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  1. Dodge

    Car videos

    This has to be seen to be believed...
  2. Yeah. Sounds fun.
  3. Dodge

    ps4 August 10th

    Date of Event: August 10, 2018 Time of Event in UTC: PM Central Does Event Repeat: Maybe? If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: Whoever Amount of Players Allowed: How many can we get? Special Rules for Event: Description of Event: Since FNF has been cancelled, I'll be looking for something to do tonight. I'm up for anything, PL, Missions, Heists, Adversary Modes, Free Roam, Job Hopping, etc. If you're gonna be on and want to do something, post here.
  4. Dodge

    TNT (Dodge)

    August Schedule 8-2 - IROC: Overflunod Entity XXR 8-9 - No Typical Race Cars Allowed 8-16 - Custom Schyster Fusilade 8-23 - Stock Banshee 900R vs Sultan RS 8-30 - TNT Combat n Adversary Shyster "Manufacturer of unreliable mid-range cars that lose half their value in the first year through depreciation and the other half through repair costs. Owned by Germans, bailed out by Americans."― Description at Bawsaq.com. Schyster (BAWSAQ: SHT) is an American automaker of mid-range vehicles in the HD Universe of Grand Theft Auto and is based on Chrysler. The player can buy stocks from them at the Bawsaq.com website in Grand Theft Auto V. The emblem appears to resemble a Plymouth badge; Plymouth was a former brand marketed by Chrysler. The logo appears to feature a circular saw-blade, perhaps an allusion to Schyster sounding similar to "scythe". The player can buy stocks from them at the Bawsaq.com website in Grand Theft Auto V. The emblem appears to resemble a Plymouth badge; Plymouth was a former brand marketed by Chrysler. The logo appears to feature a circular saw-blade, perhaps an allusion to Schyster sounding similar to "scythe". The name seems to be a reference to the word shyster, which means a person - especially a lawyer - acting unprofessionally or unethically. The Minivan shares the design with the Cabby, despite the Minivan being manufactured by Vapid. Fusilade "American brand, German money and manufacturing. This is the car your grandparents fought to prevent. Cooked up after the Schyster marketing department spent a night on cocaine and bratwurst. They haven't looked back since."―Southern San Andreas Super Autos description The Schyster Fusilade is a two-door coupé in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The car's overall fastback coupe design, especially the grille, roofline, and hood, are based on the North American styling of the Chrysler Crossfire. Unlike the real Crossfire, there is no convertible variant of the Fusilade, suggesting that it is based after the SRT-6 model. It also influences the German styling of the first generation BMW Z4 due to the part of the rear and the method of badging. The rim design is shared with the Feltzer and the Sentinel. The car is powered by a 3 liter V6 engine according to badging. It is capable of providing excellent acceleration and a decent top speed. The vehicle's light weight and good weight distribution makes it very nimble, allowing it to be able to carve into corners at high speeds with minimal oversteer. However, durability could be better, as the vehicle can withstand only a few frontal hits before its engine fails. Its front wheels are prone to getting bent and locked after hard landings and frontal crashes. The engine model appears to be a double overhead camshaft inline-4, although the badges suggests a different one (a 3.0 liter fuel injected V6). The engine cover contradicts the model underneath, wherein the cover appears to be loosely based on that of a typical V8 engine cover, taking into consideration the valve cover bolts and spark-plug inlet impressions. The Fusilade is one of the best vehicle choices for players who do not want to spend money on purchasing cars from the in-game Internet, but still want a well-performing car. If the player wishes to carry more than one person however, the Oracle, Sultan, and the Felon are other good choices in the same respects. Fun Facts The car's name is a reference to its Crossfire counterpart, as fusilade (correct spelling is fusillade) is a simultaneous firing of firearms on one position, much like a crossfire. The vehicle's description refers to an "American brand, with German money and manufacturing." This is another reference to its Crossfire counterpart, as the Crossfire shares 80% of its parts with the Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class, and it was manufactured by Karmann in Germany from 2004-2008. This is likely why the vehicle's body and rims resemble that of the Benefactor Feltzer. The default radio stations of the Fusilade are The Lowdown 91.1 or Space 103.2. Remember, you'll need a custom car to race...
  5. Dodge

    Axl Rose joins AC/DC

    Damn... that's terrible.
  6. Dodge

    Help finding a game

    I also played the Legos Star Wars with my son when he was younger. It can be a lot of fun.
  7. Dodge

    (FNF) Friday Night Foolin' (JustHatched)

    Get those RSVPs in for this week. 10+ players, and I'll mic up in this PL for the first time in weeks!
  8. Dodge

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    Its easiest to use a photo cloud like photobucket or imgur. But if you have a link for the pic you can just copy and paste the link and it will populate in your post.
  9. I need to see what everyone is doing with the update. Post your pics and stories! Did you create the ultimate garage, kick ass dance club, or just a hub for all your business endeavors? DON'T FORGET THE PICS!
  10. Dodge

    A Wren is a morning bird. (Intro)

  11. Dodge

    ps4 Rogers Crap

    This is pretty good.
  12. Dodge

    ps4 Liquor Hole Speedway

    Updated the description.
  13. Dodge

    ps4 Base Runner

  14. Dodge

    ps4 Liquor Hole Speedway

  15. Dodge

    ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    I need it...