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  1. LimeGreenLegend

    returning crew member

    Welcome back dude
  2. LimeGreenLegend

    Team Kill In Overtime

    Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat here.  Moments like this is why I play Overwatch.  That, and the tea-bagging.
  3. LimeGreenLegend

    What was the most recent thing you bought?

    Football Manager 2019 on Steam. Gonna see if I can win anything with Exeter, or get sacked trying.
  4. LimeGreenLegend

    Dick or Not?

    Uh oh.
  5. LimeGreenLegend

    Going over the waterfall

    Can't wait to do this kind of stuff with all you guys online. Actual scavenger hunt hunts!
  6. LimeGreenLegend

    Badass Cowgirl

    The newest character was revealed at Blizzcon recently, and it's perfectly timed to coincide with all the Red Dead hype. She's a badass outlaw cowgirl and she looks amazing.
  7. LimeGreenLegend

    More Animated Shorts!

    Timed perfectly to coincide with all the Red Dead hype comes the newest cinematic short, Reunion, starring McCree and introducing his old gang, which includes the new character, Ashe.
  8. LimeGreenLegend

    yo from SGTair-raid

    Welcome back dude
  9. LimeGreenLegend

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    Train racing.
  10. LimeGreenLegend

    Re-joining for RDR2

    Welcome back dude
  11. LimeGreenLegend

    Show Me Your Guns

    Since there's a pretty decent amount of customisation options for the guns in this game, lets see what yours look like. Here are my main four weapons.
  12. LimeGreenLegend

    RDR2 Screenshots

  13. LimeGreenLegend

    Firewall: Zero Hour - A Must Have!

    No single player option. The community is the biggest on psvr, the guy I was playing with in the clip above plays it every day pretty much and never has to wait to get a game.
  14. LimeGreenLegend

    Firewall: Zero Hour - A Must Have!

    Picked this up today in a bundle with the Aim controller, and it is frigging fantastic! It's basically Rainbow 6 Siege in vr. Two squads of four go against each other to either defend or attack an objective. You only get one life and a short time limit to do it so every round is tense with short, violent bursts of action. Using the Aim controller feels great and adds to the immersion of the whole experience. It looks great too, especially playing on the pro, and even though I only played a few rounds so far all the levels were varied and had their own character. There's also a deep customisable system, which I know nothing about yet Even though it's been out for two months there's still a large and active community and I had to wait no time to get into games. @Squirrel you need to get this, it's one of the best games I've played on PSVR.
  15. LimeGreenLegend

    Auto Riding Working Perfectly

    I love that in cinematic mode your horse will follow the road automatically.  Doesn't always work out so well though.