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  1. Danielle

    [SPOILERS] The Story of RDR2

    I don't think I've ever felt so emotional over a game. I'm still on part 2 of the epilogue but I feel so heartbroken, it actually feels like I have lost a friend. I had to take a moment when Arthur said goodbye to his horse, shouldn't have named her after my dog... the first time I have cried playing a game. The 4 endings are pretty much the same, the choice to go with John or not and then variations on those depending on whether you are honourable or not. I was honourable and went with John.
  2. Danielle

    Post a pic of ur horse

    So happy when I found this one I'm going to name her Oli after our oldest dalmatian
  3. Danielle

    Fallout 76 - BETA CODES

    Yeah it finishes at 8, didnt realise it was so short. The session on thursday is 7pm - 1am
  4. Danielle

    Fallout 76 - BETA CODES

    Yes next session is tomorrow 6pm UTC
  5. Danielle

    Fallout 76 - BETA CODES

    Of course, they added 2 more sessions so you will be able to
  6. Danielle

    Fallout 76 - BETA CODES

    I played the beta on Thursday, I'm a huge fan of FO4 so this game is just incredible to me. There were a few glitches but nothing massive. I can see why it's more fun to play with others too, it's cool seeing other players running around.
  7. Danielle

    Fallout 76 - BETA CODES

    Oh I was confused
  8. Danielle

    Fallout 76 - BETA CODES

    I'll send you one anyway, it's worth a shot There's one session tonight at 9pm UTC and tomorrow at 6pm!
  9. Bethesda have given 3 extra codes to players who have played the beta, please let me know if you would like one ASAP as you will have to download it as well. The next scheduled beta time is in 13 hours.
  10. Danielle

    RDR2 Screenshots

    Nice one!
  11. Danielle

    Useful Information

    Thank you
  12. Danielle

    Useful Information

    Spoiler tags messed up and I dunno how to fix it on macbook ?
  13. I keep coming across information that you all might find helpful at some point so I'm gonna start posting it here as I find it Wanted Levels Hunting Various useful tips from reddit Interactive map - https://rdr2map.com/
  14. I saw this earlier - So pretty much a mask/bandana, new outfit, new horse and different guns.