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  1. I race on a 37" generic brand TV. It's out of date, makes a deep buzzing noise and isn't all that, but I refuse to replace it while it works. Used it for 5+ years, so I'm very much used to it, other screens have different picture and sound and I can't help noticing the difference, but I just like to stick to what I know and I like that size for racing. Playing all other games on BenQ GL2460HM, 2ms response time. Triple screen setup. They could probably do with updating, but they're pretty good I think.
  2. http://www.powerpyx.com/red-dead-redemption-2-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  3. Post your screenshots here!
  4. DavidCore89

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Cars are sorted, had to buy the M3 after borrowing the wrong car via sponsor, seems like a better car anyway. Practiced a bit and will do more, just lacking in experience driving with other players in this game, so will have to forget about how I race in other games and just take it easy. Every Sport race I've joined has knobs using your car as brakes, learnt nothing there Not perfect designs, but good enough for a first-timer like me I guess. Bright enough to keep your distance
  5. DavidCore89

    Gran Turismo Sport

    A II is the reverse of the main circuit, B II is the slightly shorter one. I've been using the M6 by mistake. What a noob Basically, I've been driving the wrong car on the wrong track?
  6. DavidCore89

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Only just unlocked the track about an hour ago To be clear, it's the 2nd variation?
  7. DavidCore89

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Number 3 would be great.
  8. DavidCore89

    [SPOILERS] The Story of RDR2

    I think so. Wish I did as Arthur was less effective with TB. Each time Micah called him black lung I wanted to punch his face into the 20th century.
  9. DavidCore89

    Small Issues

    I can see an issue with TNT on the upcoming events sidebar. It says expired right now as it's listed on the calendar at 3:30AM on Thursday, but it should be listed on Friday (assuming events are still listed in UTC). Didn't wanna go ahead and change it in case I mess it up any further.
  10. DavidCore89

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Ah cool. Thanks!
  11. DavidCore89

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Awesome. Yeah, ghosting on stationary cars is the standard in most games. I'll take the BMW's if possible. Will download it later since it's at a reduced price. How long will it take to earn enough CR to buy the cars?
  12. DavidCore89

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Format sounds really good to me, only ever played the beta so I will have some learning to do in all aspects. While I do have all the gear, I also have no idea in GT Sport, but I'll be happy with whatever class I'm given. A few questions. Will there be ghosted cars? I'm not really keen on cars being able to drive through me if they can't get around me. Not sure if the game allows that to be off/on, but IMO it takes away a lot from the racing and what I'm used to. I'd like to be a privateer. For a couple of reasons. 1. I'm new to the game, the cars, the tuning and the tracks, so I don't feel 100% comfortable with a team relying on me to score points. 2. I'd like to create my own livery, if possible, using logos and sponsors from the gaming communities that I'm affiliated with.
  13. DavidCore89

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    I'm not really into battle royale, but not against it being included for people who are into it. I much prefer team-based shooting jobs/games.
  14. Here's a list of all 178 animals in RDR2. They should be listed in the same order as they would appear in your compendium, from left to right. Should make it easier to track which ones you need as the blank spaces in the compendium do nothing to help.
  15. DavidCore89

    Gran Turismo Sport

    I'm interested if there's still a space. If so, give me the full info and format. Cheers.
  16. DavidCore89

    [SPOILERS] The Story of RDR2

    Finally, been struggling to keep it to myself I thought the story was truly fantastic, moving and quite emotional at times. I loved how close the group were, but I could see that they were slowly turning on one another. Arthur had tuberculosis, possibly caught it from one of the stranger quests, not sure, but I knew he was going to die, and sure enough he got worse with time. I helped John escape as the money would mean nothing to a dying Arthur. I was glad with my choice as John later went back to kill Micah, but Dutch did it and then walked away, leaving John with the 20K stash, so I'm sure we'll see Dutch again. I did start to hate Dutch, despite thinking he was a great leader of the gang early on. I wanted to kill the snake, even though he did save John at the end, but that can wait. I was happy that a few of the gang had made it out alive and had plans to build lives of their own. By far the best story I've ever played, exceeded my expectations as well. I probably won't play the story again. The way it turned out is the way it'll stay for me.
  17. DavidCore89

    Dick or Not?

    Some of the honour missions later in the game won't be available if your honour level is too low, they're needed for the platinum.
  18. DavidCore89

    yo from SGTair-raid

    Welcome back! Good to see former members returning
  19. DavidCore89

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    Hope we get wagon racing.
  20. DavidCore89

    RDR2 Early Thoughts and Reviews

    Arthur survives on cans of food from my inventory and the occasional lump of meat on the camp fire, he's always underweight
  21. DavidCore89

    Re-joining for RDR2

    Welcome back!
  22. DavidCore89

    RDR2 Giveaway

    Gonna pull the plug on this, just 1 person in, not really worth the time. Sorry!
  23. DavidCore89

    RDR2 Giveaway

    As I said a few days ago, I will have an extra copy. Instead of selling it on, I'd rather give it out to someone here. Rules: 1. Members based in Europe only. 2. Vetted members only. 3. Not available to those with a pre-order, or to anyone playing the game before November 9th. 4. If you get the game any time before November 9th, you will be removed from the draw. 5. Draw will be made on November 9th, screenshots posted, I will contact the winner, and the game will be shipped the same day. 6. Draw will be made using an online random selection tool. Any questions, just ask. Post if you're in. Best of luck!
  24. DavidCore89

    Weapons Guide and Locations

    Agreed. I've used the Lancaster ever since I got it, my main gun. Semi-auto shotgun is great for blasting away guys on foot at close range, but I try not to use it when they're on horseback as it can kill horses and cause honour to drop.
  25. DavidCore89

    Best way to make money

    One of the maps was for early pre-order I think, before August 15th or something.