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  1. zztop911

    Post Pics of your new shit

    New outfit fer da girl! Kifflom!!!!!!
  2. zztop911

    Post Pics of your new shit

    I just HAD to do it!
  3. Killer fishing spot close to the butcher in Blackwater. Just south of the butcher at the narrow jetty still in town. Just look for fish sign. Can pick up some fish easily or just fish. Very quick turnaeround. Do use if you find yourself on a solo lobby!
  4. zztop911

    Two Brothers Playlist (GTA & RDR)

    I'm ready!
  5. zztop911

    special Rdro fishing tournament

    Why limit it to worms since the money and gold drop?
  6. zztop911

    Beta Feedback

    The update has increased the drain on your horse Stamina and frequency in brushing to a VERY annoying point.
  7. zztop911

    What happens when you eat Bulrush

    Never happened to me, but you ate it from your satchel.
  8. Can you say "TRIGGERED"?
  9. zztop911

    How are you making money?

    Done that! Fun, but can take forever
  10. zztop911

    How are you making money?

    Farm the hell out of Farm animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL farm animals! There is an achievement for going fully outlaw! Missions will correct the honor, once you have the achievement. I've made big hauls with fully maxed meat, skins and feathers at Emerald Ranch that were almost $50. Start at around 9PM, as soon as farm hands leave. Kill and skin all the animals, go a little distance away and the animals re-spawn. You have until dawn. Hunt deer on the way to butcher in Rhodes.
  11. zztop911

    returning crew member

    Welcome back
  12. zztop911

    Mama, I'm coming home again!

    Welcome back
  13. zztop911

    Would like to rejoin for RDR 2

    Welcome back
  14. zztop911

    Beta Feedback

    Same here