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  1. Beez

    ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    To finish first you must first finish. Wales 33:06.701
  2. Welcome to the first in a series of vehicle based photo contests. This is the brainchild of @Con but I will be be doing the leg work for his ideas. This one's theme is "Nightlife" but don't think that just means clubs and that kind of stuff. It can be anything that involves your car, bike or vehicle and night. Just make sure it looks good and looks like it belongs. A BF Injection is not something you'd take to a 5 star restaurant for example. Photos can be taken with in-game camera or using the editor. Submit them by posting them in this thread and you can post two entries and you can change them anytime before the contest ends (just edit your post and replace the photos). Contest ends at end of August. Feel free to ask questions about the theme.
  3. Beez

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    Love this movie! Thanks for that article those are some interesting facts. For some reason Maximum Overdrive is linked to another favorite, Repo Man. Both have great soundtracks and star Emilio Estevez. A REPO MAN'S LIFE IS ALWAYS INTENSE!
  4. Beez

    Why are you making money?

    Forgot about those. I want them too.
  5. Would making them more than 2 rounds help balance them? Also snipers vs runners can be won by either side, I've seen it.
  6. I'm curious as to what your reasons are for making money in GTAO at this point? I see posts in shoutbox daily about million dollar sales so clearly folks are building their bank accounts. Personally I like to have 5-12 million so I can buy whatever new thing, like the nightclub, comes in an update so I can play the new activity/missions or to buy a new or on sale vehicle I want. Tell me your reasons.
  7. Beez


    Thought of one other thing. If he finds motocross to be a lot of waiting around for his race while all the other classes run, he could try hare scrambles or enduros. Both have youth classes. Look at tha AMA website for clubs, tracks and event near you.
  8. Beez


    Two wheels is way safer than those 4 wheelers. He probably should step up to a KX 85 or 100 before a 125. If he is big enough for a full size bike like a 125, stick with the 2-strokes, don't get a 250 4-stroke, way more expensive for maintenance. As for jumps, build tabletops or a jump to a tabletop and gradually make bigger as he gets better. Tabletops are safer for learning.
  9. Beez

    What did you do today?

    Celebrated 20 years married to BeezWife.
  10. Beez

    Dancing Dachsund

    Who says you can only dance in clubs?
  11. Beez

    ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    36:21.259 I don't really like the Monte Carlo stages but I started to get into those last dry stages.
  12. Beez

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    I've only done small sales so far because I want to unlock trade price on things. I did buy the Mule last week when it was on sale so I can do larger sales but I don't think I'll ever need the biggest truck. On another note I bought document forgery yesterday because it produces one unit in the club every 15 minutes.
  13. Beez

    non-racing Crew Challenges

    Had an idea but it is a racing challenge. Most wins against randoms using the crew car Cheetah. If customs are turned off use stock Cheetah. Snap a photo of results if you get a win
  14. Beez

    Need help grievers r rife

    Sent you more info via PM. We all understand that real life comes first in this crew and if you need an extension for your vetting period it can be arranged.
  15. Beez

    ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Very nice rally. I especially liked stage 3 and 6.