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  1. DavidCore89

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    I had my name down for extras in the sequel/companion, but haven't heard anything yet.
  2. DavidCore89

    What Is Your Favorite Movie Quotes/Scene?

    Yeah, the humour is quite dark, and it quickly switches between both.
  3. DavidCore89

    What Is Your Favorite Movie Quotes/Scene?

    Yeah, that's it. It's not high budget, glamorous or Hollywood. It tries to depict certain aspects life in Swansea, and for me it does that well, even if some of the characters lack morality in society today. Parts of it will probably be tricky to understand for people in the States. Or anywhere for that matter! The poet Dylan Thomas called the city "The graveyard of ambition". Take from that what you will
  4. DavidCore89

    What Is Your Favorite Movie Quotes/Scene?

    Twin Town. One of my favourite movies, and not just due to the fact that it was made in my hometown. I was actually in the filming of one of the opening scenes in 96/97, 8 years old, playing rugby with friends on the grass in my street. Though I didn't make it into the film I'll be surprised if anyone here has seen it.
  5. DavidCore89

    planning Halloween in GTA

    Can't really think of anything off the top of my head. That list sounds good though.
  6. DavidCore89

    RDR2 Giveaway

    As I said a few days ago, I will have an extra copy. Instead of selling it on, I'd rather give it out to someone here. Rules: 1. Members based in Europe only. 2. Vetted members only. 3. Not available to those with a pre-order, or to anyone playing the game before November 9th. 4. If you get the game any time before November 9th, you will be removed from the draw. 5. Draw will be made on November 9th, screenshots posted, I will contact the winner, and the game will be shipped the same day. 6. Draw will be made using an online random selection tool. Any questions, just ask. Post if you're in. Best of luck!
  7. DavidCore89

    Recruitment Video

    IMO it would be best to use RDR2 footage to recruit for RDR2. We could still bounce some ideas around regarding recruitment though.
  8. DavidCore89

    Share Your Most Recent Accomplishment

    DiRT Rally Platinum Trophy
  9. DavidCore89

    Con's First Streamed XDBX Playlist!!!!

    Those were the days! Hopefully we can get a good thing going with RDR2. I also predict a few more former members returning. Not that I can see into the future or anything 🧐
  10. DavidCore89

    12 Days

    Legend. This^^
  11. DavidCore89

    USB 3.0 HUB to PS4

    You're right it's 2.0. My wheel is also mains powered. I have my HDD in the other port on the PS4. I'll probably need a hub with more ports soon, so it'll be best to get a good quality 3.0 to avoid any potential issues.
  12. DavidCore89

    USB 3.0 HUB to PS4

    How much did that cost? I'm using something like this: It's good enough to power my steering wheel, shifter, handbrake and headset. Think it cost £2. Super cheap from China. Never had an issue with it. Thought it might disconnect during races, but it hasn't. Can't remember if it's 2.0 or 3.0, but for what I use it for, it makes no difference.
  13. DavidCore89


  14. DavidCore89

    planning Halloween in GTA

    Sounds cool. We've got some nice weather options now that we didn't have in previous years. Count me in.