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Everything posted by DavidCore89

  1. DavidCore89

    Censoring the website?

    No worries. Potentially more site traffic outweighs the ability to call somebody an asshole
  2. DavidCore89

    Censoring the website?

    Doesn't bother me either way, my posts contain probably less than 1% of the shit that actually comes outta my mouth. I use other forums that have censoring, it's quite common, most people will find another way to type it if need be Do whatever is best for the site. I assume the shoutbox will remain as it is?
  3. I'd be interested if the time suits.
  4. DavidCore89

    Game stats

    Yeah, that's players only.
  5. DavidCore89

    Crew Awards

    Cool, can I get awarded 100% completion award please?
  6. DavidCore89

    The Power of Slow and Steady III

    Nice! I need to get a couple of sawed-off shotguns.
  7. Jewellery spawn near Annesburg is a good one, used that many times. Gun Oil x2 at The Loft is useful too, haven't bought any for a long time.
  8. DavidCore89

    Ebontune RDR2 PS4

  9. DavidCore89

    Joey Stylez Application

  10. DavidCore89

    Aggaran - Introduction

  11. DavidCore89

    All 178 Animals

    Click Here To Join The Discussion Thread Here's a list of all 178 animals in RDR2. They should be listed in the same order as they would appear in your compendium, from left to right. Should make it easier to track which ones you need as the blank spaces in the compendium do nothing to help. AmericanAlligator American Alligator (small) Nine-Banded Armadillo American Badger Little Brown Bat American Black Bear Grizzly Bear North American Beaver Blue Jay Wild Boar Whitetailed Buck Whitetailed Deer American Bison Angus Bull Devon Bull Hereford Bull American Bullfrog Northern Cardinal American Domestic Cat Cedar Waxwing Dominique Chicken Dominique Rooster Java Chicken Java Rooster Leghorn Chicken Leghorn Rooster Greater Prairie Chicken Western Chipmunk California Condor Cougar Double-crested Cormorant Neotropic Cormorant Florida Cracker Cow California Valley Coyote Cuban Land Crab Red Swamp Crayfish Whooping Crane Sandhill Crane American Crow American Foxhound American Shepard Bloodhound Bluetick Coonhound Border Collie Catahoula Cur Chesapeake Bay Retriever Siberian Husky Laborador Retriever Poodle Mutt Rufus Standard Donkey Mallard Duck Pekin Duck Bald Eagle Golden Eagle Reddish Egret Little Egret Snowy Egret Rocky Mountain Bull Elk Rocky Mountain Cow Elk American Red Fox American Gray Fox Silver Fox Banded Gila Monster Alpine Goat Canada Goose Ferruginous Hawk Red-tailed Hawk Rough-legged Hawk Great Blue Heron Tricolored Heron Desert Iguana Green Iguana Collared Peccary Common Loon Pacific Loon Yellow-billed Loon Western Bull Moose Western Moose Mule American Muskrat Baltimore Oriole Hooded Oriole California Horned Owl Coastal Horned Owl Great Horned Owl Angus Ox Devon Ox Panther Florida Panther Carolina Parakeet Blue and Yellow Macaw Green Macaw Scarlet Macaw American White Pelican Brown Pelican Ring-necked Pheasant Chinese ring-necked Pheasant Berkshire Pig Big China Pig Old Spot Pig Band-tailed Pigeon Rock Pigeon Virginia Possum American Pronghorn Buck American Pronghorn Doe Sonoran Pronghorn Buck Sonoran Pronghorn Doe Baja California Pronghorn Buck Baja California Pronghorn Doe California Quail Sierra Nevada Bighorn Ram Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Desert Bighorn Ram Desert Bighorn Sheep Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Black-tailed Jackrabbit American Raccoon Black rat Brown rat Western Raven Red-footed Booby American Robin Roseate Spoonbill Herring Gull Laughing Gull Ring-billed Gull Merino Sheep Striped Skunk Red Boa Snake Rainbow Boa Snake Sunglow Boa Snake Diamondback Rattlesnake Fer-de-Lance Rattlesnake Black-tailed Rattlesnake Timber Rattlesnake Northern Copperhead Snake Southern Copperhead Snake Midland Water Snake Cottonmouth Snake Northern Water Snake Scarlet Tanager Songbird Western Tanager Songbird Eurasian Tree Sparrow American Tree Sparrow Golden Crowned Sparrow American Red Squirrel Western Gray Squirrel Black Squirrel Western Toad Sonoran Desert Toad Eastern Wild Turkey Rio Grande Wild Turkey Alligator Snapping Turtle Easten Turkey Vulture Western Turkey Vulture Gray Wolf Timber Wolf Red-bellied Woodpecker Pileated Woodpecker Legendary Bull Gaor Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear Legendary Beaver Legendary White Bison Legendary Tatanka Bison Legendary Boar Legendary Buck Legendary Cougar Legendary Coyote Legendary Fox Legendary Elk Legendary Moose Legendary Panther Giaguaro Legendary Pronghorn Legendary Bighorn Ram Legendary Wolf
  12. Hi, guys. I wanna talk about the off-road wheels, what they do in land racing, what vehicles benefit from them, how you can reduce spin-outs, improve handling and overall stability over any uneven surface. Of course they look ugly on any road car, but they're very useful. Many of you guys would have seen the winner screen after a land race and notice that the winning car is running off-road wheels. This isn't because the driver likes the look of them, actually the driver knows that the wheels are improving their car. Certain cars in certain classes have a single characteristic in the handling files known as 'Tyres Can Clip'. What this means is the tyres will visually clip into the ground, absorbing the bumps, you can see it happening from the side view. When you're using a car with the 'Tyres Can Clip' characteristic, all wheels will clip, but the off-roads will clip much more than the others due to the larger sidewall. When the car encounters uneven ground such as curbs in the Downtown area or bumps all over Los Santos, the wheels will clip into the ground and allow your cars to stay much more planted to the road instead of reacting badly to the terrain, possibly spinning out or causing you to crash. Now I will list the cars in all classes that benefit from off-road wheels (which can be fitted at LSC), not using them is putting yourself at a significant disadvantage, while using them on the wrong vehicle will do absolutely nothing. Super: ETR1, RE7B, FMJ, Osiris, T20, Reaper, Turismo, Tyrus, X80 and Zentorno. Sports: Both Jester's, both Massacro's, Omnis, Tropos and Feltzer. Sports Classic: Stirling GT and Stinger GT. Off-Road: Both Insurgent's and both Sandking's. Muscle: Nightshade. IMO they have the greatest effect on the Feltzer, it turns into a fantastic car Tyres clip on some motorcycles too (hence the random bounce after landing a jump in a Stunt Race), but off-roads cannot be fitted to a motorcycle at LSC. Using off-roads on coupes, sedans, compacts or any car not listed above isn't helping you, it's simply making the car less attractive (hence why I don't use them on many of my cars). It's not in the files to help other cars so it cannot be possible. I'll keep this updated as newer vehicles are added into GTAO. Hope this helps!
  13. DavidCore89

    Online awards

    Yeah, think lawmen are included as well. Many of the awards can be reset after completion, you get 0.2 gold and the opportunity to complete the award again.
  14. DavidCore89

    Ability Cards

    Will be using Slow and Steady for Dead Eye when I get around to buying it. Already have Peak Condition III. Will add another 2 to focus on doing even more damage. Not really interested in restoring/slowing health etc, probably be dead long before that becomes useful.
  15. DavidCore89

    Horse losing stats

    They gave me the same info to fix my horse losing all upgraded speed and acceleration stats after joining a job, of course it didn't work, but it did clear my aim settings Can't find anyone else having the same issue, but it's really pissing me off. Can someone check their horse? Join freemode, hold L1 and go to horse, note your stats in the top right corner, play a job and then check again. Right now all upgrades are totally useless to me. Note from Admin - this topic was split from another, which is why the OP appears to be a reply to nothing. That's because it was a reply
  16. DavidCore89

    Horse losing stats

    Yeah, if you had upgrades they would be highlighted in yellow.
  17. DavidCore89

    Horse losing stats

    Not bonding, I mean the horse speed and acceleration. When you buy stirrups you get a boost to those stats, but mine keep vanishing, so I'm basically left with a stock horse most of the time. Got over 2K in game, but I don't wanna buy the top horses if the same shit is gonna happen. Have had the bonding issue a few times though.
  18. DavidCore89

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Do you mean the original Assetto Corsa? This one isn't out on PS4 yet. I didn't like it, people say it has the best handling with a wheel, but I would dispute that as well. It's a good handling model, but not as special as people say. The gear changes on all cars that don't have a sequential gearbox is just wrong. A gear change takes too long, and it sounds like engaging the clutch with the accelerator still being pushed a little. That may work with down changes, but on up changes it sounds terrible. Then there's the length of the gear change, it takes forever, so for me I have no choice but to drive all non-sequential cars with manual clutch and H-shifter (instead of just the older ones as per my preference). On other games such as pCARS2 I can race non-sequential cars with auto clutch and use the paddles on the wheel without any of the issues from AC. I do think AC needs to be played with a wheel though. GT Sport is alright I guess, sounds are OK, but the road cars I tested all have a gear change that takes way too long. It's worth the sale price and probably would be the easiest with a controller. The game lacks consistency IMO, I can go around the same corner 20 times and each time will be totally different, because the track doesn't 'rubber in', grip levels don't increase before decreasing as they would IRL, there's just a gradual decrease. As for rally tracks, I never touch them in track games, DiRT Rally is the king of rally You should be able to delete the game from your trophy list.
  19. DavidCore89

    DiRT Rally 2.0

    Didn't see the stream, but if they've improved the original game then I'll be a happy customer. Really looking forward to this.
  20. DavidCore89

    DiRT Rally 2.0

    Hopefully we get a video tomorrow or soon. I'll post whatever info I find.
  21. DavidCore89

    Slippery Bastard

    Nice work!
  22. DavidCore89

    It seems I have played...

    Most played game was GTA, 6040 hours, think that excludes PS3. Rarest trophy was DiRT platinum, only 1040 owners
  23. DavidCore89

    RDR2 crew challenges

    I used one of those in a mission yesterday, not mine, but that thing was fast! Much better than the Chestnut Arabian.
  24. DavidCore89

    Combat Guide (Aim Settings, Weapons & Tips)

    I've upgraded a few to tier 3, still don't really notice any benefits.