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  1. Real nice browser map I found with the location of items and legendary animals https://rdr2map.com/ Edit 1: If you need to find something specific (orchids) use the search bar
  2. DefaultBling

    Post a pic of ur horse

    This is Sue, best horse I ever had
  3. Feel free to invite me whenever I'm online guys, am also available for challenges if we can agree on time.
  4. DefaultBling

    Can you drive stick?

    I think I've never been inside an automatic, they are kind of a luxury here in Brazil. Driving schools also only use manuals, leading to only one type of license. In my opinion, everyone should learn manuals, for emergencies and things like that.
  5. DefaultBling

    Beta Games

    Sorry @DeaD_GooN it ended on the 29th. But there's an open beta this weekend, if you're interested.
  6. DefaultBling

    Beta Games

    I got into the For Honor beta and they say I can invite 3 friends, if someone is interested let me know. First come first served and you will also need a Uplay account (the ubisoft network). Sorry for the lateness I forgot to share.
  7. DefaultBling

    Introducing myself

    Welcome to the crew! Someone more important than me will be here shortly to assist you further!
  8. DefaultBling

    Beta Games

    STEEP code for friends, I don't know if it's PS4 only or not. (sorry Ubi just sent me those today) 1: QQA4EDGC4CTR2: UHWZVMQTUJFJ3: 6NFWMAWJEZ3Q
  9. DefaultBling

    ps4 Convention

    I will be revising the map this week guys, sorry for abandoning my creation for so long. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. DefaultBling

    Reincarnation question

    I would love to be a grizzly or polar bear, maybe a lion but the heat and constantly having to fight other lions and hyenas isn't exciting.
  11. DefaultBling

    pokemon go

    Trading my windows phone for anything with and Android 4.4, please guys. I'm about to buy a new phone to play it.
  12. DefaultBling

    Crew Challenge 91 - Racing in the Dark

    I'm in
  13. DefaultBling


  14. DefaultBling

    Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta

    I "accidentally" shot people once or twice =P
  15. DefaultBling

    Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta

    Been waiting since Ubi first announced and it was worth the wait. It's just a matter of when I'm getting it now.