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  1. Geez. We just can't take you anywhere...
  2. Dodge

    Crew Challenge 167 - Dirty Old Timers

    Wow. That was really close. Well done everybody.
  3. Dodge


  4. Dodge

    Thursday Night Thunder (GTA)

    XDBX Stunt Racing  Stunt Races in Grand Theft Auto Online are a new class of fast-pace races added to the game in the Cunning Stunts update for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game. With the introduction of 10 new racing-based vehicles, including rally cars, enduro motorcycles and endurance racing cars, 15 new races were added to the game, featuring all-new props and jumps in the circuits. Stunt races can be found above "Races" in the jobs menu, and on the map as pink stunt-wheel symbols.  The races play like any normal race, with a maximum of 16 players in the lobby. The player can play on their own if they prefer to. The lobby interface features a checkered flag border/background, unique to these types of races. Unlike other races, Stunt Races can only be played in standard mode. The races are filled with checkpoints placed around a stunt-based circuit, with extreme usage and combination of the game world's props, buildings and infrastructure, as well as the new props. Around the circuit, numerous alarm sounds can be heard playing. The beginning of a race starts with a rocket-like sound, while the end of the race always finishes with a klaxon horn. There a several new props included: Hamster Tubes - These tubes are partially see-through with the criss-cross metal structure, and are cylindrical. They appear in numerous races, and can be found in several colors, including blue, white, red, orange, yellow, green and black. Ramps - A vast amount of different styled ramps appear. Typical ramps are basic flat props which can also be seen used as walls. Boosts - These usually appear in front of ramps, and are green arrows on the surface of the circuit. They speed the player up when they drive over them. Stoppers - These typically appear just before a downwards ramp, and slow the player down dramatically when driven over, to prevent the player over-jumping unintentionally. Spinners - Appearing in hamster tubes, these spinners have 2 (hard) or 4 (easy) gaps for the player to miss when driving through the tubes. Track pieces - Track pieces appear with, with several, or with no side barriers. Some have gaps for the player to fall out of during the race. Loop-the-loops - As the name suggests, these pieces take the player upside down for a short period of time before continuing in the same direction. Some even start on a vertical climb and roll the player back onto a flat surface. Rings of Fire - Though not dangerous, these serve as decoration in races such as Stunt - Rally. Bowling pins - These appear as props which slow the player down when hit, and can be knocked over. A bowling ball can also be seen in some circuits. Tire ring - Like rings of fire, these serve as decoration, arching over the track width. Targets - Typically appear at either the cross-point of a looping circuit or the end of a track, and appear with multiple black and white rings. We'll be racing different car classes on a number of Crew and R* Stunt races.
  5. Dodge

    Done or off and on for GTA

    I plan on getting RDR, but can not commit to hanging this up on GTA. Lots of time invested to see it all just disappear in the cloud.
  6. Dodge

    Comin' in hot....

    Welcome back Rabbit.
  7. Dodge

    Crew Challenge 167 - Dirty Old Timers

    I've got a pic of a 52.2 time that I can load put here. I can't keep the Panto stable enough to get a really solid lap. So my best has come with the Blista and the Prairie.
  8. Dodge

    steakmoney intro

  9. Dodge

    Crew Challenge 167 - Dirty Old Timers

    You're sticking me with the little car? Dick! I'm in.
  10. Dodge

    Crew Challenge 167 - Dirty Old Timers

    If @JustHatched is in, we can team up.