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  1. Squirrel

    ps4 Wasting Flares

    http://rsg.ms/7741b25 This is a job I've thought of a while ago and seeing as I popped on to the creator recently I thought I'd try create it. This is a very experimental job requiring speed and teamwork. The stage I'm at now is just a proof of concept to make sure it works. If it does work as planned then I'll update the props and make it look pretty, The premise of the job is to have one of your team jump in the drivers seat of the wastelander and drive as fast as you can to the capture point at the end of the track. The rest of your team will be stood in the back of the vehicle with a choice of two weapons. Upto two players per team will have a homing launcher, their job is to take out the opposite teams wastelander on the other track. The rest of the team are armed with flare guns. It's their job to deflect any homing missiles coming towards their wastelander. This job really needs a minimum of 6 in toral to get working and will work better at a maximum of 8 per team. I don't think anymore people will fit on a wastelander but I can try and add more if needed. It will be important to try and set off as quickly as possible, don't hang around deciding whose doing what job, just climb on and go for it. As I've said this is highly experimental and I'm planning on making lots of changes once the concept has been tested. Rounds are set to 5 minutes, 1 vehicle needed to win the round, 1st to 3 rounds to win. I'm hoping this works.
  2. Squirrel

    GT Sport Supercup Round 21

    Thought I'd add a clip of a close 3 way battle for third from the latest round of the Supercup on GT Sport. Some very close clean racing showing the improving standard of the league. Lots of fun happening over on GT Sport, this current season of Supercup will be coming to a close soon but we are already planning our next championship involving multi-class racing before Supercup returns again next year.
  3. Squirrel

    Glastonbury & Other Festivals.

    It's one of the few festivals around where you buy your ticket without any idea who is actually going to be there. It's an experience either way and you will find something to your liking.
  4. Squirrel

    planning Baccar (Hotring Sabre)

    @Crawford1872 I've replaced all the slow down strips at Rockingham with walls now. Added a touch of scenery and the lap count is currently set to 15. If there's anything that needs adjusting just shout.
  5. Squirrel

    Glastonbury & Other Festivals.

    Closing date for registrations for Glasto 2019 is in 3 days. Tickets go on sale in just over 2 weeks time. I'm not looking forward to those frantic 20 minutes where your festival plans all hinge on being able to get through to the sales page.
  6. Squirrel

    planning Baccar (Hotring Sabre)

    Since Rockingham was made there’s been an increase in prop count. I should be able to replace the slow down strips on the edge of the track with walls. This will keep people off the kerbs.
  7. Squirrel

    planning Baccar (Hotring Sabre)

    Got to agree with you when it comes to the vast majority of real track recreations. They just don’t work as a GTA track, however there are a few exceptions.
  8. Squirrel

    planning Baccar (Hotring Sabre)

    Rockingham: http://rsg.ms/266968c Infinite Mile: http://rsg.ms/2439422 I'm assuming you meant Suzuka instead of Fuji: http://rsg.ms/5d31a49 Chubbs Monza: http://rsg.ms/551e1d2 He will adjust laps if necessary
  9. Squirrel

    planning Baccar (Hotring Sabre)

    Is it just ovals you want? I know you were considering some of the wide open Supercup tracks as well.
  10. Squirrel


    I’ve heard good things about it but I need to resist for now. So many things I need to buy at the moment. I have heard there’s potential for a gaming universe similar to the MCU. Anyone whose been watching any of the Netflix marvel series will be familiar with many of the locations in the game. There’s a ton of detail on the ground that you don’t see 99% of the time as you’re busy in the rooftops. They could be using the same map for games featuring Punisher, Daredevil etc.
  11. Squirrel


    I’ve found a video from the future. @TheBoyBry do you have a time machine?
  12. Squirrel

    What did you do today?

    Italians are better than Spanish builders. Ask them when a job will be complete and the answer will always be “manana”
  13. Squirrel

    What did you do today?

    Needs a bit of work. I know a plasterer who could improve it
  14. Squirrel

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    @Con I love a good shark film but the Meg definitely missed the target. You’re right about the gore. It was almost completely lacking. It definitely needed more blood and more boobs. The acting was cheesy enough and the one liners were bad which is a plus for this kind of film. What really let it down is the lack of body count.
  15. Squirrel

    Helping Each Other Through Resident Evil 7

    I'm still scared