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  1. vishesh_91

    FIFA 16

    Possibly the biggest scam in gaming.Over the past few days the FIFA community have found a glitch in FUT's chemistry system. All the new upgraded players in packs actually do not perform better than their previous versions due to this glitch which makes opening packs almost pointless.Only the significant upgrades like Team of the Year and Season perform according to their card stats. EA make around 650 mil USD+ from what I have heard every year from Ultimate Team and this glitch has been proven to exist in previous versions of FIFA as well.Ive been on the EA forums and Reddit and people are furious about this.I personally haven't spent anything on packs,but if you guys have then maybe this will be of interest.
  2. vishesh_91

    PS4 and Wifi

    When setting up your internet connection change MTU to 1473.Default is 1500.I had really slow downloads too. Another thing you could try is to pause and then resume the download.
  3. vishesh_91

    Domination (Ninja)

    Tonight has been cancelled due to lack of players.
  4. vishesh_91

    Domination (Ninja)

    I'll be hosting tonight guys.If I'm not on your friends list my PSN is vishesh_91
  5. vishesh_91

    List of players

    I have this game and mostly play in the EU timezone.
  6. vishesh_91

    The 2015-2016 Beautiful Game Thread

    Wow,we just beat Munich and that too without conceding.What a victory!
  7. Not a Gta accomplishment but I just finished playing The Last Of Us on Grounded difficulty.What a game!
  8. vishesh_91

    PS4 update 3.0 details

    Wow!From 1 to 10 GB is a massive upgrade and was much needed.
  9. I've had the following issues since I've upgraded: Touchpad isn't working properly System hangs randomly and runs slowly at times Everytime I switch on the laptop it automatically runs a disc check I'm going to reset the laptop soon and see if it makes things better. As for going back to Windows 8,there is an option to do so(only for 30 days after upgrading) but I am not sure of the consequences.
  10. vishesh_91

    Movie and song on your DOB

    DOB:July 11,1991. No.1 Song:Everything I Do(I Do It For You)-Bryan Adams No.1 Movie: Terminator 2-Judgement Day
  11. vishesh_91

    List of Players

    I play this game regularly too.
  12. vishesh_91

    Names of Shame?

  13. vishesh_91

    Rocket League anyone?

    Oh yes!! This game is a lot of fun,count me in.
  14. vishesh_91

    Proto's Whimsical Troublemaker Festival

    Event Host: Protocawl Event Start Date: 7/4/2015 Event Start Time (GMT): 8 PM Estimated Duration: 1.5-2 hrs Reoccurring or One Time Event?: Reoccurring Join Protocawl every Saturday at 8 PM GMT for a themed playlist consisting of a variety of jobs Proto's Whimsical Troublemaker Festival (WTF) is a themed Saturday PL for a maximum of 16 players (sometimes less; it will be announced in this thread). This weekly PL will be making use of MOST JOB TYPES that GTA:O has to offer. There will be more or less free-roam action before and/or after the PL as well, depending on the theme. The PL itself will consist of 2-16 jobs, depending on the length of the jobs and the week's theme. Most times the PL will be out of the ordinary in different ways (there could be special outfits required, dirty racing could be encouraged, owned weapons with a specific weapon could be used in certain jobs, BP helmets could become a requirement, not to mention some wacky/special themes and very different combinations of jobs in the PLs, etc.). RULES: No BP Helmets allowed (unless stated otherwise) No calling to Lester No calling to Merryweather No dirty racing (unless stated otherwise) If you want to make it and can actually make it to this PL, RSVP! If you don't know for sure if you can make it, but are interested in joining if you can, let me know here or via PM. When I open a Closed Crew Session lobby for this PL, I will announce it in the Shoutbox, so always keep an eye on the Shoutbox before the start of this PL if you're attending. Anyone and everyone looking for a new type of playlist, look no further! Join in on the fun now!
  15. Definitely getting this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOep5O6KOzM