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  1. ssracingn2

    Barrel Roll Goodness

    Glad I could help.
  2. ssracingn2

    ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    ok so I am giving this a go.
  3. ssracingn2

    Star Trek Bridge Crew

    I will be downloading the game after I eat dinner.
  4. ssracingn2

    Contact Racing

    I prefer noncontact to contact because I am afraid of screwing up someone elses race. I am one to say sorry alot. The reasoning is because of there is a crash ahead of me I should see it in enough time to not be apart of it or I cause it and actually feel bad. I try to be mindful of who I am around and if they are faster try and find a spot to "give" them the position.
  5. ssracingn2

    Regent Class Retrofit Assault Cruiser

    We talked but just for everyones knowledge it is for all characters that are the correct faction.
  6. ssracingn2

    Regent Class Retrofit Assault Cruiser

    Well I decided to go a different direct. http://sto.gamepedia.com/Dyson_Strategic_Science_Destroyer I went with this ship. Overall the ship is not the best in either Science/Tactical. If you want a good multi purpose ship this is a good buy. I went onega so I have the extra science station. All 3 classes have different console setups.
  7. @Lijanor For an attacking science vessel I think this will help some. http://sto.necrobones.com/science-dps.html
  8. ssracingn2

    Solanae Hybrid Technologies

    I wish the warp core was available for this. A good defensive setup until I think late in the game when the SOL set becomes available. This set works well for me in PVE I haven't used it in PVP yet.
  9. ssracingn2

    Regent Class Retrofit Assault Cruiser

    Probably the best or one of in the Fed lineup.
  10. ssracingn2

    Requesting to join

    Welcome. I play STO as well. Lvl 50 Romulan in Klingon fleet and lvl50 in Starfleet flee . Also working on a lvl 30 klingon.
  11. ssracingn2


    I don't follow basketball as much as I used to but I am a Pacers fan. I watch alot of NCAA basketball and I am a Indiana Hoosiers fan.
  12. ssracingn2

    Star Trek Online XDBX Fleets

    Congrats @Dodge
  13. ssracingn2

    Star Trek Online XDBX Fleets

    Well I will be busy most of tomorrow but should be able to get on Sunday.
  14. ssracingn2

    Star Trek Online XDBX Fleets

    Just hit lvl 50 on the Starfleet side.
  15. ssracingn2

    Star Trek Online on PS4 and XB1

    Started my Klingon today. Still have a few lvls to go but almost there.