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  1. Fido_le_muet

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    @Con My money is on Green Book for Best Picture. Into the Spider-Verse for Best Animated
  2. Fido_le_muet

    Whacky Races - Anniversary

    Changed my RSVP to maybe cause I have an appointment for my daughter just half an hour before start time. May be able to join during the event if at all.
  3. Fido_le_muet

    Whacky Races - Anniversary

    @djw180 Still OK for me at 15:00
  4. Fido_le_muet

    gta&rdr Crew Challenge: Hall of Fame

    ERRATUM : So... I made a mistake with the rankings above. Those are actually the results for 2018 AND 2017. So the last 2 years. The 2018 leaderboard is as follow : @Lann and @djw180 still 1st and 2nd but @Banketelli is tied with DJ ! @no_snacks is 4th. I dropped all the way to 13th... Sorry for the mic mac guys.
  5. Fido_le_muet

    gta&rdr Crew Challenge: Hall of Fame

    Here's the leaderboard for 2018 ! Quite different from the all time. Lann way ahead, dj 2nd and snacks 3rd just a point ahead of Ally.
  6. Fido_le_muet

    gta&rdr Crew Challenge: Hall of Fame

    I could do that
  7. Fido_le_muet

    gta&rdr Crew Challenge: Hall of Fame

    Once upon a time, in the magnificent land of domesticbatterygaming.com, there was a nice crew challenge leaderboard. Everything was going perfectly for the leaderboard. It was updated on a regular basis. Life was good. But over time, updates became irregular and rarer and rarer. So rare in fact that the poor crew challenge leaderboard was beginning to wonder if it was ever gonna be updated again. Fortunately, a great hero by the name of Fido came to rescue the poor leaderboard and updated it after 20 weeks of complete inactivity (which was absolutely not his fault in the first place) The great hero promised to the leaderboard it would never see such a long period of emptiness ever again (hopefully) THE END It pains me to say it but @Banketelli's lead on me is increasing. And what's worse is that @Lann and @no_snacks are closing in FAST ! I fear my days on the podium are ending. I need to get back to business ! But if Snacks keeps his pace, we're all doomed. Impressive series of 10 podiums out of 11 weeks between weeks 157 and 167 ! Thanks to his regularity, @djw180 is now 5th and gains a spot on @Protocawl who only got 3 podiums the past 20 weeks. @zmurko is still 7th with the same total as last time but beware of @Crawford1872 now only a tiny little point behind ! @DavidCore89, doing his best interpretation of zmurko scores 0 point and remains 9th. Huge progression for @omarcomin71 who gains 8 spots and is now 10th overall. Well done ! Just behind is his bestie @pete @Potato gains 10 points and is now 12th with @Skorpion 1 little point behind. No points for @kernalhogan at 14th and the Boss @JustHatched loses 2 ranks and is now 15th. A few podiums for @Con tied with Hatch for 15th. Then we have our MIAs @desuno1 and @RichnLin, miraculously preserving their spots from 20 weeks ago. @SINISTER120 gets 2 wins and gains one spot at 19th and @Dodge loses a spot and is now 20th, tied with @Spinnaker1981. @Schumi6581 making his presence felt with 4 podiums. He enters the leaderboard at 48th with 8 points. Keep going, only 164 more points to 1st place Well done everyone ! (except Lann and Snacks)
  8. Fido_le_muet

    Censoring the website?

    I like Squirrel's idea of replacing swear words with comical ones or placeholder like we see in some tv shows. Like frak instead of fuck for instance.
  9. Fido_le_muet

    Censoring the website?

    I'd rather not. But if you go ahead with monetizing the website with ads, and the filter is a big help in achieving that, then let's do it.
  10. Fido_le_muet

    Travelling to Italy - any suggestions?

    I visited Rome with my girlfriend back in 2013. I was expecting something beautiful and I was not disappointed. You have to visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum/Palatino just next to it. That should be your priority. I see you booked a Vatican tour with line skipping. Well done cause the Vatican line is fucking huuuuuuuge ! When we visited the line was easily 1km long. Luckily we had booked our tickets in advance and it was a great feeling to enter without waiting while everyone else was waiting for several hours Anyway, there is stuff to see at each corner. Temples, ruins, columns, piazza... My favorite spot was Piazza Navona. Other must see : the Pantheon, Isola Tiberina, Piazza di Spagna, the Trevi Fountain (tons of people there, forget your dream picture alone in front of the fountain). Haven't seen it but the big park near Piazza del Popolo with the Villa Borghese is beautiful. The Caracalla Baths are probably worth your time as well. I regret not having the time to visit. And if you have time left and aren't exhausted, cross the river and go to the Trastevere district. About food, the pizzas were OK but not better than what we have here in France. That was disappointing. Pasta on the other hand, best I've ever tasted. I was a student at the time so couldn't spend much at the restaurant but I regret not trying other meals like Risotto. Just lose yourself in the little streets of Rome. Just walk, don't try to reach a destination. Perfect destination for a honeymoon (well after Paris of course )
  11. Fido_le_muet

    What was the most recent thing you bought?

    I have a pen I'll add it later
  12. Fido_le_muet

    What was the most recent thing you bought?

    Got me a second tattoo. #spacetattoo
  13. Fido_le_muet

    RDR2 Online Photo's

    I think it's a call back to RDR1. There was a stranger mission involving a glider like this one.
  14. Fido_le_muet

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    The Incredibles 2 : 7/10 It was fun, had a good time. Love Edna and Jack Jack
  15. Fido_le_muet

    [SPOILERS] The Story of RDR2

    I'm currently at my second playthrough. I missed a few trophies the first time around cause I wanted to finish the story quickly to avoid spoilers. It's actually very enjoyable to take my time and to get back to Arthur. John is cool but Arthur is much more fleshed out. I'm gonna try to do all the side quests before the end of Chapter 4. At least what I can.