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  1. djw180

    Crew Challenge 162 - Two Times Bounty Challenge

    Thanks Snacks. I'm the same, sorting the new house out. I think I will be unpacking, putting shelves up, etc etc at the weekend. But I should get some free time Saturday morning.
  2. djw180

    Crew Challenge 162 - Two Times Bounty Challenge

    I could get some time to make an attempt at this at the weekend if anyone else wants to try. It would have to be in the morning though (~09:00 - 12:00 UK time).
  3. djw180

    What Are You Reading?

    I have now! It looks great. I hadn't kept up with what has happening, last I had heard before now was when Sacha Baron Cohen pulled out.
  4. djw180

    What Are You Reading?

    That's on my ever increasing "must get round to reading this one day" list. I love the film version. I'm currently reading a biography of Freddy Mercury "Somebody to Love" which my sister bought me at Christmas. Even though I am massive Queen fan I would never have bought it myself as I'm not that into biographies. But it's a really good read. Lots of information I never knew about him particularly from the early and pre-Queen days. It also includes a lot on HIV/AIDs, how it got started and spread and what the authorities did, or rather didn't do to help.
  5. djw180

    ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    I'll be hosting some form of mixed playlist tonight, feel free to make requests.
  6. djw180

    Squirrels Series of Unfortunate Events

    Been there, done that! Different location but same thing, van trapped on trees half way down a hill., blew up the Cargobob on a tree trying to get the van. Then got SUV off the road to ram into the van, didn't appear to have moved the van much, but just managed to get it moving and complete the delivery.
  7. djw180

    Crew Challenge 161 - Tank Slalom

    Final results time. Congratulations to our winner Snacks, 2nd place Proto only just ahead of Firebear in 3rd. Thanks to everyone who took part. @no_snacks 5:00.388 @Protocawl 5:03.023 @Firebear926 5:03.672 @Potato 5:10.840 @The_Lady_A 5:13.514 @djw180 5:19.887 @Crawford1872 5:21.001 @Spinnaker1981 5:21.801 @Lann 5:33.196 @Beez 5:41.447 @Con 5:50.353 @Schumi6581 5:55.332 Don't forget the current challenge, free roam killing in a team of 2 with bounties on both of you.
  8. djw180

    Crew Challenge 162 - Two Times Bounty Challenge

    Giving this a bump. I'm still not connected to broadband at home so don't know when I'll be back in-game. Just quickly checking this from work. @pete_95973 I assume the answer to Lann's questions is no, you have say who your teammate is and do it with them only?
  9. djw180

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    @Smurf at the night club you can buy up to 5 workers. You then assign each to one of your open CEO / MC businesses, CEO cargo, bunker, coke, meth, cash, weed or documents. That worker then generates goods at your nighclub based on the business they are assigned to. But other than that it has nothing to do with your businesses, you simply have to have them open. You then sell the stuff from yoru nightclub when you want to, but you do all that yourself.
  10. Crew Challenge 162 - Two Times Bounty Challenge This is a two player, team challenge. You and your partner start in a public lobby and place a bounty on each other. Then you begin attacking other players and the team that gets the most kills of other players while still having a bounty on them wins. A kill will only count as a point if you have the bounty on you. So if one of the team members dies they can still assist and protect the teammate but only kills collected by the player with the remaining bounty counts. The challenge ends when the time is up for the bounties (48 mins) or both players are killed and lose the bounty. -Each team member can kill a player one time. So the team can score two points per random. Once each team member kills a player once you move on to other players to get more points. -Killing another player with a bounty counts as three points. But you and your teammate (or friends/crew in the lobby) cannot place the bounty on them -You can change lobbies at any time. -You may not use weaponized vehicles, air craft, flying cars or bikes, MOCs, or armored vehicles. You can use personal vehicles if they are not armed, armored, or aircraft. But once the challenge starts you cannot call for you vehicle to be delivered to you in any way. So if you get separated from your vehicle you need to make your way back to it on foot or steal an NPC vehicle to get back to it. If you personal vehicle is destroyed you are out of luck. It is a good idea for you to each have your PV with you when you put the bounties on each other. -You may not call NPCs, be a CEO, VIP, or MC (so no ghost or off radar) If you need snacks you need to go the liquor store and steal or buy them. If you need body armor or ammo you need to go to ammunation to buy them, do not use the interaction menu (this is considered calling NPCs) -You may not go inside of any properties that randoms cannot get inside to kill you. -You can use Easy Way Out or Suicide to avoid being killed -Tie breaker if there is a tie on points goes to the team that survived longer (time ends when the second bounty is claimed) -Save the video (would be max of 48 mins so make sure your settings are ready) -Please also make a list of the names of the randoms you kill and post that here, that makes it much easier for whoever checks those. -You can organise your own teammates for this one as you need to be in-game at the same time. You can post here saying you want a teammate and / or look for who else has posted. A big thanks to @pete_95973 for organising this one and who will also be taking any queries about the rules. (As most of you probably know I am moving house this week so don't know how much I'll be around) Starts now Ends 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC) 20th August
  11. djw180

    Crew Challenge 161 - Tank Slalom

    Challenge over, any more times / updates please post as soon as possible.
  12. djw180

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    If you're letting your warehouse fill up be really careful about the possibility of being raided. I have only been raided once so I don't know how typical this is. But I was inside the club and without any time to prepare I just got re-spawned outside and quickly surrounded by cops. I would say don't leave your self AFK in the club as a MC/CEO for even a minute . It's not like MC businesess where you won't be raided if you're inside them.
  13. djw180

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    GIven the different speeds they fill up and different capacities I keep one on cargo and one on sporting goods all the time (big capacity and slow) then the other 3 either just go on the most profitable of MC busineses (coke, meth and cash) or if I want to build up to stock to do special sales I put one each on weed and documents until they are full then just rotate those round the least full ones as I sell. But if you don;t bother with special sales, and I'm not convinced they are worth it, just keep your 5 workers on the 5 best. so shut down weed and documents.
  14. djw180

    Crew Challenge 161 - Tank Slalom

    These are the times I know about so far (of course some of you may have simply been lured into posting a time 😃 ) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dj0faDKXsAA5X8-.jpg:large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dj0fW9dX0AArWhP.jpg:large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DjByynaWsAAaTYc.jpg:large @no_snacks 5:00.388 @Protocawl 5:03.023 @Firebear926 5:03.672 @Potato 5:10.840 @The_Lady_A 5:13.514 @djw180 5:19.887 @Crawford1872 5:21.001 @Spinnaker1981 5:21.801 @Lann 5:33.196 @Beez 5:41.447 @Con 5:50.353 @Schumi6581 5:55.332 Please post any updates, there's a day and bit left to make any improvements.
  15. djw180

    non-racing Crew Challenges

    @pete_95973 are we ready to start this on Monday? If you're happy with what rules to set I can post the challenge thread up, but I won't be around much the rest of the week as I'm moving house and will be busy and / or without internet for a few days (moving Wednesday, due to have internet at new place on Friday) So if you can post here what you want the rules to be, I'll set the challenge off but you'll probably have to handle any questions. Can you make a few shout box posts encouraging people to join in as well (same goes for anyone else who wants to help promote).