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  1. djw180

    Crew Challenge 173 - Butcher$ Challenge

    How's everyone getting on then? Just over 4 days to go @Lann @Con @pete_95973 @Protocawl @Danielle @Dodge & anyone else My best is only about $18.
  2. djw180

    Crew Challenge 173 - Butcher$ Challenge

    Anyone noticed that when you're not making an attempt at this challenge you come across lots of easy kill animals, but if you then go to a nearby butchers to have a go at this and go back to the exact same spot there's none to be found anywhere!!!
  3. djw180

    Crew Challenge 172 - Obedient Coupes

    Final results. Congratulations to Proto in 1st and Omar in 2nd, I was 3rd and Con 4th. @Protocawl 1:18.480 @omarcomin71 1:20.012 @djw180 1:20.883 @Con 1:24.852
  4. djw180

    Crew Challenge 173 - Butcher$ Challenge

    I've re-formatted the rules and added a bit extra. Hopefully that is everything covered now.
  5. djw180

    RDR2 crew challenges

    I'm making this as a place for anyone who wants to discuss possible crew challenges in RDR2. The online is only in its beta stage at the moment so I expect there will be a lot more we can do later on. For now it is quite limited, but there are certainly things we can think up to do in free roam, as Lann has done for the current challenge and from story mode as Hatch did for the previous one. Here's a few ideas, all with one or two things need sorting out first free roam point to point horse time trial specify a start and finish point with something to clearly time those by on a saved video, fastest time wins could be something like start and finish in a saloon, buy and drink a beer, timer starts / finishes when the beer is drunk actually I like the idea of a saloon crawl, fastest time to drink a beer in every saloon or some specified group of saloons? possible issue is what horses to allow, we're all at different stages, some of us don't have anything apart from the standard horse you get for free if most people at higher levels have kept that horse then we can say you have to use that one or one of the same type enter a racing or showdown series, but score this on best performance relative to the other players as far as I can see we can not choose to do a specific race or showdown maybe too random, too dependant on specific job types and opponents? do a specific stranger mission, fastest time wins not sure how replay able these are, do some have level requirements etc
  6. djw180

    Whacked Out Wednesdays (GTA & RDR)

    The plan for tonight's WoW is to try the new Arena War jobs. I have not done any of these yet so have no idea what they are like. I assume you don't have to have any of the specially updated cars. If enough RSVPs we can try this on our own, otherwise we can invite or join with randoms. More details later depending on RSVPs.
  7. Crew Challenge 173 - Butcher$ Challenge A solo RDR2 online challenge, set by Lann. Clear/sell your inventory at the Butcher. Timer starts as you leave the Butcher You have 10 minutes and 10 bullets no lasso, dynamite, knife, bow or any other way of killing an animal just use your 10 bullets to get your kills Before 10 minutes are up you go to a Butcher and sell everything you managed to collect it does not have to be the same butcher You are not allowed to visit/sell to the Butcher multiple times. Save a video! Timer starts once you leave the Butcher with nothing to sell. Times ends once you get to the Butcher interaction screen (the actual selling can be outside of the 10 minutes) Most money from the Butcher wins. A few other rules / clarifications you're not allowed to use anything else except your own horse to carry kills any gun is allowed you can use more than one gun 10 bullets in total, so if you dont hit your target or have to shoot at something or someone else that counts as a bullet. You can only fire a gun 10 times during the 10 minutes. Starts now Ends 19:00 GMT 20th Dec Please post all videos within 48 hours Thanks @Lann
  8. djw180

    Crew Challenge 172 - Obedient Coupes

    1:20.883 and challenge over any more times? @Lann @Con anyone else?
  9. djw180

    non-racing Crew Challenges

    I think that's better, a bit simpler in terms of rules. Any restrictions on allowed guns and bullet types?
  10. djw180

    non-racing Crew Challenges

    Looks good Lann. Just a couple of things to make sure we clarify, just incase it matters and of course bearing in mind I've only had the game 2 days so far story mode or online or maybe it doesn't matter? domestic animal any possibility of getting them confused with similar wild animals, like the mountain sheep (or whatever it's exact name is)? horns does that include antlers, I assume yes, but some might say technically antlers aren't horns predator is it clear in-game what is is predator, is it only things attracted by predator bait?
  11. djw180

    non-racing Crew Challenges

    How's this coming on?
  12. djw180

    Crew Challenge 172 - Obedient Coupes

    2 days to go @Con @omarcomin71 @Lann @Protocawl Any times to reveal? My best is the one from Monday https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/topic/18056-crew-challenge-172-obedient-coupes/?tab=comments#comment-207083