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  1. Squirrel

    Helping Each Other Through Resident Evil 7

    There were witnesses. I doubt I could recreate my reaction for a video
  2. Squirrel

    Helping Each Other Through Resident Evil 7

    Had my first oh fuck moment. I no longer like Mia. 😵
  3. Squirrel

    planning PSVR Night

    Might have to see if I can randomly come across a download online 🤫
  4. Squirrel

    planning PSVR Night

    I’ve not tried watching films yet. I have managed to download the media server app so I can play any film or program saved on my PC.
  5. Squirrel

    planning PSVR Night

    My current problem is hard drive space. So many of the VR games are download only. Ive not installed Wipeout, Skyrim or many of the others I’ve got due to the measly 500GB capacity. I am looking at changing my HD but probably won’t be on this months paycheck. I may pick up sports bar though depending on how much space it takes although it will probably mean uninstalling RE7 😂
  6. Squirrel

    PSVR Games: Reviews and Recommendations

    I’ve been wanting to buy it but after already buying it for PS3 and PC I didn’t want to pay £50 for it. I can’t pass up a bargain!
  7. Squirrel

    PSVR Games: Reviews and Recommendations

    Skyrim VR currently £14.99 in the UK psn store. Worth checking to see if its a similar price in your area.
  8. Squirrel

    planning PSVR Night

    Rec Room is a definite. Theres a lot of free multiplayer games to play on there including paintball, disc golf and a lot of others I’ve not tried yet. This Saturday will be tricky for the English/Swedish members of the crew though as some of us will be celebrating and others crying.
  9. Squirrel

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    9. 😁
  10. Squirrel

    ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    Couple of questions, will all the combat jobs be Musket based? If so will it be free aim to simulate the inacurracy of the weapon?
  11. Squirrel

    Helping Each Other Through Resident Evil 7

    Bucket on standby
  12. Squirrel

    Helping Each Other Through Resident Evil 7

    With all the world cup drinking going on I’ve not had much time for gaming. Will be back on soon
  13. Squirrel

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    It’s truly make or break time for the teams involved in the cup and our own championship. Have we backed the right players?
  14. Squirrel

    Werewolves Within

    I’ve played the real life card game version of this so can already tell it will be fun
  15. Squirrel

    What did you do today?

    Today I’m at a FUNeral. All about the celebration of life rather than the usual sombre affair. The dress code was anything but black. Brighter the better. Horse drawn hearse carriage with the white horses dressed as unicorns, funeral cars are pink limos. The wake is a cocktail bar with DJ and topless bodybuilder waiters. There’s gay lapdancing all over the place. Rainbows are everywhere. It’s such a positive way to celebrate the end of someone’s life. More funerals should be this way.