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  1. LimeGreenLegend

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    @Con I’ve seen all of them except Vice.
  2. LimeGreenLegend

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    @Con here's my picks (for the categories that matter ) Best Picture - Roma Leading Actress - Olivia Coleman Supporting Actress - Regina King Leading Actor - Rami Malek Supporting Actor - Mahershala Ali Director - Alfonso Cuaron Original Screenplay - Green Book Adapted Screenplay - If Beale Street Could Talk Animated Feature - Into the Spider-Verse Cinematography - Roma Original Score - Isle of Dogs Original Song - Shallow
  3. LimeGreenLegend

    gta Tip Touching - Anniversary Edition

    The RSVP list is filling up nicely. 11 going (plus Jag, who’s coming too) and 2 maybes. Keep it going guys!
  4. LimeGreenLegend

    Keeping Dodge away from Lime's Tip

    Thanks for keeping his greasy mitts offa my tip.
  5. LimeGreenLegend

    Ace Combat 7

    Let me know how the vr mode is.
  6. LimeGreenLegend

    Censoring the website?

    since when was that a thing?
  7. LimeGreenLegend

    gta Tip Touching - Anniversary Edition

    That's cool, but this is for the week after
  8. LimeGreenLegend

    gta Tip Touching - Anniversary Edition

    Playlist is all made up and ready to go with room for 30! All the jobs are my personal favourite insane, explosive, and not very serious ones. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/playlists/playlist/gZW6XsVFaEe8MxBfzaajbg Hopefully we will get a pretty full lobby, so I'll see you all at the strip club in your brightest outfits.
  9. LimeGreenLegend

    Going to Disney World

    You’re in charge of a bunch of kids at Disney World? Is this the new Bad News Bears film?
  10. LimeGreenLegend

    3rd Anniversary - Lime's First-Person Playlist

    Playlist starts about 20 minutes in.
  11. My first-person playlist from the 3rd anniversary event.
  12. @Squirrel's Screwball Playlist from the 3rd anniversary event.
  13. LimeGreenLegend

    Hi everyone

    Welcome dude
  14. LimeGreenLegend

    Lime's Book Reviews

    The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon (1966) This was one I had to concentrate when reading, not that I didn't end up enjoying it in the end, but it was hard to follow. One morning Oedipa Maas receives a letter informing her that she has been named executor of the will of a former lover. This leads to his stamp collection, which in turn leads to a secret society, which leads to a play about sixteenth century letter delivery, which is entwined with the secret society and everyone she meets is strange and most of them end up dead by the end. I really liked Oedipa, the main character. Much like Ida Arnold, from Brighton Rock, she becomes a detective out of necessity, through which she finds out things about herself relating to her relationships mainly, especially with her husband, even though he doesn't appear in the book very often. This was a harder read also because of the style in which it was written. It's totally a product of its time; mid-sixties Californian counter-culture, LSD and free-love (both of which are at least mentioned in the book) pot smoking teenagers etc etc. This is reflected in the postmodern almost stream of consciousness style it uses, like James Joyce or Virginia Wolfe, (the plot, to me, felt almost stream of conscious-y, one event leading on to the next almost at random) but if you work with the text you'll get a lot out of it. I just want to leave a passage of the book here, because it is quite beautifully written: "She had heard all about excluded middles; they were bad shit, to be avoided; and how had it ever happened here, with the chances once so good for diversity? For it was now like walking along matrices of a great digital computer, the zeroes and ones twinned above, hanging like balanced mobiles right and left, ahead, thick, maybe endless. Behind the hieroglyphic streets there would either be a transcendent meaning, or only the earth. In the songs Miles, Dean, Serge and Leonard sang was either some fraction of the truth's numinous beauty (as Mucho now believed) or only a power spectrum. Tremaine the Swastika Salesman's reprieve from holocaust was either an injustice, or an absence of a wind; the bones of the GIs at the bottom of Lake Inverarity were there either for a reason that mattered to the world, or for skin divers and cigarette smokers. Ones and zeroes. So did the couples arrange themselves. At Vesperhaven House either an accommodation reached, in some kind of dignity, with the Angel of Death, or only death and the daily, tedious preparations for it. Another mode of meaning behind the obvious, or none. Either Oedipa in the orbiting ecstasy of a true paranoia, or a real Tristero. For there was either some Tristero beyond the appearance of the legacy America, or there was just America and if there was just America then it seemed the only way she could continue, and manage to be at all relevant to it, was an alien, unfurrowed, assumed full circle into some paranoia." Short and confusing, but it does some really good things (like Tom Cruise) 7/10 Up next is The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan.
  15. LimeGreenLegend

    Bon Voyage, Swedish Boy

    We should see how high a fall you can survive