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  1. zztop911

    Crew Challenge 162 - Two Times Bounty Challenge

    Just WAAAAAY too many restrictions for my taste. The people you're fighting will use everything available in the game.
  2. zztop911

    Squirrels Series of Unfortunate Events

    Squirrel still hunting for that elusive nut! LMMFAO!
  3. zztop911

    Car videos

    Life is truly strange and you never know what twists and turns await around the corner. I met this man at a change of command ceremony for for the Admiral my wife worked for and the godfather of my second son........long story on the Admiral/godfather thing. Really strange thing was that I had seen this car in the owners garage several years earlier when attending a party held by the owner's son. I tagged along with one of the invited guests. Naturally with car guys present, the conversation changed to our favorite topic. The Admiral's son showed us the car covered up in the garage in a corner . I asked to see the engine and the son obliged me. At the time, I had never seen, nor knew about, a four cylinder Ferrari. I had to rack my brain after watching this vid. The story just had too many coincidences for me to leave it alone. LOL! I had to sit down and think about where I was stationed to see if it fit to where the Admiral was stationed at the same time. The biggest reason I had questions if it was the same car, was that the Admiral just doesn't look like the man I remember. Good ol' Google fixed that, so I felt I could share the vid AND the little story. Enjoy!
  4. zztop911

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    No, not really. I did a $1.3M sale yesterday and it was only tree drops. I had Ultra running plane guard, but wasn't needed. Very easy sale!
  5. zztop911

    Roof Control

  6. zztop911

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    That no expenses is quite profitable!! And quite sizable!
  7. zztop911

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    I don't think so sinister. Some contact missions just kick you out if you are inside somewhere.
  8. zztop911

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    Blow up is just one and easy.
  9. zztop911

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    Well not directly associated with this DLC, I thought this would be the best place to post it where a large majority would get to view it. I finally fixed my problem with missing sniper ammo. I had my character watching TV while in a mission. I was doing the Blow Up mission. Just before I went back to the dealership, I stopped at ammunition. I filled up all my ammo and when got to the sniper rifle, I changed the tint. I figured it was a worthwhile try and maybe Force the game to make a save to the sniper rifle and the ammo. Well it worked! After I spawn back in a public Lobby, I went ahead and changed outfits to make the game save after checking whether I can buy any ammo through the interaction menu. I went to another Lobby and hit is still good! I hope this helps someone that is in the same predicament as I was.
  10. zztop911

    TV shows

    Just watched the First program in the series "Lost Treasures of the Maya" on National Geographic Channel. It's incurable in how LIDAR is changing ahrchology's view of the Maya! Well worth DVR if you're into science. Also watching "Lost World Tuesdays" at the moment on the same channel. New program on the frozen mummies of the Inca. is on now.
  11. I like my posts with just a hint of sarcasm.
  12. zztop911

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    You better not EVER change that shirt! LMMFAO!
  13. zztop911

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    It seems to be worthwhile and the console was cool....pretty much as cool as while in standby mode.
  14. zztop911

    EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2016

    This should be right up your ally Hatch! This is a sexy ass bitch here! One bad ass bush plane!
  15. zztop911

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    Well just went over an hour too long, so after 13 hours I acquired $540,000worth of product, only $10, 000 in the safe, but no regular expenses incurred. That's roughly $276, 000 worth of expenses saved. So roughly in 13 hours it was well over a quarter of a million dollars earned essentially.