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  1. Beez

    Rejoin'er for RDR2

    Wow, Newsbot is even posting in vetting threads again! Welcome back @Hernstack
  2. Beez

    Celebrity Lookalike Photo Contest

    Tom Hanks, Saving Private Ryan, Normandy Beach. John Milner (Paul LeMat), American Graffiti from this photo Outtakes in spoiler
  3. Beez

    planning Halloween in GTA

    I'm in. Sounds like fun. @JustHatched has a DM and LTS set at the cemetery. There are some captures with NPCs set as zombies, I think pb made one or two. Sorry can't think of the names.
  4. Beez

    RDR2 Giveaway

    Very nice of you D.C.
  5. This time the theme of the photo contest is to look like someone famous and is partnering with an upcoming Two Brothers Playlist which will be all TV and movie themed jobs. Your famous person can be pretty much anyone who is well known to most humans, for example musicians, actors, politicians, athletes, characters from TV, movies or games, dead or alive. (not crew members, we already did that) Use environment, filters and vehicles to set the scene. Photos can be captured in the Editor or the standard snapmatic. Here's a weak example from a music themed playlist I hosted a long time ago. (I have nearly every photo I/ve ever taken.) I am supposed to be Eddie Vedder in front of the Whisky-A-Go-Go. As usual you may submit 2 photos for the contest and you can change them any time by editing your post and replacing them with different ones. Once the contest ends and the thread is locked those will be your entries. Entries close at the end of the month. If you would like to show us some of your photos that didn't make the cut as an entry, we'd love to see them but please put them in spoiler tags. When the movie/TV themed 2Bros playlist happens please come as one of your famous characters. @pete_95973 @omarcomin71
  6. Beez

    Comin' in hot....

    Good to have you back Rabbit. We still play some of your job creations from time to time. Hope you're on my team for RDR2 deathmatches.
  7. Beez


  8. Beez

    Crew Challenge 167 - Dirty Old Timers

    I got a 50.516 in the Baller.
  9. Beez

    Crew Challenge 167 - Dirty Old Timers

    I have times and screenshots. Was trying to figure out the best combo with Sinister via PM.
  10. Beez

    steakmoney intro

    Hi MacK @steakmoney70 welcome to the crew. Invite sent on Social Club. I'll forward you some more info for new members but since you answered the questions in the first post then I'll assume you've read some of our vetting procedure and stuff about Domestic Battery. Friend crew members as you meet them, it will make it easier.
  11. Beez

    planning Baccar (Hotring Sabre)

    I would still join this. Combat frustrates me but I still enjoy the vehicles and racing in GTA.
  12. Well done @Lann taking first and second place. Third goes to @omarcomin71. Stay tuned for the next photo contest coming soon.
  13. Beez

    Crew Challenge 167 - Dirty Old Timers

    I'm in too this week
  14. Beez

    Red Dead Redemption 1

    I'm available most days after 1:30 pm EST
  15. Beez

    What did you do today?

    Congrats @Fido_le_muet