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  1. Kudisanga

    Red Dead Online Player List

    Still not went online but i will do soon Kudisanga
  2. Kudisanga

    Trophy Guide and Roadmap

    I try to avoid spoilers but it's a lost battle i am still doing the first run without guides. if i remember correctly in gta you could replay the mission and only focuses on the task you missed for gold but on RDR2 i learn the hard way that you have to complete all the task on replay otherwise you want get gold.
  3. Kudisanga

    returning crew member

    Hello family Here i am back again(even feels i never left the family) but when GTA run it's course for me gaming was off for me. With RDR2 i am back again playing and hope when online comes i would have to cross that bridge of reveting, so tjis is my intro i am UK time zone this great family for a mature player yes still here Regards to all
  4. Kudisanga

    I know these people...

    Every time one of my co-worker speaks is like one of o'driscol. He cranks me all the time and now he keeps me asking whats so funy? Still no guts to tell him ??
  5. Kudisanga

    Dick or Not?

    Trying to be as good as possible but sometimes can't help myself...choke is not supposed to kill straight away right??
  6. Kudisanga

    Your RDR2 Stories...

    Was minding my own business and a believe another gang start shooting without any warning, tried running for cover only to fall on cliff and horse died....went full ballistic and i was near our camp the guys came to my rescue
  7. Kudisanga

    Call of duty ww2

    got this as Christmas present and been doing campaign nothing extraordinary brilliant, but a nice fresh back to the roots of cod since i didn't bought the last 3 because of futuristic game play this one is decent fps
  8. Kudisanga

    What did you do today?

    Cut the grass for the last time this year. Ready for winter ?
  9. Kudisanga

    What was the most recent thing you bought?

    You are not buying those from poundland or 99p shops are you?? When i was iphone owner i bought 1 and only lasted a couple days ?
  10. Kudisanga

    What was the most recent thing you bought?

    keyboard for my new build
  11. Kudisanga

    Do you smoke weed?

    once on my late teens i tried weed but the effect on me wasn't pleasant so i never smoke again. for recreation beer for hot days and whiskey for digestive
  12. Kudisanga

    Euro 2016

    That's all i want to say
  13. Kudisanga

    What was the most recent thing you bought?

    I wil order another one of same i bought and the shiny new i5 processor but only in a couple weeks time
  14. Kudisanga

    What was the most recent thing you bought?

    I have a 4gb stick laying around but i thing i will buy another of the same. Just order the Asus z110 gaming motherboard
  15. Kudisanga

    silverstone british F1

    The amount of ferrari around http://imgur.com/GqTIxFU http://imgur.com/oabYhEE http://imgur.com/gOnAhcC