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  1. ScottyB

    ps4 Escape the Police

    That's good, I've just updated it with all the new cars
  2. ScottyB

    ps4 Escape the Police

    I'll add them later today and let you know. Whats the trigger bug? I haven't played it for a while so I'm not sure if it had been affected.
  3. ScottyB

    Poker - Analyse my play

    Wow, so much information! Thanks so much for that @pete_95973. In hindsight, I came to the conclusion that I should have picked up on his final bet and folded but I had already made the decision that I'd had him beat without taking that bet into consideration. I hadn't even considered the other tips which is something I'll be keeping in mind in the future. The villain was playing very loosely, bluffed and bullied a lot. This should have alerted me that it's very possible he had a rubbish hand and could have had the 6, but I was convinced that even he wouldn't have called the preflop with that hand. After the flop, at best, I assumed he had a low pair and that I'd have him beat especially since he checked on the turn. My bet on the flop was to insinuate that I was either going for a straight or flush draw (which is why I checked on the turn since it missed). Because he didn't bet when he hit trips, he threw me off which is why I never considered he had the 6. If I had of raised higher on the preflop, It's likely he would have folded. I have no idea why he called on the flop as he had the lowest pair, so I guess this risk paid off this time but he was very lucky. I'm at the stage now where I'm learning all of the more technical stuff like pot odds and just need to put it all to practice. The hard thing that I've noticed is that most people (on prominence poker and especially the lower the rankings) don't take any of this into consideration (like the example above haha) so it can be difficult to get a read on what to do. Thanks again for your advice on this. As you said, there were several other things I should have done which may have resulted in a different outcome and at least these are some more things to take into consideration when playing to help improve.
  4. ScottyB

    Poker - Analyse my play

    I thought it would be a good idea for us to post our plays and for us to analyse it and give feedback which should help us all improve over the long run. If you want, add a backstory of how the opposition has been betting so we can see the bigger picture. Please quote the persons play you're commenting on so they know they've received feedback and know which play you're taking about. What do you guys make of this play?? (Edit: it might be worth putting a poker subforum on the site as I do have a few other topics to talk about and I'm sure other would as well)
  5. ScottyB

    Oppressor vs Hydra

    After @no_snacks and I cleared an almost full lobby by force, there was one persistent (stupid) player who wouldn't leave. I had him 16 to 2 and he still kept trying in hydras, savages and buzzards lol. His persistence paid off and the lobby then started to fill up and he was invited to another CEO with 2 other guys. They kept using ghost organisation and off the radar and they still couldn't kill me (I actually got them a few times!) I was heading back to my bunker and noticed I was being chased. What came next was the most intense experience I've had on the oppressor! I recon I would have taken him out of it wasn't for the police. The best part is at 2:25 haha. Good times ?
  6. ScottyB

    ps4 Rainbow Six Seige

    Braldy and I have got this and I'm pretty sure RSpain will be getting it too. If you see us on, feel free to join
  7. ScottyB

    The Oppressor

    Some stunts on the oppressor
  8. ScottyB

    Gunrunning DLC (Update 1.40)

    What do people think of the new vechicles (besides the oppressor which is obviously amazing ?) I didn't think much of them in the missions, too slow and required 2 people to shoot so they'd be no good by yourself. After seeing them in free roam, they seem extremely powerful and hard to takedown, here's a video showing my experience with the half truck and I had a similar one with the APC It took heaps of rockets, FMJ and explosive rounds to finally destroy it
  9. ScottyB

    ps4 Fun Down Under (Skorpion & Snacks)

    I'll be late if I do make it, just watching TV.
  10. ScottyB

    ps4 Fun Down Under (Skorpion & Snacks)

    What's on the agenda for tonight?
  11. ScottyB

    Crew Challenge 126 - Quick Compacts

    49.150 for me
  12. ScottyB

    Crew Challenge 126 - Quick Compacts

    I'm in for this too, either track is fine @Braldy@rspain, you guys should get in on this too
  13. ScottyB

    ScottyB-ing Annoying

    Some shenanigans on the train to hell. @no_snacks, sorry for killing you at that spot ?? but check out that shot!