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  1. PDX96

    Comin' in hot....

    Welcome back!
  2. PDX96

    Done or off and on for GTA

    I'm sure I will be spending most of my limited gaming time in RDR2 over the next few months, but will still play GTA... even after 5 years it's still a great game! It's the ultimate sand box...just limited by our own imaginatons and I suppose the creator...lol
  3. PDX96

    What did you do today?

    Congratulations to you and your family! Now the real adventure begins!
  4. PDX96

    It's happening...

    This looks very promising... hopefully there will be wildlife in online as well.
  5. PDX96

    It's happening...

    I will be getting the standard edition as well. I started a new game in RDR last night and was quickly reminded how much I love this game...still one of my favorite games of all time...nice to play a game that doesn't have flying cars and motorcycles for a change.
  6. PDX96

    Our first wedding photo

  7. PDX96

    Your First Online/Multiplayer Game?

    GTA IV was my first online/multiplayer experience followed by Red Dead Redemption which is probably my favorite game of all time. I too grew up with the Atari 2600 and then the NES. Contra on the NES was one of my favorites to play with friends.
  8. PDX96

    Ernyoung again?

    Welcome back.
  9. PDX96

    Guess who's back...

    Welcome back!
  10. PDX96

    Hello, JustHatched here

    Welcome back!
  11. PDX96

    Favorite Holiday Movies

    One of my favorites..."those aren't pillows!"
  12. PDX96


    Welcome back!
  13. PDX96

    Crew Challenge 105 – Parachuting

    This was fun DJ...thanks for setting it up. Congratulations Hogan...well done!
  14. PDX96

    Crew Challenge 105 – Parachuting

    My final attempt: The cove...240...1:50.856 Gauntlet...285...2:11.334
  15. PDX96

    Crew Challenge 105 – Parachuting

    So far i've scored The cove...240...1:55.560 Gauntlet... 285...2:13.603