 6R80 auto. It's had several mods, with only one not performing as expected....a plate nitrous system that he chose over my recommendation of a direct port system. I think he learned his lesson. Current Mod list: Steeda cold air intake Ford Boss intake with NX direct port nitrous system with NX nitrous controller................currently a 150 shot 3800 stall converter with lock up. Last two weeks Suspension mods BMR K member BMR radiator mount BMR front control arms BMR front and rear drag springs BMR non adjustable lower control arms and relocation brackets BMR adjustable upper arm and mount One piece drive shaft BMR anti-roll bar. QA1 single adjustable front shocks Viking double adjustable rear shocks Went out last night and hit the bottle from a dig. The car hooked on the concrete. Tuner didn't adjust the tranny shifts as requested, so I tweaked them so the nitrous didn't cut off between shifts. He already had an offroad x-pipe with some GT500 mufflers before the last rounds of mods. I told him that the exhaust was holding back the Boss intake and that he should install Kooks long tube headers with over the axle pipes and MagnaFlow mufflers. We put the car on the dyno yesterday and it showed how bad the exhaust was holding back the engine. The car had a 41 rear wheel HP peak increase from the above mods. More showing was that the HP did not drop before the rpm limit as it did before. It carried an increase from 4200 all the way to 7500. I knew the would be a nice increase, but I didn't expect that damn much! It made 427RWHP/376RWTQ NA and 582RWHP/580RWTQ. It now weighs 3457lbs and should go down to around 3400 when the new rear tires and lithium battery goes in. At his track with the crappy air, he should be able to bump just into the 10s at around 124-125 mph. At one of the many track around me, I'm pretty sure it would be an easy 10.50 car! Hopefully it will pull at least a 1.55 or better 60ft time. It just depends on how quickly he can bring in the nitrous on the launch. The returnless fuel system is a bit limiting with nitrous and overall tuning. When and if he replaces this engine in around two years with a fully built and upgraded engine, we'll install a return style system like I built for my Mach1. I hope you gearheads enjoyed a bit of what I love to do. As soon as I find a good donor engine and tranny, I think I'll start a thread on transplanting a 2015 up Coyote 5.0 engine and auto into my 03 Mach1 that I want to bring back to the streets.
  14. zztop911

    My new (to me) S10

    Yeah! Love that dash!
  15. zztop911

    The Walking Dead **Spoilers**

    Parts of this series has become quite stupid. I was VERY annoyed by the scene at the Sanctuary in prep to leave for the confrontation. It looked like a "Joey Chipwood" crisscross close call crash scene that seemed like it never would end. Groups of people crisscrossing each other for no real reason was just plain absurd..