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  1. Fido_le_muet

    It's happening...

    I can't wait for this game. I'm finishing the first one right now and it's still amazing after all these years! RDR2 will be even better. Gonna be a masterpiece.
  2. Fido_le_muet

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    My bad ! Sorry, I'm a bit tired these days
  3. Fido_le_muet

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    Says Sept 23rd in the first post 😛
  4. Fido_le_muet

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    1:30.225 for me. Gonna be difficult to find more time to do laps, sorry @SINISTER120
  5. Fido_le_muet

    Glastonbury & Other Festivals.

    What about Goodwood 2019 ?
  6. Fido_le_muet

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    @SINISTER120 Do you have the Turismo and/or Cheetah classic ?
  7. Fido_le_muet

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    @SINISTER120 Let me know what car you pick
  8. Fido_le_muet

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    I'll try to have a go but the Mrs is back at the clinic for surveillance so game time is more than reduced right now. Should be able to do a few laps
  9. Fido_le_muet

    ps4 No Man's Sky

    Really ? I thought the black holes were sending you into a new galaxy ? Anyway, won't have much time to explore space now, as I'll be replaying RDR1 before RDR2 is out
  10. Fido_le_muet

    ps4 No Man's Sky

    I want to finish the Atlas quest and then I'll probably stop playing. Wanted to reach the galactic core at first but it's so far away
  11. Fido_le_muet

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    I'm in it for single player mostly. Online should be good but I don't think it will be that much different from GTAO. Same stuff minus the 21st century stuff.
  12. Fido_le_muet

    Crew Challenge 163 - Marlowe Valley

    @Lann Yeah love that track but no time to do laps these days
  13. Fido_le_muet

    It's happening...

    Special and Ultimate give you a bit of a head start and a few more items like a better horse and better weapons. Also a few additional missions and bonuses.
  14. Fido_le_muet

    It's happening...

    Preordered the base version today
  15. Fido_le_muet

    What did you do today?

    Tried some DIY today with this homemade frame for this vintage map I "borrowed" at work :