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  1. Dodge

    ps4 Vespucci cAnal

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/hQ71ARODQU2ODcW1AXyTBQ# DESCRIPTION An elevated map made only for the 'Upper Class'.
  2. Dodge

    ps4 Under Siege

  3. I'd like to be a reserve. Too difficult to commit to the weekends.
  4. Dodge

    GTA: Super Diamond Save

    I left that part in the video because I knew you would appreciate it. 😉
  5. Dodge

    TNT (Dodge)

    July Schedule July 5th - Red, White, and BOOM! July 12th - IROC: Enus Super Diamond July 19th - Not So Cool Sports Cars July 26th - RUNE Cheburek IROC byPißwasser International Race of Champions (IROC) was a North American auto racing competition, promoted as an equivalent of an American All-Star Game or The Masters. Despite its name, the IROC was primarily associated with North American oval-racing culture. Drivers raced identically-prepared stock cars set up by a single team of mechanics in an effort to make the race purely a test of driver ability. It was run with a small field of invited drivers (6–12). It was created and developed in 1972 by David Lockton, the developer of the Ontario Motor Speedway, launched in 1973, with Mark Donohue being the first driver to win the championship in 1974. The cars used that year were Porsche Carrera RSRs. Donohue's win in the fourth and last race of that season was his last win, as he died in a Formula One crash at the Österreichring in practice for the 1975 Austrian Grand Prix. The series was not run in 1981, 1982, or 1983. In 2007, IROC could not find a sponsor and postponed the first two races at Daytona and Texas. IROC went on hiatus in 2007 hoping to return with a sponsor in 2008. In March 2008, IROC auctioned off its tools, equipment, cars, and memorabilia, and went out of business. Through 2003, IROC was also known for its rainbow of car colors being easily recognized from all other closed wheel racing series. Car numbers were utilized for scoring purposes, but were not the primary means of identification. Instead, the drivers' surname would appear on the door of the car. Exceptions were made when Mario and Michael Andretti raced in the same events. In those cases, their first name was used. The numbers would change from race to race, with the number 1 would be given to the driver starting first, and so on. The colors would correspond to the numbers. Before the races, drivers were assigned via blind drawing, and was how the starting grid for the first race was determined. The finishing order of the race would be inverted for the second race's starting grid, while the reverse of the points standings determined races three and four's grids. Numbers were assigned by the starting position. After the first race, the numbers would be assigned based on points standings. This would make it very confusing for fans, as one week their favorite driver could be driving the blue #1 car, and the next week he could be in the #5 orange car. Our IROC Series will be a little different. Since Pißwasser has taken over sponsorship of IROC, it will be run on all types of tracks around LS. It will still be run using the same cars, prepped by one group of engineers. There will be no numbers on the cars, but they will be different colors to identify the drivers. Drivers need to select their Car Color. Only one color per car is allowed on the track. Thats how IROC works. You'll know in game if you are using the wrong color. R* has a CLASH warning pop up next to your color when selecting your car for the race. There should be no CLASH warnings on your screen. Also, this is run using Stock cars. So, no need to buy it. These are the colors: Black - Black Steel - Silver - Red - Sunset Red - Hot Pink - Orange - Bronze - Race Yellow - Racing Green -Bright Green - Blue - Light Blue - Creek Brown - Bright Purple - Ice White - Crew (Blue) Enus Enus is a British/German luxury motor car manufacturer in the HD Universe of the Grand Theft Auto series. It is a parody of the ultra-luxury companies Rolls Royce and Bentley. It is stated on Southern San Andreas Super Autos that the company used to be British and is now owned by a German car company, a reference on Volkswagen's ownership of Bentley and BMW's ownership of Rolls-Royce. Enus' cars generally have distinctive characteristics, including similar bodywork styles and design cues (generally long bodywork with twin headlamp sets). Super Diamond "Synonymous with style and luxury, the interior of Super Diamond has so much leather and wood, it's like sitting in a library. The historic British car manufacturer was taken over by the Germans in the late 90s, with no hard feelings whatsoever."―Legendary Motorsport description. The Enus Super Diamond is a luxury four-door sedan in The Ballad of Gay Tony, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The Super Diamond is intended to resemble a 2003-present Rolls-Royce Phantom with some small elements from the 1968-1991 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, although the car appears to be a lot less regal in construction, with various slight changes, such as the front wheels being shifted slightly forwards and unlike its real-life counterpart, the Super Diamond does not have rear suicide doors. The car features an interior similar to the Schafter's, but is covered by tan leather and has no logo on the steering wheel. The car also slightly resembles a 2006 Chrysler Imperial, most notably in the headlights. Coincidentally, the Imperial can be described as a Rolls-Royce clone by certain styling cues. In the front fascia, the car sports a large 10 element rectangular grille finished in chrome. On the top of the grille is a sculpture meant to replicate the Spirit of Ecstasy bonnet ornament found mounted on the grille of many Rolls-Royce cars. From the grille, the initial bonnet is raised with chrome lining representing this clear bulge; these lines run diagonally along the bonnet to the A-pillars of the car. The Super Diamond has square headlamp units with twin main beams. Underneath the units are the LED indicator strips matching the width of the headlamp units. Under the grille, 3 air flow grilles are found, with the center matching the width of the initial radiator cooling grille. These are fitted with a mesh pattern unlike the main grille. The license plate is mounted directly in the center. The side of the vehicle allows the chrome line from the bonnet to proceed to the very last pillar of the car where it meets with a small window channel. Being a luxury 4-door saloon, the car sports a long wheelbase, and as such offers a large amount of room for passengers. As a result of the wheelbase, the side profiling features large windows. The vehicle sports a chrome B-pillar along with the chrome finishing around the window channels. In the rear fascia, the vehicle sports a large boot with an additional un-retracted aerial found to the right hand side of the boot. The boot itself features a chrome panel, possibly acting as a handle, directly above license plate which is recessed. Like the front headlamps, the rear lights consist of the unit with twin circular lights. Underneath, again, are the LED indicator strips. At the base of the car are the twin-exit square exhaust tips. Returning to Grand Theft Auto V, the car retains its original luxury style and thus remains to be based on the Rolls-Royce Phantom. The car now gains new 6-spoke alloy rims, replacing the original 5-spoke split rims found on the TBoGT iteration. The car also gains a restored interior in the enhanced version, sporting a luxury beige leather finish also found in other luxury cars, such as the Carbonizzare and Windsor. The Super Diamond is a powerful car, with very high acceleration and top speed for the class. It is very good in a straight line, to such a point it challenges some Sports cars in drag races. However, the Super Diamond's massive weight and long wheelbase provides for a very lethargic, understeer-heavy car. This is only worsened by being in a class which has very good handling standard, that makes the Super Diamond vastly inferior to most other Sedans from a practical standpoint. Braking is meager because of its heavy weight. Crash deformation is remarkably strong, and can take several direct hits without failing or causing the wheels to camber negatively. The Super Diamond's gearbox is somewhat downgraded from its previous rendition, becoming only a 5-speed gearbox, lacking the 6th gear available in TBoGT. The engine sound is shared with the FQ 2 and Surano. It sounds rather flat and underpowered, yet actually delivers a great amount of power to what is a very heavy vehicle. Fun Facts: Can sometimes be seen driving in Rockford Hills, Richman and Vinewood Hills Can be bought from Legendary Motorsport for $250,000. Will rarely be seen driving around in Rockford Hills. However, it is considered a Premium Vehicle and cannot be made a personal vehicle unless it is purchased at Legendary Motorsport. Can be requested from the VIP/CEO Vehicles for $5,000 or free if the player purchased a Super Diamond. One can be found in the Pegasus storage hangar during the V.I.P. work Hostile Takeover In LSIA.
  6. Dodge

    ps4 I need to sell some drugs

    Waiting to see what will be double money this week. Trying to build the bank account for the Night Life update. 4M so far. Would like another 2 just to be safe.
  7. Dodge

    ps4 I need to sell some drugs

    I'll be jumping on in about 30-60 minutes.
  8. Dodge

    ps4 XDBX Runabout Decisions

    You could put a slow strip at the top, or at the bottom of the hill. Or leave it and watch me blow up again.
  9. Dodge

    TNT (Dodge)

    Sire. Any other suggestions? It also this months combat night.
  10. Dodge

    Crew Challenge 158 - A Premium Race

  11. Dodge

    Crew Challenge 159 - Liberation

    I'll start with a :49.788.
  12. Dodge

    Crew Challenge 159 - Liberation

    Oh boy. Yeah I can lock it.
  13. Dodge

    ps4 Driveclub OT - PS4

    I started playing this again. Also have the VR version. DC is an alright game. It fills my racing needs for now, as I refuse to by GT Sport until the full GT releases.