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  1. LN-MLB

    ps4 My 25,000th kill (upcoming)

    Congratulations, Pete! You've only got a little over 30,000 more to go to catch up with me. I can't even remember my 25,000 kill, so definitely take some time, come up with a plan, and make it memorable. I like the bus idea; I used to place stickies inside of a car (without using passive), drive it to pick up @G37or Desuno, and jump out of the vehicle at the last minute before setting them off. Doing this with a chopper is quite fun too. I'll see if I can think of anything else, but I'm sure you will come up with something good. Congratulations again!
  2. LN-MLB

    Cars you would never sell?

    With six garages, I hope that I'm never forced to sell anything else ever again. For me though, it is anything in the Sports Classics or Muscle category; I don't like selling any of my cars as it is, but these are the ones that I just cannot part with. Casco, Dukes, Blade, Stinger, Mamba, Manana, Sabre Turbo, and the list goes on. Outside of those classes and the ones necessary for racing, I've taken a great liking to the Omnis, and I could never part with well-established pieces of my collection like the Sandking XL, Glendale, and Massacro. Super cars the most easily replaceable vehicles for me though.
  3. LN-MLB

    The Blair Witch 2016

    I have great memories of the first one; I was 17 or 18 (if I recall), visiting a friend who lived out of state, and one of the theatres was showing an advanced, midnight screening of the film while I was there. It had apparently sold out far in advance, but my friend was determined to see it that night. We ended up sneaking into the theatre via some strange back entrance door, and found two lone seats at the end of a row in probably the upper middle of the theatre. It was loud, it was crazy, and back then, sneaking into films and not getting caught was much easier within the larger complexes. I thought it was fantastic at the time, but the audience was really into it and I suppose the thrill of sneaking into see it when our chances were next to impossible made it all the more enjoyable. I haven't seen it in a number of years, but I will definitely try and find the time to watch it again before the prequel rolls out. I also saw the second one in theatres, but like so many here, I don't remember that much about it other than it was nothing like the original and was less than memorable overall.
  4. Nothing lasts forever.

    1. Arruda


      And we both know hearts can change.

  5. LN-MLB

    What's the worst movie you ever seen?

    Haha! I tend towards dark, indirect, perhaps even some-what sarcastic humor. I've been told that I have kind of an odd sense of humor, but I have trouble laughing at bathroom humor or overly hyper comedians in general. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the funniest things I have ever seen and I cannot recall a show that made me laugh so much.
  6. LN-MLB

    What's the worst movie you ever seen?

    This is a tough choice, as I have seen far more terrible films rather than good ones. ThanksKilling was definitely one of the worst even though it was made to be over-the-top and bad. As far as highly regarded films that I disliked, I did not like the film Crash at all and it won best picture in 2004. I also did not like Titanic, and the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter movies are just not suited for my personal tastes. Not exactly the worst films ever made, I just didn't enjoy them like many. This!^ I cannot stand Adam Sandler and I find his comedy to be absolutely unfunny and even down-right painful to watch. Same for Chris Farley, Pauley Shore, Will Ferrell, and the bulk of anyone who was ever on Saturday Night Live. Talk about a dreadful TV show--I cannot stand it and I can't remember when it was ever funny or amusing. As a whole, I'm not much into American comedy--"Seinfeld", "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "Arrested Development", etc. are the most notable exceptions and I found them to be extraordinarily funny and well-made. I also hated those big budget disaster movies from the 1990s--Twister, Dante's Peak, Armageddon, etc. Pretty much anything made by Roland Emmerich is complete garbage in my opinion. Most Hollywood films suffer from the problem of an over-inflated budget and a complete lack of script and originality. It drives me insane and I'm not one for countless sequels or remakes.
  7. LN-MLB

    Favorite car at bennys

    I don't own the Sultan or Banshee--not really into either of them as I mostly prefer classics and muscle cars. I also do not own the Donk. I do own all the rest though--the Tornado is one of the best looking cars in the game, and I love the Sabre Turbo, Faction, Slamvan, and Chino. I'll take a classic or lowrider over a super or modern sports car any day of the week.
  8. LN-MLB

    Howdy Y'all

  9. LN-MLB

    Fiction or Non Fiction books?

    Haha, sorry, Lime. I don't know what it is, but his writing style drove me insane when I tried reading "Ulysses". Same with Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter". It's funny though because I once knew a relative of James Joyce, who shared his surname, and she too could never get into his work. Being his relative, she was familiar with his work quite early, and we discussed our feelings of just sort of being completely lost most of the time. I haven't tried reading it in well over a decade, but perhaps I'll give it another shot since I'm older. I can appreciate some experimental literary creativity, but my problem with Hawthorne were his tendencies to sort of over do it with describing a scene--it just came off as far too wordy and unnecessary, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination and distracted me from the central theme of the story. Quite a few writers do this, and I suppose that deep down, I prefer a more straight to the point approach when it comes to fiction. I don't like three pages worth of text describing the texture of the grass.
  10. LN-MLB

    Fiction or Non Fiction books?

    When it comes to fiction, I do prefer something at least moderately plausible and realistic. I can get into aliens, I can get into time travel, I can even get into zombies and slashers when I really want to check out, but when it comes down to pure fantasy involving extreme supernatural elements and people with unrealistic abilities, I'll either need a nap, some good drugs, or both. It's one of the reasons I could never get into Star Wars (I know, I know...) or Lord of the Rings. I also hate James Joyce and Nathaniel Hawthorne.
  11. I usually set my at normal difficulty, but it depends on the game and settings. I remember when I played GTA: San Andreas, I would also never accept a death for my character. If it happened or came close, I would always revert back to the previous save. As for side missions and other things aside from the main storyline; yes, I try to do them all, but I don't think I did some of the ones when I played GTA: IV. I did literally everything for 100% and then some when I played San Andreas though--about three different times. I love the side missions from GTA and Red Dead Redemption, but I can't say that I have ever liked the Stunt Jumps or some of the things required for 100%. I only did the Stunt Jumps in online to unlock paint and because Desuno and I went through them all one-by-one back in the day when no one else was online. It was fun doing when you have someone to converse with, but I'd imagine that it'd be quite boring otherwise. I'll still never understand some of the things you must do for 100%, but then again, I'm content as long as I have completed everything pertaining to character interactions.
  12. Alarm #1 Alarm #2 Alarm #3 Tied for fourth is the calculator, map, web browser, and alarm #4 (when I have really pushed my limits by staying up too late). My phone has seen better days, so I can't use it for much these days. With that said, yes, the alarms are necessary because I'm notorious for hitting the snooze button and would always be late if I didn't have them.
  13. LN-MLB

    Fiction or Non Fiction books?

    Non-Fiction, especially anything pertaining to history. I'm sort of obsessed with history though. I do enjoy fiction, more so writing it myself, as I'm very picky when it comes to writing styles among fiction writers.