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  1. Burgermauger

    Best way to make money

    Weird sinister I have the ultimate and the map isint in his hand when I go there
  2. Burgermauger

    Best way to make money

    There is 1 gold bar to get in the burned out town of Limpany right below the camp. It is in the building next to the jail in a lockbox. I was looking to see if I had the 4th treasure map that starts there, but I didn’t pre order it in time I guess. The gold bar can be fenced for $500.
  3. Burgermauger

    Best way to make money

    I’ve got the ultimate and 2 maps but doesn’t say anything about treasure on it. I’d love to get that as well as the 3 other treasure maps I finished.
  4. Burgermauger

    Your RDR2 Stories...

    Sorry that wasn’t Valentine it was Strawberry I was in....,
  5. Burgermauger

    Your RDR2 Stories...

    Prob an upgrade to the horse Con, I hope I don’t have that problem again anyway!
  6. Burgermauger

    Your RDR2 Stories...

    I was riding north of Valentine and found a guy hunting so I was helping him hunt then I heard him say I thought I’d see you. Then comes charging a bear ( not legendary mission ) I was mashing circle to break free and finally got some shots away and killed it. Got a poor skin for it. I took the healing tonic to revive. Kept on meandering north found a cabin in Vetters echo went to door to see if I could steal from contents. I open the door and as I open the door there was another god dam bear inside the cabin. It broke through the back of the cabin and killed the owner. So now I’m back to mashing circle to break free. Finally killed it. Skinned it and brought to Conrad my horse, and you can only carry 1 bear skin FFS!
  7. Burgermauger

    Our first wedding photo

    Thanks everyone it’s been a crazy but great last 2 months. Bought a house, moved, married and honeymoon all in month of May.
  8. Burgermauger

    Cruise Honeymoon

    Hatch you wouldn’t even realize your on the water on these ships if you didn’t go outside.
  9. Burgermauger

    Cruise Honeymoon

    Carnival Magic cruise to Amber Cove, Dominican Republic— St Thomas USVI— San Juan Puerto Rico— Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Our home for the week Carnival Magic Dominican St Thomas USVI Drakes Seat, overlooking Magan’s Bay a must see in St Thomas San Juan PR Grand Turk
  10. Burgermauger

    Our first wedding photo

    One of the reasons why I haven’t been around lately... I got married May 19th, to my beautiful wife.
  11. Burgermauger


    We went to Amber cove DR/ St Thomas USVI/ San Juan PR/ and Gand Turk TC. We are doing the same itenerary in May because we like those ports. Our favourite is St Thomas. We aren’t a fan of going to Mexico. The buffets are good. Your on vacation don’t worry about it ! I gained 15 pound on our 7 day cruise lol.
  12. Burgermauger


    Tech now I know you on Carnival, Guys burgers will be the best burger you will ever eat. I still crave them. As for cheers package they will still charge you gratuities, but if you slip the bartender where you are going to be the most $30 he will take care of you like a goddess. they just announced a fee for ordering room service after 10pm so if you have a late night craving go up deck to pizza or deli for free. also instead of eating at buffet in mornings and sea day brunch you can go to dining room. We did not know this as it’s better quality food than buffet. yes the serenity deck is heaven! Go early tho. if I think of anything else I’ll post.
  13. Burgermauger


    Yes tech we cruised first time on Carnival Glory last year and we are cruising in May this year on our honeymoon. prepay your gratuities so that isint a surprise at the end. If you like soda coffee or specialty drinks get the soda package. Otherwise it’s just juice and water for free. I don’t know if your a drinker, but those drinks aren’t included. i would suggest anytime dining. I’m not fond of sitting with people I don’t know. This is in the dining room. You can order as many entrees or desserts as you like. The chocolate melting cake on Carnival is amazing. I always order 2. get off the ship and explore, it’s worth it to see different cultures. But make sure your back on time. The ship WILL leave without you! if your on Carnival go to the adults only area to get away from kids...there are lots. if you have any specific questions as away. burgermauger
  14. Burgermauger

    Pricise's Introduction

    Welcome fellow Ontarian, add me to your friend list to hang out sometime.
  15. Burgermauger

    Ernyoung again?

    Good to see you back Ern