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  1. djw180

    Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House

    Thanks everyone, The rules will be updated then. I don't think we can say you have to kill all the Lost, that was my original idea but I don't know how many there are in total or if they will all show up as red dots on the mini map all the time. If anyone knows for certain how many Lost there are, or if they do always all show on the mini map we could say, kill all X of them (whatever X is) or don't get back into your vehicle until there are no red dots left on the mini map. Assuming we can't do either of the above I think if we just say "you have enter the Motel on foot at ground level and go up the stairs before triggering Anna following you". Assume this is the new rule unless we decide otherwise fairly soon. @Lann@SINISTER120 @omarcomin71 @Con@no_snacks
  2. djw180

    Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House

    Thanks for posting that Lann, I am inclined to disallow this method though. It's within the current rules, but I hope it's not too late to alter them. The idea for this was to have both a combat and driving element, so you would need to fight some of the Lost to get Anna. That is why I ruled out getting your car onto the roof as that makes Anna just appear up there rather than you going in to get her. You're method does the same thing though. There must be something that triggers Anna getting into your car if you get close to the upper floor in a vehicle. If this method is allowed then this is basically just another driving challenge, which was not the intention I would change the rules to say something like your car / bike must stay at ground level around the motel you must go into the motel on foot to the upper floor at least to trigger Anna following you So what does everyone think? @Lann @SINISTER120 @omarcomin71 @Con @no_snacks Simple vote. Add the above to the rules or leave them as they are?
  3. djw180

    planning Halloween in GTA

    Any suggestions for jobs? @DavidCore89 @LimeGreenLegend @Lann @Protocawl @omarcomin71 + anyone else. Just off the top of my head jobs or ideas for jobs that fit the theme, even if only by name Hexed - Squirrels' new race Miami Horror, race Nightmare, Lann's capture in Raton Canyon various living dead themed captures knife / axe mele DM and LTS R* Halloween transform race various adversary modes; Slasher, Beast vs Slasher, Lost vs Dammed, any others? Hatch's Funeral Arrangements (TDM), Graveside Services (LTS) Lady A's Tubes of Terror stunt race A monster truck race Halloween theme races Omar found Pb's Pyscho Training, Living Dead, Stab in the Dark
  4. djw180

    Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House

    4 and a bit for me, motorbike, roads. Probably could get Anna out quicker though.
  5. djw180

    Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House

    I was trying to go as direct as possible at the moment. But at some point I will probably do the returtn journey just in free roam a couple of different routes to see what is fastest.
  6. djw180

    Crew Challenge 167 - Dirty Old Timers

    Results time. Congratulations to our winners Schumi & Lann followed closely by Snacks and Omar in 2nd, Me & Con in 3rd. Thanks to everyone who took part @Schumi6581 @Lann 1:40.269 @no_snacks @omarcomin71 1:40.500 @Con @djw180 1:41.102 @JustHatched @Dodge 1:41.880 @SINISTER120 @Beez 1:43.567 @The_Lady_A @Crawford1872 1:45.670
  7. djw180

    Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House

    First meaningful attempt (i.e. no deaths, no massive crashes), ~5:45.
  8. djw180

    Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House

    Yes, what Sinister said. Anything other than the flying / hovering / gliding / rocket powered machines. I just wanted to rule those out so you have to actually drive back to Madrasso's.
  9. djw180

    Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House

    It should still show the "MISSION ... " message on the screen. It always has done in the passed when we've done mission challenges. If not just make sure you videor runs from before anything starts and we can work out a new start point.
  10. djw180

    Crew Challenge 167 - Dirty Old Timers

    My final time was 48.816 in a Baller.
  11. Event Title: Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House (END DATE) Event Author: JustHatched Calendar: Special Events Calendar Crew Challenge 168 – Cleaning the Cat House A solo challenge to complete the contact mission Cleaning the Cat House in the fastest time. Hard level Save a video your time starts when the message “MISSION Cleaning the Cat House” appears your time stops when the message “MISSION PASSED” appears please post videos starting a second or two before the first message and ending just after the second; just so we can be sure everyone's are timed from the exact same points in the event of a close result start the mission anywhere you like you can use any vehicle you like (owned, CEO, stolen of NPCs etc) except no flying, gliding or hovering vehicles of any kind no Pegassus no rocket powered vehicles basically stick to standard cars, trucks or bikes no explosive weapons just use guns with normal bullets or mele if you want and just incase it's still possible to quickly rescue Anna this way; you may not get your vehicle on top of the motel roof. Anna must get in/on your car/bike at ground level Any other rules people can think of, things to clarify? Starts now. Ends 19:00 BST (18:00 GMT) 22nd October Please post videos by 19:00 BST 24th October Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House (END DATE)
  12. djw180

    Crew Challenge 167 - Dirty Old Timers

    That's it then. Please post your times as soon as possible @Lann @Con @omarcomin71 @no_snacks @Schumi6581 @The_Lady_A @Crawford1872 @Beez @SINISTER120 @JustHatched @Dodge
  13. Date of Event: 31st October Time of Event in UTC: 21:00 Does Event Repeat: No If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: djw180 Amount of Players Allowed: ? Special Rules for Event: Description of Event: GTA Halloween Event in the Whacked Out Wednesdays time slot. This is just to see if there is interest in a special Halloween themed event, as it happens to fall on a Wednesday when I usually co-host. I know RDR2 will be out by then, but maybe some people moving over to that will still want the occasional special event in GTA. So say if you think you'd be interested, and any suggestions for jobs. I know @Squirrel has at least one made with Halloween in mind. Dress code would obviously be Halloween themed, more horror than just general fancy dress. I've put a start time of 21:00 GMT (we will have switched clocks back from daylight saving time in Europe by then). This can be a bit flexible if there's interest from people who would come if it started an hour later. I think 21:00 UK time would be 17:00 US East coast (can anyone confirm that?) Player limit would depend on interest as there are Adversary modes suited to the theme but with only 8 players max.
  14. djw180

    Comin' in hot....

    Welcome back.