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  1. BlackRabbit

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    Not sure how many people played RDR's online mode but I'm expecting similar but very much expanded on. It'll be an active open world full of events and co-op missions. Clearing out gang hideouts in the original RDR Online was always a good time. Bounty hunting will be a thing from what I've read (other players get a price on their head if they are running around lobby killing NPCs/others). I believe a 32 person lobby has been confirmed. 105G game download at launch (jeeez)
  2. BlackRabbit

    Comin' in hot....

    BlackRabbit-78- (just updated it today)
  3. BlackRabbit

    Comin' in hot....

    I was just browsing through the forum and noticed some of my creations. I had forgotten all about them. Not really even sure why I never picked up GTA:O for the PS4. A bit too late now. Can't wait to see what RDR:O has to offer. I'll be picking flowers with the best of 'em in no time.
  4. BlackRabbit

    Comin' in hot....

    Ahhh...that makes sense. No problems then. I can wait. Haven't seen my Coquette in awhile anyway.
  5. BlackRabbit

    Comin' in hot....

    Thanks all. Seeing some familiar names. Yes. Vetting when RDR2 comes online is perfectly fine.....as long as you don't mind getting destroyed in deathmatches once again. Mwahahahahah note: why the 'no images' in signature, yet it allows my old one and numerous others? Just trying to update to the image in my original post.
  6. BlackRabbit

    Comin' in hot....

    Hello again, long time no see, friends. Got a nice email reminding me that you cats may want someone to help you tame the West. Red Dead Redemption has always been my jam. I'd be happy to ride with this posse again come November for RDR:O. Hope y'all will have me back. This is o-Black_Rabbit-o from back on PS3 GTA:O (don't have GTA:O on PS4) PS4 Handle: BlackRabbit-78-
  7. BlackRabbit

    Google: *Your first name* meme

  8. BlackRabbit

    ps3 Revenge: Arcadius

    Hmm...that could have been caused because I ran out of props and the cars that are used are actually dynamic props. Someone might have ran into it at one point and moved it....not sure. Glad you all seem to have enjoyed it.
  9. BlackRabbit

    ps3 Revenge: Arcadius

    Thanks for the feedback....I tried really hard to point you in the correct direction as some of the checkpoints weren't visible from the last due to them being on top of or too near others. Glad to hear it wasn't too confusing. I really had to change objects around a lot as I kept running out. I haven't actually run it with custom bikes yet as I finished it off last night and had to log off....so that should be interesting. Perfect Can't wait for tonight's crew to give it a go.
  10. BlackRabbit

    ps3 Revenge: Arcadius

    REVENGE: ARCADIUS http://rsg.ms/be95ab3 Description What a wonderful tour of the Arcadius Business Center and nearby offices. A wonderful tour of revenge! This is my payback for all the disasterous races run with you, XDBX. As a wise man once said, "Casey Jones you better watch your speed." Route Type Lap Route Length 2.54 Miles Vehicle Classes Motorcycles
  11. BlackRabbit

    Heist Photos

    Not sure about that...EVOs are pretty slick (start at 3:30 for the EVO vs Lambo):
  12. KING OF THE HILL http://rsg.ms/7288b21 DESCRIPTION Can you take over the enemy stronghold atop the pristine beachfront mound? You have them outgunned so it should be an easy jaunt up the hill. TYPE Team Deathmatch PLAYERS 4-12 AVAILABLE WEAPONS Pistol (starting weapon) Combat Pistols (team on beach) AK47 (2 between beach/hill more towards beach though) Sniper (1 for team on hill) Heavy Sniper (1 for team on beach) Grenade (1 for team on beach)
  13. BlackRabbit

    ps3 Drag Chicken

    DRAG CHICKEN DESCRIPTION: Show 'em who the alpha rooster is in the ultimate game of chicken. Keep traffic ON and haul balls toward the oncoming traffic. Contact to be left on for an extreme challenge. PLAYERS: 2-16 LAPS: 2 (default) VEHICLE CLASS: Motorcycles, Muscle, Sports, Sports Classics, Super
  14. BlackRabbit

    ps3 Blaine County After Dark

    Nice track, it was pretty straight forward, I knew where to go and could almost keep up with you
  15. BlackRabbit

    Medieval Joust (raid)

    Thanks to those that tested this with me. Though it was a good time, the object limit didn't provide the feel that I was looking for. I've completely redesigned it keeping the main theme. The jousting area is now about three times as long, straight and narrow. Castles are placed back behind spawn locations so you don't get spawned on top of when at the enemy castle. Castles now have "gates" to get in. Changed the vehicles to Hexers just for fun. I haven't tested, so I don't know, but hopefully you don't spawn underneath the bridge (*crosses fingers). I'm loving the new layout and taking notes and the play into consideration, it seems a lot better and totally awesome for a full lobby. ....just hoping you don't spawn on a cycle under the bridge. I did like the idea of the ramps in the middle of the arena but don't know if I want to give up any of the other props (at limit). Also, I couldn't figure out how to increase the minimum amount of players but I agree that you need at least 3 per team for it to work as envisioned. Please give it a whirl if you're playing with a good amount of people. Thanks for all the advice.